What is the story of the Elkızı series and date

To all the fans and followers of the Turkish drama, we have collected for you in this report complete information about the new Turkish series, Elkızı Elkızı, what is the story of the series, who are the participating heroes, information about them, the dates of the Elkızı series, the show channel, and many details about the series and its heroes with A group of pictures of the Elkızı series and pictures of the heroes participating in it.

The dates of the presentation of the Elkızı series and the channel that shows it

The Elkızı series will be shown soon in September 2021 on the Turkish FOX channel.

The heroes of the Elkızı . series

Fikret Koskan – Sevda Ergeneci – Berrihan Savas – Ismail Eji Shashmaz – Munir Kan Sindoruk – Sadaf Afjah – Ferat Dogroglu – Çagla Şimşek – Sinan Arslan – Belensu Celili – Maket Cooper – Toprak Saglam.

The story of the Elkızı series

The Elkızı series work and production team started filming the scenes of the series, which is being filmed in the Mugla region in Turkey. The Turkish that is being presented in the recent period on Turkish screens is a humanitarian work of the first degree,

The story and events of the Elkızı series revolve around a young and beautiful girl named Ezo, who lost her mother when she was a little girl and became an orphan mother. And the life of her mother and the suffering that her mother was experiencing and the cruelty of her father and his torture of her, this girl decided in the idea of ​​revenge for her deceased mother as a kind of taking her right to the world and decided to take revenge on everyone who harmed her mother and caused her death and the events revolve in an interesting dramatic framework The Elkızı series, directed by Ferid Kaytan, written by Hilal Yildiz, and produced by NTC Media.

Actress Sevda Ergenci, the heroine of the series Elkızı

Sevda Ergenci is a Turkish actress born in 1993 in Istanbul – Turkey. Her father is from Mardin and her mother is a Macedonian immigrant. She took acting lessons in the art of theater.

Her first screen appearance in dramas was her participation in the dark red series in 2012 and in 2013 actress Sevda Ergenci appeared in the historical drama series titled Vida and co-starring in the series Ozgo Namal and Ozan Guven. As for her first absolute championship in dramas is her participation She starred in the series Blind Love in 2017, and in the same year she starred in another drama series entitled Give Your Hands Love, then starring in the Forbidden Apple series, followed by the Dear Past series, then the Awakening series: The Great Seljuk, and finally her starring in the Elkızı series in embodying the character of the girl Akiz.

Actor Ismail Eji Sasms is the hero of the series

Ismail Eci Sasmez is a famous Turkish actor, born in 1993 in the Manisa region. His father’s name is Yasar Şaşmaz, and his mother’s name is Alknur Şaşmaz. He is the brother of the Turkish actor Atesh Şaşmaz. He graduated from the Anatolian Vocational and Industrial High School Bolinas, and the actor Ismail Eci Sasmez started his career He has been artistic since 2012 and his artistic debut was through the theater when he participated in an emergency room theater entitled “Manisa High School Theater Competition”.

Then he moved to live in Istanbul in search of a greater job opportunity in acting, but in 2013 he presented a famous program entitled Günesi Beklerken and remained for a year and a half. University of California in Los Angeles to teach acting courses and develop his English language skills.

Ismail Eji got a secondary role in the series Laftan Anlamaz and the series Ask Yalani Sever, and then he got the absolute starring role in the famous Turkish series “Gunebakan” series “Sunflowers” ​​in 2015. Love does not understand words and the high school periodical series and other works.

Actor Ismail Eji Sasms is the hero of the series
Actor Ismail Eji Sasms is the hero of the series

Actress Sadaf Afjah

Sedef Avci is a Turkish model and actress. She was born in 1982 in the Turkish city of Adana. Her father belongs to the Erzincan region. Her mother’s family is an immigrant from Sarajevo. In the Miss Universe Elite Model Look Turkey competition, it is considered one of the top models in Turkey.

She started her acting career in 1997 when she participated in a Turkish series entitled Will it be like this? And in 2005, she appeared in a drama series entitled “Burning Cocoon.” Then her various artistic works continued between drama series and cinematic films, during which she achieved great artistic successes. And the Turkish actor Kivanc Tatlitug participated in the championship, and her last drama was a series called “My Manager”, which was shown at the beginning of 2021 on Turkish screens.

Actress Toprak Saglam

Toprak Saglam is a Turkish actress, born in 1985 in Turkey. She received her education from the Müjdat Gezen Theater Arts Institute. In graduating in first place, she participated in the graduation ceremony with the play “How Many Dads Run”, in 2000 she participated in the play Sanem and in its beginning Actress Toprak Saglam appeared as a model in commercials, then appeared in dramas with supporting roles and as a guest of honor.

In addition to her acting talent, she also enjoys an attractive and beautiful voice, is good at playing the guitar, and participates in singing in several concerts for many years. She also participated in folk dances and remained in the field of folk dance for 11 years.

And in 2005, she participated in major and pivotal roles in dramas, and her first major dramatic work was a series entitled The First Eye Pain, then she participated in the series North Winds and the series Don’t let it end like this, and her last drama is the Pigeon series in 2019.

What is the story of the Elkizi
What is the story of the Elkizi
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