What is the story of the series Son Yaz “Last summer “?

the story of Son Yaz

Last summer The production company O3 Media announced its new series “son yaz”. It is releasing the name of the series “Trend” in Turkey after the news of the participation of the actor Albiran Doymaz, starring the series alongside the actress Hafsa Nur Sanjak Tutan. In our turn, we at Dramatak.com have prepared this article to answer all your questions about the series son yaz, what is the story of the series? When will it be shown? , Who are the heroes of the series Son Yaz and many more.

The story of the series Son Yaz Son Yaz has many information and details

Information and a full report on the son Yaz series

The series is produced by O3 MEDIA and directed by Burak Arlil and the script was written by the writer Deniz Darji, filmed in Istanbul and the city of Cesme. .

son Yaz series

The events of the Son Yaz series take place within the framework of action and drama, where the series will tell the story of Public Prosecutor Salim, whose path unexpectedly intersects with Akgun, the arrogant young man who grew up in the world of mafia and crime. Prosecutor Salim will have to summon Akgun to the palace of justice in Chishmeh, Salim who is above He is about to lose his family and his marriage in danger, and on the other hand the promise made by Lakgun to protect his family, another summer ends in the Aegean Sea, but for Selim Wakgun and those around them there will be one last summer before the storm that changes everything.

The date of the son Yaz series showing

Last summer, The company that produced the series announced that it had agreed with the Turkish Fox TV channel to show the series upon completion of filming, after it canceled its contract with Kanal D, and the first episode is expected to be shown in winter in December 2020.

The cast of the series

The series “Son Yaz” includes a large group of Turkish stars and actors who are famous for their successful roles in the series that have recently been shown on Turkish screens, such as the Arab actor Albirin Doymaz, who is famous in the Arab world for the role of Imrah in the series The Pit, as well as the young star Hafsanur Sancaktutan, who recently participated in the series Love Makes Us Cry Ida role.

The series Son Yaz was cast

Several representatives joined the cast, including:

Alperen Duymaz
Hafsanur Sancaktutan
Ali Atay
Shebnam Donmaz
Funda Irgate
Aref Bishkin
Emery Karayel
Gokshi Akilds
Yasmine Yazji
Sinan Tozco

Watch the series Son Yaz

The series will be shown on the Turkish FOX TV channel, and you can watch and download the full episode with high quality subtitles from the website.

What is the story of the last summer series?

The talented artist Albiran Dwemaz presents the story of the new series The Last Summer,
This work is expected to be shown on Turkish TV channels, and also published,
Albiran Doymaz is one of the young stars who has recently proven himself,

Where he became a star of television drama, which everyone has been waiting for greatly, since his first appearance because he presented valuable roles that were removed and loved by the viewer,
Our artist is distinguished by a very great talent that made him a wanted actor and he can provide the absolute heroic roles and he won the confidence of the producers and directors.

About his story, it is said that this work is of the romantic drama genre, with many dramatic plots that admire the viewer, which will be produced by O3 media
This work has been prepared for the upcoming winter season.

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