Who is Ahmet Kural? Religion series wife and biography

Ahmet Kural Personal Information

Date of birth: 10 – November 1982
Age 2021: 39 years old
Place of birth: Kütahya. Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion Muslim
Academic qualification: obtained a master’s degree from Bilkent University
Hair color: Black
Profession: Turkish actor
Beginning of his artistic career: 2007 – until now

Life story of Ahmet Kural and his family

Ahmet Kural is a Turkish actor. Born in 1982 in Kutahya. Turkey. His father used to work as a police officer and his older sister was studying acting and was very influenced by her. In high school. He participated in many plays on the school theater. Cinema. And obtained a master’s degree from Bilkent University in Turkey.

He received acting lessons from the Mujdat Gizen Arts Center and completed studies in the art of theater Levent Kırca-Oya Başar Tiyatrosu and joined the Levent Kırca Oya Basar theater team.

Ahmet Kural and his Girlfriend

Turkish actor Ahmet Kural is known to constantly engage in passionate love stories with more than one woman, after ending his first relationship with his girlfriend Naz Shikim.

Actor Ahmet Kural was associated with the famous Turkish singer Sila, and the relationship between them lasted for more than a year, and a big quarrel occurred between them because she discovered his betrayal of her and the presence of another girl with him in his house, and it came as a result of the big quarrel that happened between them that he committed violence on her physical and psychological and this is what He caused a case to be filed against him and his imprisonment, and after his release, Ahmet Kural erased all the pictures that they had collected on his social media sites and canceled their follow-up on all of his private accounts, and she also did the same for him.

Ahmet Kural and his Girlfriend
Ahmet Kural and his Girlfriend

Ahmet Kural and his acting career

Actor Ahmet Kural is one of the most prominent young artists in Turkey. And he loved art since his childhood. And the reason was that he was affected by his older sister because she was studying at the conservatory.

So Ahmet Kural decided to enter the world of art because he loved him and started working on his studies so that he could be Professional artist and actor Ahmet Kural started his artistic career in 2007 until now. And his first appearance on the screen was through the series Fikrimin İnce Gülü or in Arabic. A thin rose of my thoughts.

In the same year he also appeared in another Turkish series. Which is the series My Home. And then he took after him to obtain starring roles in drama series and was his first absolute heroism in a gas series. But the series did not achieve the required success due to the weak viewership and was stopped after the nineteenth episode.

But then he participated in the tournament in other distinguished and successful artworks. Including Güneşin Oğlu with Haluk Bilginer. Köksal Engür. Hümeyra. Ozgü Namal and Düğün Dernek 2: Circumcision in 2015 and co-starring actor Murad Jamsir and the film achieved the highest of any radat this year. In Turkey.

He participated in an episode of the series Ramadan Jamil. But the actor Ahmet Kural. His differences and the many issues he faces. Made him lose part of his popularity and his fans among the Turkish viewers and fans.

Some cases and the attack against Ahmet Kural

– The Turkish actor Ahmet Kural has many controversies. Issues and accusations directed against him from time to time. And it is known that he was constantly accused of violence against women and published much news about him confirming his continuous violence against women in more than one way. And in 2014 he was accused of breaking his girlfriend’s finger. Her name is Naz Sheikim.

– In 2018 the Turkish singer Sila filed a case against him in the Turkish courts. Accusing him of physical and psychological violence against her. And they had been in an emotional relationship for nearly a year. And the Turkish court ruled against him for 3 months in prison for using violence against Sila.

– In February 2020. The actor Ahmet Kural was caught drunk. As the blood alcohol level reached 1.85 per thousand. Which led to an accident with his private car and a collision with two other cars in which a person was injured with this collision and the Turkish police arrested him, and He was imprisoned for 6 months and paid a heavy fine.

Series Actor Ahmet Kural

In 2007. He participated in the series “A Thin Rose of My Thoughts” – and the series My Home Man
In 2008, he presented the series Ibn Al Shams – and the series Mukhtaram
In 2009. Ahmet Kural appeared in the series Heroes – If I Was a Cloud – Ramadan Jameel.

2010, he participated in the series Musical Instrument – The Country Is Important – Life Is In Hand
2011 – 2014 Ahmet Kural participated in the series On the Way to Üsküdar – Bahzat J. – Things and things – Wedding association – Brother’s share – Oflu Hodja password

In 2015 – 2017. He participated in the series Wedding League 2: Circumcision – the series Love of My Life – Tool Çengi The Two of Us – and the series Surprise Family.

2020 Ahmet Kural participated in the series Father Money. and he is currently filming a new series entitled The Winter Island of Cyprus. with a distinguished group of artists in Turkey. including the actor Serkan Chaioglu. The artist Gulpera Ozdemir and the artist Bilin Karahan. and the series is supposed to be shown in 2021.

Short films

My site (with Janset / 2012)
Trump card
Hey those 3 girls
2013 Capote movie

The theater

Levent Kerka and Oia Pasar Theater presented them with theatrical performances. Which is a play where the fire broke out and a play considered necessary.

Awards won by Ahmet Kural

In 2015 Ahmet Kural was awarded the 42nd Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards – Best Male Comedian (Sibling Share).

In 201, he won the Thrilling Film Actors Award at the 16th Star Awards of the year.

Awards won by Ahmet Kural
Awards won by Ahmet Kural
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