Who is Ayşegül Aldinç husband, Religion, Age and Biography

Information on Ayşegül Aldinç

Date of birth: September 28, 1957
Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey
Age: 62 years
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Muslim
Height: 170 cm
Academic qualification: Marmara University
Marital Status: In 1979 she married Muhammad Teoman, and she got divorced a few months later
Profession: Singer, writer, actress

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Instagram website: https:// www.instagram.com.Ayşegül Aldinç
Facebook website: https://www.facebook.com.Ayşegül Aldinç
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Aysegul Aldinc was born on September 28 1957

Information and complete details about Actress Ayşegül Aldinç

Ayşegül Aldinç was born on September 28, 1957, in Istanbul, a Turkish singer and actress. Ayşegül Aldinç is the daughter of Orhan Ayşegül Aldinç, a journalist and writer on the sports page. And also the daughter of Suhaila Ayşegül Aldinç, a drawing teacher.

Aldinç Ayşegül Aldinç completed her secondary education in three different schools due to her mother’s job. The first secondary school I attended is Qandil High School for Girls. The second-high school is Dawood Pasha High School and the third high school is Ferikoy High School.

After that. Ayşegül Aldinç Ayşegül Aldinç graduated from (the ceramic department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the current Marmara University) and also from the ceramic department of the Academy of Applied Fine Arts in Istanbul. Then. Shortly after her graduation from university. Ayşegül Aldinç Ayşegül Aldinç took the position of music teacher at Akaretler Preparatory School in Istanbul. Then.

Her work as an actress

She worked as a porcelain manufacturer at Yildiz Porcelain Factory for six years. During the years 1981-1988 Ayşegül Aldinç Ayşegül Aldinç donated ceramics and participated in competitions at home and abroad. Ayşegül Aldinç Ayşegül Aldinç took a step into her musical career with a 45-minute album of songs titled “The Tired and Happy” and the Hospital. Which she produced together with Mehmet Tioman in 1978.

Ayşegül Aldinç Ayşegül Aldinç represented Turkey in the European Song Contest for the year 1981 in Dublin. The capital of Ireland. Through a song entitled “The Punishment of Collusion”.

As she dubbed it together with a trio of modern folk music. Ayşegül Aldinç Ayşegül Aldinç released her first solo album in 1988 and during the years 1985 – 1998 Ayşegül Aldinç Ayşegül Aldinç held concerts in many European countries. In the Soviet Union. In the United States of America, in China and in the countries of the Middle East. She was awarded the Best Female Singer of the Year by the Cyprus Journalists Association and the ESTC Foundation.

Work for the first time

In 1985. Ayşegül Aldinç Ayşegül Aldinç appeared in front of the screen for the first time and appeared in the series “El-Khoua”. As it was a series broadcast on the TRT channel and directed by Orhan Aksoy. In 1987 Ayşegül Aldinç started acting in cinematography with the films “Escape from the Rain”. Directed by Yavuz Ozcan. And the film “Mule Drivers” directed by Sherif Goren in 1987. In 1994 Ayşegül Aldinç Ayşegül Aldinç won the Best Actress Award for her role in the guerrilla film at the Altın Koza Film Festival in Adana.

2000 Aisha presented Goodbye Güle is a Turkish comedy-drama film of 2000. Directed by Zaki Okten. Which tells the story of friendship between five elderly people in Bozcaada. The film. Which was shown all over Turkey throughout Turkey on February 4. 2000. won four awards at the 37th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. Including the Golden Orange for Best Film. The author. Riken Texoy. Described it as “happy after it was so well narrated”. The Turkish title “güle güle” means “goodbye” said by the person who stays. not the person leaving.

This movie tells the story of a circle of five friends (four men and a woman) who have long-lived on the Aegean island of Bozcaada. The group includes a kind-hearted auto mechanic. A retired military officer and his wife. An emotionally fickle bachelor. a geek a hopeless romantic. And has communicated with a Cuban woman. Rosa. For thirty-five years. When Galib finally vows to join her in Cuba. His friends take on the mission of reuniting the couple.

