Who is Alp Navruz? Biography, Girlfriend Religion and more

Alp Navruz He is a famous Turkish actor and is also known in the series do not leave my hand, and we will show you all the information you want to know about him, weight, height, nationality, mother, father, sister, brother, wife, marital status, age, religion, life story and artistic beginning, and we will show You have all his films and series, and we will show you an album containing a new photo collection of the Turkish star Alp Navruz.


Full name: Alp Navruz (alp navruz)
Birthdate January 15, 1990
Age in 2018: 28 years
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Profession: Actor
Religion Muslim
Nationality: Turkish
Years of work: from 2013 until now
Hair color: Black
Body type: Sporty
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 80 km
Eye color: brown
food: meat
Favorite Song: dusk till dawn
app: Instagram
Favorite superhero: Batman

Official sites of the star Alp Navruz

https: // twitter.com/alpnavruz?lang=en

Information about Alp Navruz

Alp Navruz is a famous Turkish actor, born in Istanbul, and has proven to be a distinguished star in a very short period and has drawn the attention of all the producers and the public to him, known as the role of Sinan in the series Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari, Good Friends, and Elimi Birakma, and he became famous for doing this Series in all countries of the world, he graduated from Yildiz University, Department of Turkish Language Literature and Literature, and has a sister and brother, before starting his artistic career he used to work as a model, Alp Navruz loves to play sports, and he is fond of writing poems in his spare time, he loves to practice swimming and archery, and he also loves Simple things, such as watching movies with his friends or going out at night, as well as cooking at home, planning to travel with friends, this for him is a very interesting thing, the defects that he wants to fix in himself are usually the delay

Secrets of Alp Navruz

As for his personal secrets, Alp does not have many secrets, he always shares most of his moments with his fans on his private page on Instagram and Twitter, and in one of the conferences, a journalist asked him about love and he said that he is unlucky in love, but one day he will fall in love, and when I find a person The one I love will be announced immediately and he will be looking at the day he becomes a lover.

Started acting

In 2017, he played the character of Asnan in the famous TV series Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari and co-starred with him, Nazan Kisal, known for the first time for his role as Perth in the 2016 movie Ceberrut, and the TV series made good friends, and he played the role of Burke, thanks to his typical pictures and pictures of everyday life. The superstar at this moment has reached over 700K followers on Instagram.

Alp navruz’s most important series and movies

The movie Ceberrut – The Black Destiny series – The Resala from Ankara series – Ceberrut – Ask Laftan Anlamaz – Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari – Elimi birakma.
2020-2021 Zümrüdüanka (TV Series)

Alp Navruz series, Don’t Leave My Hand

The Turkish series Don’t Leave My Hand is a sad romantic series adapted from the story of a Korean series, and Alp Navruz plays a person called Genk and co-stars Alina Boz, called a virgin, and he belongs to a large and well-known family in Turkey and is studying in America and on his return from America he meets a girl called a virgin on the same plane Their bags are exchanged with each other by mistake, and from here the events of the series begin.

Alp Navruz
Alp Navruz
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