Ayşe Çiğdem Batur report on religion boyfriend

1. What is the religion of Ayşe Çiğdem Batur?

The religion of Ayşe Çiğdem Batur is probably Muslim.

2. Who is boyfriend Ayşe Çiğdem Batur?

Boyfriend Ayşe Çiğdem Batur is unmarried yet.

3. How old is Ayşe Çiğdem Batur?

Omar Ayşe Çiğdem Batur in 2021: 39 years old.

4. What is the length of Ayşe Çiğdem Batur?

Her height is 168 cm.

5. What is Ayşe Çiğdem Batur’s birthdate?

July 13, 1982, AD.

Ayşe Çiğdem Batur Information about the Turkish actress TV series, Ayşe Çiğdem Batur’s height, age and date of birth, the wonderful actress who became famous in many wonderful roles, and a lot about her in one article.

Diana Ayşe Çiğdem Batur height weight

Date of birth: July 13, 1982, AD, how old is she in 2021: 39 years old, what is her religion: probably Muslim. What is her height: 168 cm. What is its weight: 70 kg.

Actress Ayşe Çiğdem Batur and her life story

Ayşe Çiğdem Batur was born on July 13, 1982 in Düzce, Turkey She is a Turkish actress of Circassian origins and was born on July 13, 1982, in Duzce, after completing the primary and secondary school in Duzce, graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Public Relations and Advertising.

After that, he obtained a master’s degree in advanced acting from Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul. She participated in the series Valley of the Wolves in six seasons 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 as Laila Turkman, and participated in the series “Heart of Majnoun” in 2017.

Information on Ayşe Çiğdem Batur

Date of birth: July 13. 1982
Place of birth: Duzce. Turkey
Age: 39 years old
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Height: 168 m
Academic qualification: Gazi University
Martial status: single
Years of activity 2000 to now

Ayşe Çiğdem Batur Series Movies and TV Shows

Silver Wish 2006.
Cancel My Heart 2007 – 2008.
Valley of the Wolves 2010.
Our Story 2015.

Çiğdem Batur was the presenter of the program Alışveriş Çantası Alışveriş which was broadcast on TV art in 2004.
While studying at Gazi University. She began her acting career with Grup Mimus. The university’s theater group. Thereafter. She completed her recitation training and dubbing broadcaster at Baskent Communications Academy.

Worked as Contractor Manager and Program Assistant at TRT between 2001-2003. Between 2003 and 2006 it hosted TRT Kulvar teams. Turkish Army at Peace in War. And Always Young. In 2006, I moved from Ankara to Istanbul. She also continued her dubbing activities.

In 2006. She starred alongside Songul Odin. Kevan Tatlotoy. Akram Bora. Junger Bayrak. Lassen Celan and Tarik Anluoglu. In the series titled az Vazgeç Gönlüm başlayan. Which began in 2007. She starred with Murat Han and Bulot Aras and gave life to two different people.

Information about her starring in the series Valley of the Wolves

Valley of the Wolves (Turkish: kurtlar vadisi) is a Turkish series that has been shown on different Arab channels. Including OSN and Hannibal in the Syrian dialect. It has been transmitted by five different channels in Turkey since the beginning of its broadcast in 2003. The series has brought many political and social eyes over the years that have not ceased. With the addition of four films about Palestine and Iraq. About the coup that took place in Turkey in 2016.

The film Valley of the Wolves Gladio starring Iskandar Great. The main character in the series is the character of Murad Alamdar. The filming of the series distinguishes itself by addressing many political and economic issues. Including the deep state that rules Turkey and also the optional committee that tries to preserve Turkey from other countries. Then touched upon the Syrian and Iraqi crisis in the seventh. Eighth and ninth parts. He also touched upon the supreme powers that lead the world and are trying to control Turkey to run the world through it.

The story of Valley of the Wolves

The events of the first part of the series Valley of the Wolves revolves around the character of Ali Jundan. who plays Raji Shashmaz. Who is the child who was pulled from the shelter and adopted by the Omar Gandan family. Ali Gandan becomes an intelligence man. and he is asked. through his direct boss Aslan Akbi. to penetrate into a secret operation. In the heart of the Turkish mafia is called Operation Valley of the Wolves.

To begin the journey. Ali Gandan had to die and be born with a new character. After a set of plastic surgeries to change the features of his face. the character of Murad Alamdar was born. played by the actor Muhammad Najati Shashmaz. and he begins to approach the mafia leaders and infiltrate their operating rooms to find out their plans. and he gets to know Suleiman Shaker. one of the mafia godfathers after he rescues him from an inevitable death. and he becomes his right arm and the two form together A distinguished team within the mafia and they carry out many operations.

Ayse Cigdem Batur Series Movies and TV Shows
Ayse Cigdem Batur Series Movies and TV Shows
Cigdem Batur 1
Cigdem Batur 1
Information on Ayse Cigdem Batur
Information on Ayse Cigdem Batur
Actress Ayse Cigdem Batur and her life story
Actress Ayse Cigdem Batur and her life story
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