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The handsome young star Batuhan Sert What is his nationality, place of birth, current age, astrological sign, academic qualifications, height, weight, favorite hobbies, when did the Turkish actor Batuhan Sert start his artistic career with acting and what works he has done so far and other details About him with a set of new pictures of rising artist Batuhan Sert.

Batuhan Sert

Date of Birth: July 14, 1997
Ömer 2022: 25 years
Birthplace: Izmir – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion Muslim
Astrological sign: Cancer
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Profession: Turkish actor
Academic Qualification: College of Fine Arts
The beginning of his acting career: 2013 – until now
Social status: Not married

Actor Batuhan Sert and his life

The young Turkish actor, Batuhan Sert, was born in Izmir, Turkey in 1997. He has one younger sister. Batuhan Sert moved to Istanbul when he joined high school.

At the undergraduate level, actor Batuhan Sert studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Becklent University, he was one of the outstanding students and received a 100% scholarship for the Industrial Product Design Department of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture and studied two departments at the same time and graduated in 2021, the actor Batuhan Sert joined the Academy 35.5 to study professional acting. He also participated in many acting workshops with acting coach Burak Sarimola, and he is always working on developing himself and his professional and acting performance.

Actor Batuhan Sert has a wide fan base and is followed by many from Turkey and abroad through his social networking sites and has more than 25,900 followers on Instagram and Twitter.

Batuhan Sert 1
Batuhan Sert 1

Actor Batuhan Sert and his favorite hobbies

The young Turkish actor Batuhan Sert is characterized as an athletic person and one of his biggest favorite hobbies is playing various sports and he is always keen on them despite the fact that he does not have much free time because of his work in acting.

one of the most important sports he plays such as basketball, football and swimming And also archery, and he is currently working on training and learning more than other sports, such as horse riding, boxing, sword shielding and techniques for using weapons.

He also loves music and dancing, and while he was in secondary school, Batuhan Sert joined zeybek center to receive dance lessons and training for 5 years.

Actor Batuhan Sert’s work

2022 Ah Nerede (TV Series) 2018 Gülperi (TV Series) 2014 Alin Yazim (TV Series) 2014 Çalikusu (TV Series)

Series Actor Batuhan Sert

Batuhan Sert is a young Turkish star and one of the new faces that has appeared on the Turkish art scene since the past few years.

Batuhan Sert entered the art world in 2013 and his first artwork that he presented in his acting career is the series “Galikucho” and he embodied the character “Kamaran”.

And in 2014, he participated in a Turkish series entitled “Alın Yazım-My Eyhead” and appeared during the work in 210 episodes of work events, the actor Batuhan Sert achieved wide artistic fame and a real breakthrough in the world of art and acting.

In 2019

when he participated in the series “Hekim” Oglu” and played the character “Youssef”, and the series was shown on the Turkish D channel, and it received a high viewership and great public success when it was shown in Turkey and the Arab world.

And in the year 2020, Batuhan Sert presented a series titled “Savaşçı-Warrior” and it was shown on the Turkish FOX channel. Ali first starred in a movie titled “Tozkoparan Iskender: Zafer”, then he presented a number of dramas, and in 2022, the rising actor Batuhan Sert got one of the heroic roles in the new Turkish series Ah Nerede with the character Ömer.

Ömer in Ah Nerede

Ah Nerede is a new drama series that premiered at the beginning of July 2022 on the Turkish Star TV channel. It is adapted from an old Turkish movie that was shown in 1975.

The young actor Batuhan Sert embodies the character of the young Ömer, the youngest son of the Hakim family and The story of the series revolves around Hakim’s family and his wife Aisha.

They live in the Turkish city of Bursa. They have 3 sons. Hakim and his wife decide to send their three sons to Istanbul to complete their university studies.

The eldest son is unique, embodied by the actor (Oktay Gubok), their middle son Murat (Kurhan Herdoran) and their youngest son Ömer (Batuhan Sert).

As for the second son, Murad, who also leaves studying law and law and becomes all interested in buying vouchers and betting on everything, and although he loses a lot, he continues to bet.

The youngest son Ömer, leaves his studies at the Faculty of Engineering and works as a musician in the night shops He stays up every day and doesn’t study his lessons.

Many problems happen to the three brothers, and with the succession of events, Hakim discovers the truth of his sons and what they have reached, leaving them to study, but it is too late.

The series Ah Nerede directed by Bulent Eselin and written by Maryam Demirli. The series stars a group of artists, young stars and rising faces, including Neil Keser, Oktay Çubuk, Tarek Babuçoğlu, Aisha Çubuk, Derya Alapura, Ferit Aktog and Rehan Asina Keskenci. and Merv Nur Benji, Aycan Koptur, Orhan Aksen, Kurhan Herdoran, Miray Akay, Batuhan Sert, Samet Kan Koyoko and Ahsen Türkyılmaz.

Actor Batuhan Sert
Actor Batuhan Sert
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