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Pera Palace series, one of the strongly upcoming Netflix series. It tells about the events that the Turks lived through in the pastime inside the famous Pera Palace in central Turkey. Let us know together about his story in detail, who are the crew, and when will the date of the first episode of Pera Palace be shown or midnight at Beira Palace.

Pera Palas

It is a large hotel that was previously a mansion located in the center of Turkey. It had a lot of events. To commission the Netflix network to produce a major international drama series, “Midnight in Pera Palace”. The series will host a number of important figures and the Pera Palace will be the scene of the most important events narrating the history of Turkey in that period.

Demet Sabanci Çetindoğan said through her official Instagram account that we will see all the events through the eyes of a large hotel such as the Pera Hotel that witnesses the history of Turkey’s history. Netflix will primarily feature eight episodes and broadcast worldwide. She also said that she sincerely believes that her country will have a great promotion for our Istanbul. ”

His story

In this series, young journalist Isra was tasked with writing about the legendary Pera Palace Hotel. While touring the hotel, Israa accidentally discovers in one of the rooms the door of 1919 when he travels to Istanbul at the time of a political conspiracy against Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The time period is the last period of the Ottoman Empire and the period of transition of the Republic.

When I met the mysterious Isra Halit, the owner of a crazy club in Istanbul, she realized that Istanbul 1919 was not what it seemed. In the series, which is an adventure-drama genre. The action-packed, entertaining, and thought-provoking plot makes the story fun. An important character in the series is writer Halide Adib Adivar. Director Emre Sahin says: “As a lover of history and Istanbul, this project is a dream come true.” Pelin calculus adds Netflix’s Turkey Original Content Manager. “The magical city of Istanbul, and we look forward to sharing this wonderful story to our members around the world.”

His heroes

The Turkish-language series, consisting of eight episodes, has started production in multiple locations in Turkey. Midnight at Beira Palace is about a young journalist named Esra (Hazal Kaya). And her meeting with the legendary Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul. When Isra was assigned to write an article about the hotel. I accidentally found out that one of the historic rooms is the gateway to 1919. I stormed the past, and landed amid a political conspiracy against the founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Together with Ahmet, the director of the twisted hotel (Ilker Kalieli), Israa must protect the course of Turkey’s history and future. But Istanbul in 1919 is a dangerous place. Of the enemy’s occupation forces under the command of a ruthless general. To the local police fighting to control gangs willing to do anything for quick money. Israa must learn to navigate her new reality to stay alive. Then, when Isra meets Halit, the handsome and mysterious owner of Istanbul’s fiercest club, she realizes that in Istanbul in 1919 nothing is as it seems and no one is to say it.

About the series

The series is adapted from the movie Midnight at the Pera Palace from the award-winning non-fiction book of the same name by Charles King. And it was created for television by Emre Sahin, Kelly McPherson, and Sam Anzel. Written by Elif Usman and directed by Emre Sahin. The series is produced by Sarah Weatherby, Kelly Macpherson and Emery Shaheen for Karga Seven Pictures.

Emre Shaheen, co-founder of Karga Seven Pictures, and founder and director of the series, said: “As a fan of history and Istanbul. This project is a dream come true. The book did a great job of telling the history of Turkey through the eyes of the hotel. In this series, we build on this foundation and push storytelling into an ambitious new dimension. The show is entertaining, thought-provoking, action-packed and just like Istanbul, when you think you’ve figured it out, it will surprise you endlessly. ”

Pelin Destas, Netflix’s

Original Content Manager for Turkey, said: “At Netflix, we aspire to have the best stories in the class across all genres. Therefore, we are happy to diversify our Turkish asset list with such an exciting period of adventure drama. We believe Turkey is one of the major creative centers for wonderful storytelling, and we look forward to sharing this wonderful story of the magical city of Istanbul to our members around the world. ”

Karga Seven Pictures opened their Turkish outfits in 2017, and recent projects include last year’s Netflix original series Rise of Empires: Ottoman, which has proven a hit in Turkey and around the world.

Karga Seven Pictures’ US division produces both written and unwritten projects for all major networks. Including recent commissions for bin Laden’s hard drive for NatGeo, Believers, and Buried Worlds with Don Wildman and Mission Declassified for The Travel Channel, The Unexplained and Unexplored for Discovery and Science Channel.

What is the TV series Midnight at the Pera Palace?

Netflix continues its serial attack. Despite the epidemic, many productions are being shown or filming continues. Serious effort was put into realizing the serial project called “Midnight in Pera Palace”… Emre Shaheen was the director of the series written by Elif Othman from Charles King’s award-winning book of the same name. We are talking about an 8-episode mini-series.

Story begins

with a young journalist writing about the Pera Palas Hotel. A political plot against the great leader Ataturk during this trip Israa will take place in the series. Anibal Güleroğlu, one of Milliyet’s blog writers, shared some details about the series in his corner.

The fact that Elif Othman wrote it as much as the subject of production is based on Charles King’s award-winning book. The one with the same name adds additional value to the project. Emre Şahin from Karga Seven is also the director of production. The series, which consists of eight episodes. It revolves around the meeting of young journalist Israa with the legendary Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul.

Esra is assigned to write about the hotel, and she accidentally discovers that one of the historic rooms was a door for the year 1919. With this door, Israa takes a journey into the past and the founder of modern Turkey. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, against being caught in the middle of a political conspiracy.

Now the flow of Turkey’s history with the hotel manager Ahmet and Maker should protect its future. However, once Isra meets the handsome and mysterious Halit. Owner of the craziest club in Istanbul. Yet I realized that in 1919 there was nothing in Istanbul and that there was actually no one there, ” she says.