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The story of the series Sana Soz

Turkish police drama. Turkish drama always fascinates us with its fun works. Which has become one of the most important series that is shown on screens as a whole. It is followed by viewers around the world. Especially after the dramas began to diversify and change away from the romantic only. To come the series Sana Söz as a police drama of the exciting genre.

sana söz series first promo

On October 9, the first promotional advertisement for the series Sana Söz was shown, and it appeared that the series is a police drama that tells the story of the successful policeman “Omar”, played by the actor Erkan Petkaya. And the starring actress “Nehir Erdogan”, who plays the character of the famous anchor, who is always unique in the most famous news in a program that receives great fame, “Silent Cry”, to help each other shed light on some issues and crimes.

The teaser begins with a famous female anchor in the spotlight talking about a crime that has stirred up public opinion. Policeman Omar appears trying to rescue one of the girls. It appears that the relationship between the presenter Elif and the policeman Omar is a little tense and may turn into a love story.

The date of the series sana söz

A large group of Turkish art stars have been agreed to star in a new series produced by O3 Medy. The name of the work was previously “The Guilty” but it was changed with the release of the first teaser for the first episode to “Sana söz”. This work will be shown on Star TV.

The successful policeman “Omar”, the head of the homicide bureau, and the presenter “Elif”, the presenter of the “Silent Scream” program, which breaks viewership and highlights crimes, will unite and cooperate to protect the innocent from chaos, injustice, unscrupulousness and criminals.

As for the date of the presentation of the series Sana Söz. It will be shown on October 29, 2021. On Friday, it will be a competing work for some of the series that are currently being shown, such as the Red Chamber, Love Manateq Retaliation, Aziz and Cyprus Towards Victory.

Who is the hero of sana söz?

The hero of our series is the actor Erkan Petkaya, a Turkish actor who appears in the abundant amount of Turkish dramas and is in the list of famous and handsome actors. The Turkish actor “Arkan Petkaya” was born in the city of “Elazig”, which is located within the borders of an area in eastern Anatolia from Turkey in 1970, and completed his primary education. In Istanbul, in 1993 she graduated from Anadolu University in Eskişehir from the theater department of the International Conservatory. “Arkan” worked in the world theater in the city of “Diyar”. In 1993 he left the Anatolian Conservatory, and immediately found a good job at the Istanbul State Theatre.

Arkan worked in the world theater in Diyarbakir for 12 years. He started the television effort in an entertainment program in the category of hidden camera in 1994, and in 1998 he started the first television series under the title “Beautiful Days”, then he participated in the series “Taher”. The owner of the mirror” in 1999, and in the year two thousand he participated in the series “Kata’i Sabeel Hobak” and in 2003 he participated in “Al Badal” and the series “The Loafer” as he stood on his feet in a competition in a television movie “The Japanese Bride” in the same year.

Actor Betek Kaya Al-Suwayr

contributed to the series “Dila Hanim”, which was highlighted in the month of September 2012 on Turkish screens, as he raised his wages to sixty 1,000 Turkish liras (34 1,000 dollars) per episode, after he was earning 22 thousand dollars in the series “” through the ages.”

He also contributed to the series “Hittam,” which featured the biggest season on December 1, 2014 and ended on June 19, 2015. The second season is now shown, as he got involved on September 14, 2015. The singer earns eighty 1,000 Turkish liras (26 1,000 dollars) per episode.

In 2017, he participated in a series outside the legislation, and his novel revolves around Golisran (Nurgul), who is from a poor class, while Jihan (Arkan) and Dilara (Ebro) are from a rich class. Both the fate of the daughter of Golesran and the daughter of Dilara, as the two children were changed due to the same names, and the beautiful actress Ebru Ozkan, and actresses Elena Bo, Lily Tanlar, and this amazing cause, directed by Cevdet Marjan, were co-starring.

The date of the series sana soz
The date of the series sana soz

Who is the heroine of sana söz?

As for the main heroine, she is the actress Nehir Erdogan, a Turkish actress who was born in the city of Izmir on January 1, 1980, and finished her high school studies in her hometown. She graduated from Marmara University in Istanbul from the Department of Investment and Monetary Benefit, after graduating from the department she studied in the Department of Social Sciences, Department of Music, television and cinema in the same university.

The Turkish actress lived for a short time in America and then decided to consider the role of “Nadia” in the series “Al-Gharib”. In addition to acting, she worked as a front-facing program on Turkish television. Among her most films are the films “The Critical Case School, Welcome to You”, the “School” cinematic work, as well as the “Secrets of Malak” cinematic work, and the most important of her series is “My Dear Coach”, “The Slope of God’s Forgiveness,” the “Al-Gharib” series, the “My Beautiful Problem is Old,” the “Love Is Difficult,” and “The Conclusion” series.

the actress Nehir Erdogan

She started her artistic career between 2001 and 2003. She presented news about culture, art, music and sports. She made her first appearance on television as an actress in 2003 on Channel D, in the series Astaghfirullah Yokosu, Umut Akkar Competition – Hand Ataizi – Nazan Ayas – Omar Janes – Homayra – Gulnai Kalkan – I will be Babakshi.

In the same year, she participated in the comedy film competition Hababam Sinifi Merhaba, written by Kamal Kenan and directed by the Tibet Kartal, in the Tonkai Aka competition – Halit Akshay – Mimit Ali Al-Abora – Zeke Al-Asia – Ahmed Ariman – Erol Büyükburk – Arzu Civicalp. In 2004, she submitted her second film competition In the horror comedy movie (Okol), adapted from the story of Do You Yossel High, it revolves around a high school, about a number of spoiled teenage boys, trying to succeed in exams to enter a real university, suddenly a bogeyman enters their lives and frightens them and incites them to act strangely, and the school becomes with teachers behaving Suspiciously and abused for those strange games.

Serial crew

As for the cast as a whole, it stars Nehir Erdogan and Erkan Pettikaya. A famous Turkish artist, famous in the Arab world for his role in the series “Amour Eternity” and for the role of (Cihan) in the series “Wreck”, a young child actor in the city of Elazig, Turkey in 1971 AD. The stage is his greatest passion. He remained acting on the Jumhuriya Theater in Diyarbakir for a long period of time, up to 12 years.

He started working in front of the cameras in 1994 at the hands of the entertainment comedy program The Hidden Camera. He participated in his first television series in the series (The Beautiful Days), and gained more fame through his role in the series (The One Who Cuts the Way of Your Love), (The Badal) and (The Loafer). He got his first competition role through a cinematic work (The Japanese Bride). It was a TV movie. He became famous in the Arab world through his role in the series (Amour For Eternity) in the role of Ali. He considers it his only talent. He married Didam, who works as a geology engineer and studied geology.

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