Who is bahar sahin? religion, age, boyfriend, weight and more

The Turkish star bahar sahin Ashil. What is the history of bahar sahin Ashil. When did her artistic career start. For every fan and fan of the star, this is a complete article about everything she loves to know about her religion. her nationality, her astrological sign, her social networking sites. Her works and secrets of her life and Upcoming projects and her CV, what is her height, weight and academic qualification. Special details about her life.

Personal information of the artist, bahar sahin Ashil

Her full name is bahar sahin Ashil. Her date of birth is May 26, 1997. Likewise, her current age is 23. Not only that, but her place of birth was born in Erton – Turkey.  nationality is Turkey. She studied at Istanbul University. Her eyes are green. Her astrological sign is Taurus. Likewise, her height is 165 cm. Furthermore, her weight is 45. Kg. Her religion is muslim. Her marital status is married.

Biography of the artist, bahar sahin

The Turkish actress, bahar sahin Ashil, was born in 1997 in Ankara, Istanbul. And at the age of 14, her parents separated from each other, then moved with her mother to live in Istanbul. She received her education in Istanbul schools and participated in theater plays in the school.

After obtaining high school, she joined Istanbul University, Department of Acting, and joined the Ankara Tendag Youth Center as part of the theater group.

Bahar sahin Ashil’s artistic career and most important artistic works

Although the Turkish artist loves and adores art and acting since her childhood. Her entry into acting came out of coincidence during her dinner with her family in one of the places where I saw her and drew the attention of the Turkish producer and director Merv Geren and nominated her for her first artistic role, which is the series That My Life I am in 2015. and I embodied the role of Aegean in it, and the series achieved her wide fame in Turkey and abroad.

Artworks by the artist bahar sahin Ashil

In 2015, I participated in the series That My Life. 2017, I participated in the series “Patriarch High School”.  and “Outlaws” series – Rafik Derby’s film – I Tell Animation. In 2018, she presented the film Rafik Derby S2 – A New Game – The Wealth Series. The year 2019 series, the Dark Istanbul.

bahar sahin Ashil in the series That’s My Life

It is a Turkish drama series and the first drama of the artist, bahar sahin Ashil. The series revolves around the girl Bahar who was living with her father and his name is Elias, her mother Nuran and her sister Efson. Bahar was from a poor family and a difficult financial situation and she works to earn money to help her family meet the requirements of life .

But she does not know her truth and that she is the daughter of Muhammad Amir Tahan. a famous and rich businessman who refused to recognize her years ago because her grandfather Yusef refused to marry his daughter Hasrat from Muhammad Amir. but Hasrat ran away and at that time her daughter was born. Everyone thought that she was dead, so Yusef gave her daughter Bahar to his servant Elias. In exchange for giving them every month a certain amount of money.

Years later, Yusef returns to his conscience. Especially after he was diagnosed with cancer. So he went to Muhammad Amir and told him that he had a daughter named Bahar. And the lawyer named Atash, who works for him in the company, listened to their conversation from behind the door.

So the lawyer went behind Yus to retrieve Bahar, but he did not find Elias and his wife at home, and their neighbor told them that they had gone to the market and told him that Bahar’s daughter worked in a store, so he went to her. Elias refused and asked him to give her the money, but he refused too, so she quarreled with him and began to pay him hard until Joseph died.

bahar sahin Ashil in the High School series

The series is considered the absolute heroism in her artistic career. The beautiful star bahar sahin Ashil. And co-starring the Turkish artist, Muhammad Ozan. The series revolves around a policeman named Yigit who gets the task of uncovering a group of illegal works in a number of different regions.

He does not know any information about her. Nor who is the head of the mafia. But he cannot reach the mafia leader except through his son Furat. Through some high school students who get involved with them to reach to uncover these actions and reach for their members, and the exciting events of the series continue.

bahar sahin Ashil in Zalim Istanbul

The series was shown in Turkey and achieved great popularity and praised by a number of journalists. The series caused a sensation in Turkey, and many Turkish newspapers and magazines wrote about it under the title. “Countdown for the oppressor” before its presentation. The matter aroused great curiosity among the masses and their passion to follow the series.

And the first episode reached very high viewing rates. Until it ranked 16th in the highest-viewing series for the first day it was shown. Although it is a low percentage, it is considered a significant percentage for a series that is shown for the first time.

Zalim Istanbul

The events of the series revolved around a strong woman who bore responsibility for her family after the death of her husband alone. She had 3 children. Two girls and one son, and also her mother-in-law lived with her and their mother did the impossible for her children, even though she was poor.

Her eldest daughter wants to become rich. Loves money, seeks after it, and wants to marry a rich man from Istanbul. As for the second daughter named Jimery, she used to work as a singer in a club. But she used to tell her family that she works as a nurse and hid the truth from her family in order to help them in Living Requirements.

As for the boy named (Jeevan), he is a reckless and reckless young man, but he loves his family and is very afraid for his daughters-in-law. Her mother-in-law always tries to convince her to visit her eldest daughter from one of the rich in Istanbul. who is her cousin. And because she does not want to go to Istanbul. she reveals to her family the truth about her sister’s work.

The mother decides to move her children to Istanbul to marry her daughter from the rich and large family. but she finds that this rich boy is sick and sits in a wheelchair.

Her personal life, relationship and secrets

The Turkish actress bahar sahin was associated with the Turkish artist Sinan Adigüzel with a love story. But they separated. After only two days passed. She was photographed in a public place with the Turkish artist Muhammad Ozan Dolunay. Who participated in the championship of the Istanbul series. And the actress Bahar stated that they have a love relationship with Some of them were 6 months ago.

The actress, Bahar Sahin Ashil. It was filmed while she was having dinner with Muhammad Ozan. In the restaurant on the beach, and after 3 hours they left the place and got into the same car with some of them.

The official social media sites for bahar sahin

Instagram In 2015, she joined the world of social networking sites. and posted photos of her on the Instagram site. She gained many followers and reached more than a million followers.

Her series

2020 Iyi Aile Babasi (TV Series)
2019-2020 Zalim Istanbul (TV Series)
2018 Iyi Oyun
2018 Yol Arkadasim 2
2018 Servet (TV Mini-Series)
2017 OHA Diyorum
2017 Yol Arkadasim
2017 Kayitdisi (TV Series)
2017 Lise Devriyesi (TV Series)
2014-2017 O Hayat Benim (TV Series)
2017 Pepee: Birlik zamani
2014 Ulan Istanbul (TV Series)

bahar sahin Instagram
bahar sahin Instagram
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