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Everything you want to know about the age, religion, nationality, astrological sign, height and weight of the Turkish star Begüm Birgören, and many details about her personal life, the most important works she has done in series and films, her artistic career in acting, her successful works, details of her upcoming series, and a wonderful and new photo collection of her, And her official websites for all her followers, and other details about her family and whether she is related or not.

information about her

Profession: actress
Age (As of 2018): 36 years
Astrological sign: Virgo
Date of Birth: September 20, 1982
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
City/town: Istanbul
Hair color: black
Eye color: dark brown
Nationality: Turkish
Height: 167
Religion: Muslim
Education: Bahçeşehir University of Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design

Information about the life of Begüm Birgören

Turkish Actress Begüm Birgören was born on September 20, 1982; Istanbul, a Turkish actress who has been interested in theater since she was 13. She started her acting career with weekend classes at the Müjdat Gezen Art Center. She is a graduate of Bahçeşehir University of Visual Arts and Visual Design. She became known for her role as Ayesha in the 2006 series Broken Wings, Broken Wings ( In Turkish: Kırık Kanatlar) is a Turkish historical military drama series with an emotional nature, telling stories that take place at the beginning of the last century, specifically during the outbreak of the war between Turkey and Greece, and it is dubbed into Arabic in the Syrian dialect and was shown on MBC 1 in September 24, 2013, she played the character Merve in the series Aya Kaçak yayınlan which began airing on ATV.

She also participated in the series Thin Omari as Qamar. It tells about two wealthy families whose lives are filled with many sad tragic stories. I think. In the midst of the lights, fame and the fashion world, the story of a rich young man adores a girl from a family that owes him a lot of money. Under the pressure of debt, the family agrees to marry their daughter to the rich young man. In exchange, the young man gave up his right to recover his debts. The girl seduces another young man from a rich family. On the night of the scheduled wedding, the girl tells her husband that she has betrayed him. This constitutes a great shock to him. Here begins the journey of revenge, which carries a lot of suspense and surprises.

Boyfriend Begüm Birgören

The beautiful Turkish star is in a relationship with the actor and her lover, Mohamed Celil, as she shared a romantic picture with him on Instagram.

The Begüm Birgören family

Begum Bergorn was born on September 20, 1982 in Eskişehir, her mother is an economist, her father is a teacher and her mother is of Circassian origin.

Series, Movies, Awards Begüm Birgören


2013 – Lions Theater Award for Best Supporting Actress of the Year – Waiting to Fall – Sadri Alışık . Theater

Series and movies

2018 – vurgun (TV series)

2013 – Lake Time (film)

2013 – Care About Me (film)

2013 – Leak (TV series)

2012 – The New Heavy Roman World

2011 – Turkan

2009 – Ömre Bedel

2008 – Eight days of Ali

2008 – Mert and Geert

2008 – Point

2007 – Karailan

2006 – Broken Wings

2005 – whatever you want

2005 – Magic Facty

2005 – The Child with the Battery

2004 – Blue Necklace

2004 – Intertwined

2002 – Besireberde

Her acting career

As Per Perugren succeeded in portraying the character of Elvan in the TV series Karayilan, and continued with other projects, Peregrine started taking an interest in theater and has been a work of fiction since childhood. Vurgun plays the role of Asya, the nurse who takes care of Kemal, and she is joined by a wonderful group of stars such as Erkan Petkaya, Deniz Çakir, Emre Kenai, Altan Arcakli, Jamal Toktaş and Aliya Uzunatagan. Room 309, The Black Pearl, I Will Never Give Up, The Dream etc., and it will be written by Bashar Bacharan.

Vurgun is a new Turkish series that started on Wednesday, February 6, on the Turkish Fox channel. The story of the series revolves around a businessman named “Kamal Vardar”, a man who loves his wife, but he falls into a coma for 10 years, and his wife remained by his side throughout that period and never left him, to wake up from her like a miracle, but he is shocked by the changes that occurred in his life after that coma.

The series Vurgun, the Strike, starring Arkan Pettikaya as businessman Kemal Vardar, Deniz Shakir, the Turkish actress who fell in love with the Arab audience through her role in the series Bandits Will Not Rule the World, and Deniz Shakir will play the role of “Rehan”, Kemal’s wife.

In addition to actress Begum Birjuan as “Asia, the nurse responsible for businessman Kamal’s case, while Emra Kenai will embody the role of “Vedat” Kamal’s partner, who has different qualities from Kamal.

Turkish Actress Begum Birgoren
Turkish Actress Begum Birgoren