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The skandel series, its heroes, its story, its show dates, and its carrier channels

The story of The Good Wife series, a new Turkish series, a production company that is trying to buy the rights to quote its story, everything you want to know about it, from its heroes and reruns of The Good Wife, its heroes and their role within the work, work events and the story of The Good Wife series, the opinions of the audience and critics and its status between series.

The story of the series, its events and complete information about it

The Good Wife is a highly successful American legal and political drama television series that aired on CBS from September 22, 2009, to May 8, 2016, focusing on Alicia Florrick, the wife of a Cook County State attorney who returns to her career in law after the events of the public sex and corruption scandal. A politician involving her husband, the series was created by Robert and Michelle King and stars Julianna Margulies, Josh Charles, Christine Baransky, Matt Chuchy, Archie Panjabi and Alan Cumming.

The Good Wife is a serial show featuring multiple story arcs played across multiple episodes, as well as stand-alone stories completed by the end of each episode. Especially in its famous fifth season.

This work has received numerous awards including five Emmy Awards and the 2014 Television Critics Award for Outstanding Achievement in a Drama. And the Internet in society, politics and law. Many critics consider network television’s “great great drama”, with 22 episodes produced while the known number of episodes for such episodes is 6 to 13 each season.


CBS announced on February 7, 2016, that the show was ending with its seventh season. The final episode aired on May 8, 2016. A movie titled The Good Fight, about Baransky’s character Diane Lockhart and Koch Jumbo Luca Quinn, also starring Rose Leslie and Delori Lindo, premiered in February 2017, series focuses on Alicia Florrick (Margulies) , whose husband Peter (Noth), Cook’s ex-lawyer, Illinois state attorney, is imprisoned following political corruption and a notorious sex scandal. After spending the previous 13 years as a stay-at-home mom, Alicia is back in the workforce as a lawyer to provide for her two children.

Who is the cast of the skandel series?

Writers Michelle and Robert King wanted to create a series that focused on a prominent politician’s wife in the wake of a public sex scandal. They got the idea after noticing notable American scandals of this kind, such as those involving President Bill Clinton and Senator John Edwards of North Carolina. According to Robert King, they became The image of the wife standing silent next to her husband as he openly admits his sexual or political misconduct is so vulgar, that they consider presenting an opposite image.

This image led royalty to question why these women stood by their husbands, as well as to question the events that followed that initial announcement, and they were intrigued by the fact that many of the wives were lawyers who put their personal careers on hold for the sake of their husbands’ professional ambitions. The actual idea for the series was floated. For the first time in the weeks since the 2008 Elliott Spitzer prostitution scandal, who do you see in this role as Turkish actresses?


The names of the heroes of the series The Good Wife
The names of the heroes of the series The Good Wife

main actress


Peter’s wife Alicia, a disgraced state attorney, returns to work as a junior lawyer at the Stern law firm, Lockhart & Gardner, through her old law school friend Will Gardner, has feelings After spending many years as the “good wife”, Alicia finds herself down career ladder, trying to reconcile home life and professional life with the constant skandel surrounding her husband, with whom she has two children, Zack and Grace.

Smart, independent, fiercely protective of her children, and more than just a good wife She excels at keeping her home Rarely confused and always thinking through what she will say, choosing her words for maximum impact or sting, Alicia in her class graduated from Georgetown University Law Center in The mid-1990s, after graduation, worked at Crozier, Abrams & Abbott for about two years, but was left to focus on her children and Peter’s career. Her struggle to return to work, and how she was punished for her “mother gap”, is seen as emblematic of the work/life struggle of a real working woman.

Characters in the series The Good Wife


1. Carrie Agus, a young Harvard educated lawyer: In season one, he is a first-year fellow at Lockhart Gardner with Alicia Florrick. He will be in competition for a job but Alicia will win it, so he can work in the attorney general’s office.
2. Kalinda Sharma, the company’s in-house investigator Kalinda had previously worked with Peter for three years, fired her after he accused her of working two jobs. Although Kalinda does not allow many people close to her, she becomes close friends with Alicia.
3- Teenage son of Alicia and Peter Florrick: He is the eldest of Florix’s two children, Zack has an interest in politics, at one point he joins Peter’s campaign as an apprentice, Zack is smart, stubborn and has a strong sense of right and wrong.

4- Teenage daughter Alicia and Peter Florerrick: She is the youngest of two Floreric children, younger sister of Zack Florrick, granddaughter of Jackie Florrick, and also Veronica Lowe (Alicia’s mother). .
5- Will Gardner Partner at Stern, Lockhart & Gardner: An old friend of Alicia, he helped her get a job with the company and constantly tries to avoid appearing as if he preferred her. This is complicated by the fact that the two have feelings for each other.
6- Diane Lockhart, Partner: A liberal and feminist, she has strong opinions on many issues, including guns and violence.
7. David Lee Head of Family Law, Divorce Attorney, Partner at Lockhart Gardner Firm: The family law department is responsible for a large portion of the firm’s income, so David has more influence than Diane or Will.

The names of the heroes of the series The Good Wife

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The date of the skandel series, the working channels

If it is agreed to purchase the rights to quote the work, it will be filmed and the staff will be selected next year 2021.