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Terapist is a new Turkish story about mental illness and the importance of a psychiatrist. What are the details of the story of the Turkish series Terapist, the heroes of the Terapist series, and the channel that agreed to broadcast it exclusively, and when will the show date be?
It is one of the highly anticipated series, as it stars the star of the drama, Muhammad Uzunlar, and in the female lead role, Zainab Chamjyu will have a large group of art stars, including Murat Kilic and Chadash Onur. Film director Zainab Dadak is preparing to work on her first series, “Terapist”, which is classified as psychological thrills and will be shown on the new digital platform Gain. The series will bring together Mehmet Uzunlar, Murat Kılıç, Zainab Çamçı and T Çağdaş Onur Öztürk.

A new series, Terapist, is coming to the Gain platform, due to be released early this year. The series is a psychological drama and thriller, and the main roles are met with 4 actors: Mehmet Ozuner, Zeynep Çamcı, Çagdas Onur Ozturk, and Murat Kılıç. It will be directed by Zainab Dadak.

Therapist The Complete Story

Terapist is about the psychological effects certain situations have on life. It is considered one of the series that tells the life stories of some people that are close to the truth. It begins with normal situations and develops into illness and psychosis. The Turkish drama of that period is concerned with mental illness and the extent of its impact on humans and those around him. And the importance of a psychiatrist and treatment in our life. We are not afraid or ashamed of this treatment method.

We await a very touching story and many touching anecdotes, along with some bright spots.

Staff of Therapist

Mehmed Ozonor
Zeynep Çamcı
Murat Kılıç
Çağdaş Onur Öztürk

Therapist and channel show times

A bid date has not yet been set. But there are rumors that it will be shown in the new year 2021. It will be shown on the Turkish platform, gain. It will be directed by Zainab Dadak. The series is a psychological drama and thriller, and the main roles are met with 4 actors: Mehmet Ozuner, Zeynep Çamcı, Çagdas Onur Ozturk, and Murat Kılıç.

Zainab Chamji

Our heroine is the superstar with spontaneous features who always shows up with fun roles. She played comedic and dramatic roles. Star Zeynep Chamchi is a Turkish actress whose birth was in Bodrum Istanbul. She studied at Istanbul University in the department of radio, television and cinema. And she got a professor of literature and started acting in 2009. Her first work in the series (Majnoun Laila), one of the most famous actresses in Turkey. She won the 2013 Ajder Prize at the Antalya International Film Festival for her role in Maryam’s film work.

A special award for Asia and the Pacific won the Star Awards in recognition of his efforts in presenting fine and useful art. She speaks Turkish, German and British. As for her personal life, actress Zainab married (Sarhat Bayram). This proves that their steady reconciliation in the various arenas of life, whether in the artistic, practical or personal.

Our star Zainab contributed to the popular series “Does he love me?” Who achieved a tremendous advantage in the time in which it was shown because it has a high viewership that increases with each episode, and that series was clarified in 2016. And it was classified from the actions of a comic and romantic nature, and the series revolves around the super-pompous girl Denise.

She had so much wealth that one fell in love with her, who was poor and fat, and she refused. And fate would like their condition to change so that the girl would lose all her property and beauty, and the young man would become graceful and accompanied by an abundance of possessions.

Deans fall in love with him but is afraid of dialogue with him for what she has already done to him because he will take revenge on her. If he saw her situation change for the worse, and our star starred in presenting the role of the girl Deans for her presentation of the role in a manner with distinct characteristics that made the spectators influenced by her role and that effort raised their curiosity to complete it until the completion in order to know the conclusion of that story.

Muhammad Ozunar

Mehmet Ozuner (born June 30, 1965) is a Turkish actor. He is best known for his role as Doctor Beauty in Once Upon a Time in Anatolia. Artist Mehmet Ozuner was born in the Turkish city of Samsun on June 30, 1965, and he is a famous Turkish film, television and theater actor.

He graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Linguistics, History and Geography from the Department of Theater in 1992, and began his artistic career in 1993, where he established a workshop in the Municipal Theater of Antakya and began His theater troupe, he participated in many theatrical works and since the year 2000 he began to participate in television and cinematic works.

In 1992, he graduated from the Faculty of Language and History – Geography of Ankara University, Department of Theater “Department of Acting”. In 1993, he founded the Antalya Metropolitan Theater Workshop. After working here as an actor, director and coach until the end of 2004, he moved to Istanbul.

During his time in Antalya, he represented and directed at the Theater Workshop, Antalya Municipal Theater and Antalya State Theater. Since 2006, he has been working at the Pera Theater in Istanbul. In addition to the plays, she also plays roles in films and TV series. The director is currently starring Tunç Davut’s Entanglement, and his filming continues around Bolu Aladağ and Kıbrıscık.

About the story of Terapist

Actor Murat Kılıç joined the series crew. The artist Murat Kilic was born on September 7, 1971, and he is a famous Turkish film, television and theater actor, graduated from Istanbul University from the Faculty of Economics, and he studied at the Istanbul Academy of Management, and began his artistic career in 1992 on the stage of the university theater where He participated with a group of theater amateurs, but his professional start was in 2002, when he participated in the movie Love Island, and presented a distinguished performance that made him a candidate for many other Turkish films and series.

And the latest news so far is that the actor Chagdas Onur joined the crew. An overview about Çağdaş Onur Öztürk A Turkish actor, born in Sivas on August 16, 1979, studied at Ege University Landscape Architecture, after His graduation from the university went to perform military service and after his return he worked for a short period as a representative for a pharmaceutical company, after that he entered Anadolu niversitesi in the city of Eskişehir and studied there and during his studies there in 2008 he played a role in the series Gazi, where he was the first series and the transfer The quality in his artistic life.

In 2009, he participated in the series Sakarya Furat (Sakarya Fırat), and in 2011 he won the championship in the series North South (Kuzey Güney), and in 2015 he participated in the series “Yazın Öyküsü”, and his last participation was in 2016 in the series Sun Winter (kış Güneşi). He also participated in many films such as: Thunder (armaşık) in 2014, keep your word (Tut Süzünü) in 2014 as well.