What is the story of Last Night with Defne? Full report

Last Night with Defne

is one of the new Golden Film series. Which began with the casting of the cast. Let us know together the story of the series in detail. And you realize its theme? How many episodes will it take? Who is the screenwriter, director and production team, we share their information with you.

She met Sirma Yannik, the gold film producer and popular TV series writer. In a joint venture. While the actors have been identified in the so-called series Previous Night With Daphne. It was said that filming for the series would begin as soon as possible.

Defne will air on FOX TV. Denise Jacker, who is dazzled by her beauty and acting, will play the main role in the series Last Night. Sirma Yanik, who previously worked as a screenwriter for popular TV series Zalim İstanbul, Fazilet Hanım and Kızları, wrote The War of the Roses and the Never Gess Up. Yannick Defne, who has not worked as a screenwriter for a while, announced that she is returning to writing the script for last night’s series.

Last Night with Defne

Last Night with Defne is a television series whose script was written by Sirma Yanik. While the series Defne with Last Night was signed by Gold Film. He has signed several successful series up to this time. He has also written screenplays for TV series such as Feriha, Fazela Hanim, Kizlari and Zalim Istanbul. As evidenced by the success of each series with his signature, Last Night with Defne series would also be successful. While Devne will be the lead actress, Denise Shaker, Tolga Golic and Fikret Kochkan will also star in the series.

The story of the series Last Night with Defne

Last Night with Defne is about the life of a young woman named Defne. Which will be broadcast on FOX TV. Although the film’s horror atmosphere is felt upon mention of last night, we think it will be a thrilling drama series.

She will be the role of “the burial” of brilliant actress Denise Jacquier. Deniz Çakır (December 31, 1982), Turkish actress. She studied theater at the Häagen-Dazs Conservatory, and first worked as a presenter on one of the channels. I was known to the Arab world as the character “Feton” in the series Fallen Leaves.

One of the most important series that starred and the strongest role for her so far in the series Bandits They Will Not Rule the World in which the character of “Maryam Shaker Bailey” embodied the iron and compassionate woman, the wife of the mafia leader, “Khader Shaker Bailey” and the series broke all records in viewership (righting) ) By achieving very high viewing rates on the Turkish ATV channel.

The cast of Last Night with Defne

Negotiations have been completed with Denise Shaker for the lead role in the series “Dafni” and “Last Night”. Denise Shaker became the lead actress in the series Last Night with Defne with the character of Defne. Remember her amazing role in it
A hundred years ago, he worked on TV series Ban, EDHO, and Vurgun.

Tolga Gulik, Tolga Golic will star in the series Last Night with Defne. Tolga Gulich previously starred in the TV series Like This Elapsed Time, Remember Oh My Dear, Poyraz Karayil, Fadila Hanim and the Girls, Leaky and the Red Room.

Actor Fikret Kochkan, who has starred in several TV series, is a successful actress. Fikret Kochkan, partner of Deniz Shakir, recently appeared in the TV series Last Night with Defne, in the series Zalim Istanbul. For our sake hero, miracle 2. Ladies Ranch, Life Goes On, Cruz Istanbul played in TV series.

Artist Fikret Kochkan was born into an average family consisting of a father, mother and four sisters older than him. Born in Istanbul, Turkey, on the 22nd of April, in 1965. He is 55 years old and was born in Taurus, the artist Fikret Kochkan lived a difficult life in its beginning. His father was paralyzed at the age of four. Most of his time was spent playing, and he was very naughty. But when he reached the age of fourteen, his father passed away, so he left school and got a job where he worked for only a year.

How many episodes it has

How many episodes will the new Turkish series Last Night with Defne watch, and when will it reach the final?

Defne and Last Night will begin airing in the first months of 2021. There is currently no information on how many episodes the series will last and when it will be final. The final date of the series depends on the course of the ratings.

If the series succeeds with Defne and Last Night in the ratings, then the screen adventure will end with a final action after a few episodes if the ratings drop while it airs for 1-2 seasons. Thinking of watching The Last Night with Defne, who is set to star in Deniz Çakır? What do you think about the subject of Daphne Il last night? Who do you think should be the lead actor for Defne and Last Night.

Actor Fikret Kochkan shines in this work after he finished his role in “the oppressor of Istanbul”. We recall that the artist participated in the series Our Lady of the Farm and appeared in the role of Imran. The series revolves around a poor girl named Lulu, who is her lover, and they work in a factory. Lulu’s father wants to marry her from Ramadan and he is the grandson of the owner of the factory, but she firmly refuses and decides that she and Kamal run away, but the police arrest Kamal.

New details

Details have appeared about the actors of the TV series Defne and Last Night, who will appear on the screens in the new year. A new series begins on Fox TV. Preparations for “Last Night with Defne”, prepared by Gold Film, written by Sirma Yannik and directed by Omur Atay.

An agreement was reached between Fox and Gold Production for Defne and Last Night. The channel has budgeted heavily for the series, which continues to air. The series, which will feature famous names on the cast, is expected to hit screens in March.

The series, titled Defne ile Last Night, attracts attention with its different theme and will mesmerize its actors. In addition to the famous names, there will also be new faces in the cast. It is said that screenwriter Sirma Yanik will feature the notable cast of Cruel Istanbul for the series Defne and Last Night.

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