Ayşegül Aldinç on the series Poyraz Karayel

Poyraz Karayel in Turkish: Poyraz Karayel. Turkish series produced by Lemon Film Company. Shown on the Turkish channel Canal de. starring actor Ilker Kalieli and actress Burchin Terzioglu. The first episode aired on Wednesday 7 January 2015.

Ahmed Poyraz Karayel. Divorced man and an honest policeman. It was fired on charges of unjustly taking a bribe and spent a year in prison as punishment. He lost the most precious thing in his life. Which is his son. Sinan. In favor of his father-in-law (his father-in-law) أوnsal Uzbekistan. Then he worked as his driver to get his son back.

In order to regain his son. Poyraz received an offer from his old commander. Mumtaz (his chief in the police). Which is to work as a spy in the mafia run by Bahri Uman and to obtain information about it and in return for the work will be the guardianship of Sinan. Before Poyraz immediately accepted the offer.

Meanwhile. Poyraz met Ayşegül Aldinç (a doctor). An independent woman who lives alone far from her family and loves her without knowing that she is the daughter of a mafia man. From the moment the two meet.

There begins to have feelings for each other. But their love seems to be impossible because Ayşegül Aldinç is the daughter of Bahri Uman. A mafia man who works for him as a driver (spy). But unfortunately Poyraz has to hide his truth from Ayşegül Aldinç, but somehow he succeeds. Poyraz entangles Ayşegül Aldinç in problems and then events begin to follow. And unforeseen faces and betrayals are revealed in Poyraz Karayel’s life.

Aysegul Aldinc on the series Poyraz Karayel

Ayşegül Aldinç’s most important works of TV series films and songs

Mule Drivers (1987. Director: Sherif Goren)
Running away from the rain (1989. Director: Yavuz Ozkan).
Kara Sevda (1989. Director: Soim Deer).
The Green World (1990. Director: Farouk Turgut).
Back to Pain (1994. Director: Tonga Yonder).

Guerrilla War (1995. Director: Osman Senaf).
Waiting for the Sea (1996. Director: Suna Coral Aytona)
The Byzantine Whore (2000. Director: Jani Moujdeh – Tolgay Ziyal)
Goodbye (2000. Director: Zaki Octane)
Establishing a Dream Plays (2000. Director: Yavuz Ozkan) Series.

Intelligence (1986. TRT. Director: Orhan Aksoy)
Secret of the Stones (1992. Star TV. Director: Yusuf Courchinli)
Aziz Ahmed (1994. ATV. Director: Orhan Oguz)
The Tired Warrior (1995. Director: Tonga Yonder)
Adoration and Pride (2002. Star TV. director: Aidan Bulot)

The Legend (2002. Star TV. Director: Tamer Ibek)
My Sister Was This Like It (2003. TRT. Director: Nortatch Eremer).
Sultan’s Power (2003. D-Channel. Director: Aydin Bulot).
The Last Live (2004. TRT. Director: Albarsan Bozkurt).
Messi (2005. ATV. Director: Tanner Aquardar).
The Seven Immoralists (2011. Show TV, director: Khalouk Beneir).

Ayşegül Aldinç’s Songs and Albums

Solos and composed of forty-five songs.
The Hospital – Al-Mutab and Al-Saeed (1978) (together with Muhammad Tioman).
Succession of Collusion – Heritage (1981) (together with Chushkun Demir).
She is a girl (2010).
Lee Lal Lal La La (2011).


The Ayşegül Aldinç Ayşegül Aldinç (1988).
You Talk to Me (1991)
Flame of Flame (1993).
There is no need to speak (1996).
Breathe (2000).
Album of Respect and Appreciation Salma Andak – Enough for One Love 2000.
Bülent Ortachil Respect Album – The Songs Are One Play 2001.
Songs of Ali Kokateeb – Mashallah 41 times (2006).
Isil Gurl Songs – For Aseel (2013).

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