What is the story of the yalanci series?

The new Turkish series yalanci, let us know together what is the story of this interesting series, which is expected to be shown soon, who are the participating heroes, their roles in the series, personal information about them, the dates of the yalanci series and the show channel of the series with a group of pictures of the yalanci series and the heroes participating in it .

The heroes of the yalanci series and their roles

– Bursin Terzioglu / Denizin Primary School
– Saleh Badamji / as Muhammad Amir
Hazal Torisan as Jasmine
– Shahin Ermak / as Hasna Demir
– Murat Kilic / as Ardal Savas
Serkan Tamanmaz as Arif Gezer
Fatih Barak Shahin as Dorok Gursoy
– Amir Koboko / as Ahmed
– Jamal Toktas / as Murad
– Emir Ozgun as Kanan
– Giszem Soisaldi as Tujia
Seema Quarterbasi as Turkan
Ali Kira Cole as Child (Liar Deeb)

yalanci series story

With time, Turkish drama has become one of the most important series that the audience follows and awaits with passion and love because it varies in its story and ideas and deals with new and different topics and has a wide audience also in Egypt and the Arab world, and one of the new series that is eagerly awaited is The yalanci series, and this work belongs to the type of Turkish drama series, which includes more than one type of romantic, social, suspense, thriller, and others.

And the story of the yalanci series revolves around a successful primary school teacher named Denizin, who separated from her fiancé shortly before the celebration of the marriage ceremony. It is because of her separation from her fiancé.

And one day, the student’s father (Lyar Deeb), whose name is Muhammad Amir, asks her to accept his offer to dine together in one of the places, and indeed she goes out with him to have dinner and drink alcohol after dinner, then Muhammad Amir takes her to his house, and when she regains consciousness, she finds herself I was raped, and when confronted with him, Muhammad Amir lies and does not tell the truth. As the work events continue, we discover who the real yalanci in the series is. Is he Muhammad Amir or the school of Denizin?

The dates of the presentation of the yalanci series and the channel that shows it

The series yalanci will soon be shown on the Turkish channel Kanal D.

Turkish actress Bursin Terzioglu, the heroine of the series Yalanci

Turkish actress Bursin Terzioglu participates in the events of the series Yalanci, in which she embodies the character of an elementary school teacher named Deniz. A few days before the wedding, and after she had dinner with the father of a student in her class and after drinking alcohol, she is shocked when she discovers that she was raped by Muhammad Amir, the father of the student (Lyar Deeb) and tries to prove that he did this to her.

The artist, Saleh Badamji, is the hero of the yalanci series

The artist Saleh Badamji plays the lead role in front of the artist, Bursin Terzioglu, and embodies the character (Mohamed Amir) in the series. ) his wife after many problems and disagreements between them and he lives with his only son (Lyar Deeb) and lives an empty emotional life for a long time and when he goes out to dinner with his son’s school in class and drink alcohol and spend time with each other and accuses him of raping her, but he lies and does not admits the truth.

Child Ali Kira Cole

The young artist joined Ali Kira Cole to embody the character of the student (Liar Deeb), who is less than 6 years old, and the yalanci series is his second dramatic work in which he participates after his participation in the Hercai series, and during this work he achieved great success and many praised his great artistic talent, which He owns it and is registered with the talent agency Zerin Kultural Cast Agency.

Turkish actress Gizem Soysaldi

Gezim Soysaldi is a young Turkish actress, born in 1984 in the city of Izmir – Turkey. She was interested in and loved acting since her childhood, and when she became a young woman, she took acting lessons to train in the artistic field and teach him its origins, especially the art of acting on the stage. She started her career with acting on the stage through plays with people’s houses and amateur groups. Among the most famous plays she participated in were Ash-Woman, Open Window, How to Get Rid of Asiye, Bear and aHval.

She also participated in a number of successful dramas such as Backstreets, Eighties, Bizim Okul, F-Type Film, Exile, Insiders, and a number of films.

Actress Hazal Torisan

Hazal Tursan is a young Turkish actress, born in 1985 in Ankara, Turkey. The artist, Hazal Tursan, studied at Ankara University, Department of Languages, History, Geography, and Theater. Once in artistic works through a secondary and small role in a Turkish series entitled Star of the Sea, where she appeared in only 3 episodes of the series, then she also participated in a small role in another drama series entitled Don’t Forget Me, and then the artist Hazal Torisan decided to move to live in Istanbul, Turkey from In order to pursue her dream of acting to become a famous artist.

After settling down to live in Istanbul for a year and a half, Hazal Torisan got a strong and successful role in the famous Turkish series Black Love. When the series was shown, the series also starred a distinguished group of famous and well-known stars in the whole Arab world, including Tuba Buyukustun, famous for the character of Lamis, the famous star Engin Akyurek, famous for the character Karim, the beautiful Turkish star Nabihat and other artists.

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