What is the story of Sahmaran – Scorpio? Full report

Information and story of the series Sahmaran – Scorpion in full, what are the details of the story of the series, the heroes of the series Sahmaran, and the channel that agreed to be shown exclusively and when will the show date.
It is one of the highly anticipated series, as it is staring the star of the drama Yusuf gim, and it will star in the female star Evrim Alasya and a large group of art stars.

Sahmaran Scorpio series and information about him

Here is some information about our upcoming new series, which will be shown soon. The series in Arabic: Sahmaran. The series is issued by: Production. The series is directed by Hilal Saral. The series is written by: Berghorn. Category of the series: Thriller – Suspense. Date of clarification of the Sahmaran series. The Sahmaran series will be shown on Turkish screens in early 2021. We are waiting for the completion of its filming and the Sahmaran series will be shown on the Turkish TV channel Star TV.

Sahmaran series story

Sahmaran series revolves around some controversial events that have many intertwining but distinct stories. This work belongs to the Sahmaran series of Turkish series episodes. Which is characterized by its events. The presence of the exciting and exciting party that makes followers in Turkey and the Arab world attracted to it. That it is one of the practices whose follow-up will affect him, and he is eager to witness and continue its interesting events. Despite the sharp secrecy of all the makers of the Sahmaran series, the details of its events and its story are all about. However, there is a limited number of evidence that confirms that it is a teaser series that influenced it and all followers in Turkey and the entire Arab world await this exciting, interesting and entertaining series.

The cast of Sahmaran series

Yusuf gim
Bekir Aksoy
Demet Akbağ
Evrim Alasya
Taha Baran Uzbekistan
Pelin Oloksar
Isila Umut
Moj Soo Shaheen

Sahmaran series show dates and channel

The Sahmaran series will be shown on Turkish screens in early 2021. So far, its filming has not been completed, and the Sahmaran series will be shown on Turkish Star TV.
and The Turkish actress, Belin Oloksar, recently joined the Sahmaran star club to contribute with them to the series competition. during which she plays one of the main and central roles in the series Bilin Oloksar is a Turkish actress and artist, born in 1994 in Turkey. She moved away from Istanbul University at the Conservatory Department of Voices just as she studied art Theater and recitation at Mogadat Jazan for Arts. Just as she graduated from Yeditepe University Theater Department. From her artistic works such as Vuslat and Bir Deli Rüzgar and No. 309 and Sahmaran is her first dramatic artistic work.

Who will be the heroine of Sahmaran?

One of the heroines of the Sahmaran series is the actress “Evrim Alasya”. She is an actress and fame in the Arab world by the name of Samar in the series “Years of Loss”. She was born in 1979 in Izmir, Turkey. Singer Evrim Alasya graduated from the Turkish University of September 9, Department of Theater. And began to enter the world of art and acting since 1999, and was at the hands of the Pinar Children’s Theater.

After that, I participated in the abundant amount of dramatic practices that have achieved huge successes and high visibility in Turkey and the entire Arab world. Including the series Seneen Al-Khasara, during which it became famous as Samar Siddiqua Rafif – and the “Ladies of the Sultan”. and the series “The Woman of Al-Ward” and also the series “Females of the Sun”. We expect her to play as strong as her past roles.

Demet Akbağ is a well-known Turkish star and one of the heroes of Sahmaran. Therefore. a brief documentation of her name in Turkish is Demet Akbağ, and she is a Turkish actress, born in 1959 in Denizli, Turkey. The singer Demet Akbağ graduated from Erenköy Girls High School in Turkey. She is one of the newest artists who joined the Sahmaran series work group after her success in her latest Turkish drama. And it is the series Search My Manager.

Who will be the hero of Sahmaran?

Sahmaran’s main hero is the star “Yusuf cim”. Watch that report on him. He is a Turkish actor, broadcaster, singer and model. His name in Turkish is Yusuf Çim. Gholam, in 1991 in Istanbul, Turkey, began his career as a model in Turkey. He was chosen in 2011 as the best model in Turkey and has entered the world of art and acting since 2010. He has contributed to a group of distinguished Turkish dramas, including the series Ezra – Mustafa – and the Pyramit series – The Smell of Strawberry – and the Hanim Coelo series – The Asifah series Inside me – And What No – And Can Do The Seven Weights. Our star says that he has been waiting for him for a long time and will dazzle his fans.

Bekir Aksoy is one of the heroes of that action. Let’s get to know him more closely. He is a Turkish artist and actor whose name is Bakir Staki Aksoy, a little boy in 1969, Turkey. The star, Bakir Staki Aksoy, starred from the Conservatory of Mimar Sinan University in 1992. In his first year of the Conservatory, he played a minor role in the play “The Violinist on the Roof”. His presence in the world in its time was only about 19 years.

News about the Sahmaran series

Turkish star Moj Sue Sahin will participate in the series “Sahmaran”. We mention that Moj Soo Shaheen was represented in the series Sahmaran, a character (Merv), a Turkish artist, born in 2001 in Turkey. The singer Moj Su Shaheen appeared for the first time as an actress on Turkish screens through the series “Our Story” and after him participated in the series Müge Su Mahin and then moved away acting after that and did not contribute to other artworks, but she is contributing immediately to her new series, Sahmaran.

Superstar Isila Umut joined this effort. She is a rising Turkish artist, born in 2001 in the city of Izmir in Turkey, and she still resides there until this moment, but she moves all the time to the city of Istanbul to photograph her artworks there. She appeared for the first time on the screen by a Turkish series called Sevdam Alabora and accomplished Tawfiq Arim In that series, that series allowed her to obtain the absolute championship after him in the Turkish film work Little Murders, and she is now participating with a bunch of brightest stars in Turkey in the series Sahmaran.Source.

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