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The story of Kardeşlerim records and the entire tale a new collection, what are the information of the story of the series, the heroes of the Kardeşlerim series, and the channel that agreed to show it exclusively and whilst will the show date.

NGM, that is concerned in the production of the series The Ambassador’s Daughter, is making ready for a new challenge referred to as Kardeşlerim. Meetings take place with Jalil Naljakan, Ahu Yaghtu and Kan Sifi for the championship.

Kardeşlerim dizi

Turkish manufacturing employer NGM is preparing to provide a brand new collection called “Kardeşlerim”, my sisters or brothers. It’s far the same corporation that produces the collection “Daughter of the Ambassador”. Meetings have already started out with a number of stars, together with Jalil Nalgakan, Ahu Yaghtu and Kan Seif.
NullWe learned that artist Yigit Kojak has joined the group. Yigit Koçak who appeared as Onur in the collection Gel Dese Aşk however could not preserve out, inside the solid. Kocak, born in Samsun in 1995, is 25 years vintage. Yigit Kojak, who completed his acting schooling on the Academy 35.Five. He finished his undergraduate schooling at Bahçeşehir university, department of Economics and Finance. First became Yiğit Koçak, regarded for his true appears and talent on the Vine platform. Within the television collection Who were given You and no one knows. Yiğit Koçak is 1.88 meters lengthy and weighs 76 kilograms.

Story of Kardeşlerim series

Kardeşlerim is about a collection of brothers living the identical inevitable fate. Celil Nalçakan, Ahu Yağtu and Kaan Sevi can be the main actors of the Kardeşlerim collection, on the way to seem on the displays below the manufacturing of NGM Media, one of the new manufacturing corporations on the market. “My Brothers,” produced by means of Nazli Hepturk, one of the manufacturers of “Severin’s Daughter,” is anticipated to be a drama.

Be a part of a collection of stars, inclusive of the artist Onur Set Yaran.
Cute Onur Set Yaran as Canberk in Kalk Gidelim. He turned into born in 1996 in Istanbul and he is 24 years vintage. He changed into selected because the satisfactory model in 2016. He participated within the famous tv collection Vuslat at the Trt channel in 2019 because the monetary expert Enes. Onur Set Yaran, loved by way of an unknown girl, is 1.87 meters tall and weighs seventy eight kilograms.

Heroes of the Kardeşlerim series story

Jalil Nalgakan
Aho Yagtu
Saif became
Cihan Simchik
Anwar Yaran
Yigit Kojak

Show dates for the series and channel

No date has been set but. The rest of the forged, the filming vicinity, and greater are being decided on. Anticipate greater data. The paintings may be prepared in January 2021. To appear on the ATV channel, directed by way of Serkan Birinci, the Turkish NGM foundation is making ready to supply a modern-day series under the call “Kardeşlerim”, my sisters or brothers. It’s far the same organization that produces the consul’s daughter collection. The interviews clearly started out with a collection of stars, which include Jalil Naljakan, Ahu Yaghtu and Kan Seif.

We found out that Actor Yigit Kojak has joined the cast. Yigit Koçak, who was portrayed as Onur within the Gel Dese Aşokay collection, changed into unable to face up to, inside the sports acting Ensemble. Kojak, a newborn in Samsun in 1995, turns 25. Yigit Kojak, whose acting training supplemented the Academy 35.Five. He continued his university training at Bahçeşehir college, department of investment and Finance. First off, explain Yiğit Koçak, who is known for his precise seems and skills at the Vine platform. Within the tv collection Who got You and nobody knows. Yiğit Koçak is 1.88 meters long and weighs 76 kilograms.

Kardeşlerim is about some siblings who are living the same inevitable fate. Celil Nalçakan, Ahu Yağtu and Kaan Sevi may be the main actors of the Kardeşlerim collection, a good way to appear on the monitors beneath the NGM Media release, one in all the trendy launch institutions within the area to shop for and promote. One of the producers of “Severin’s Daughter”, “My Brothers,” is expected to be within the drama category.

The heroine of the series Aho Iagtu

She is one of the heroines of labor.
Ahu Yağtu was born on the eleventh of July 1978 in Izmir, and he’s forty-two years old. The stunning actress, who took performing training at ahika Tekand, received it. Much appreciation, specifically with Paramparça. Finally, Ahu Yağtu, who changed into in the tv series, have become well-known. After her marriage to Cem Yılmaz. She is likewise the mother of Kemal, whom Cem Yılmaz did not separate from. She may be very famous as a fashion representative as well as performing. Ahu Yağtu, who’s 1.75 meters tall and weighs fifty five kilograms, allegedly has a love affair with manufacturer Yves Dorson nowadays.

The hero of the collection Jalil Naljakan

Celil Nalchakan, born in Sivas in 1978. Who may be the main actor of the tv collection Kardeşler. He is a guest within the pink room, and he is at first an engineer. He obtained Jalil Nalchakan, who would later observe theater in Turvac. Distinctly acclaimed by means of Sila and the series judgment of right and wrong. Celil Nalçakan’s actual famous collection is Poyraz Karayel. Selil Nalcakan, 42, had already starred in the television collection My existence and Others, however failed.

Actor Jihan Simchik, famous person of the collection “4N1K”, may also take part.

Subsequently, Cihan Simsek, who regarded with the person Sinan in the tv series 4N1K: New Beginnings, joined the cast of Kardeşlerim. Cihan Simsek changed into born in Germany on August 6, 1992 and is 28 years old. Cihan Simsek first seemed on digicam in the television series Bez Bebek in 2009. Maximum recently, he seemed in television series Beni Such Sev, Hanım oköylü and Medcezir. Cihan Simsek is 1.70 meters tall and weighs 64 kilograms.

News approximately the story of the Kardeşlerim series

Saifi and Khaled Ozgar both joined the cast; it becomes Sifi at closing, the handsome actor changed into Sifei succeeded. Who participated with the man or woman Koray inside the series Watch. But he did not control to attract attention, specifically with the life-giving man or woman of Ali as Legend. Seifi, born in 1995 become in Istanbul. He is 25 years old. It becomes my sword. Who graduated from Bilgi university of film and television. Also interested in modeling. Kane is 1.80 meters lengthy and weighs 78 kilograms.

Halit Ozgur Sari, who left the purple Room collection. He signed to Sarı Kardeşler series. Halit Ozgur Sari. Who will give existence to one of the brothers inside the series. He’s a graduate of the department of Economics at Bilgi university. Khalil Ozgur, born in Istanbul in 1993. He became 27 years antique when he seemed on the Sari Brothers collection. Former Champion series Halit Özgür Sarı used to do his acting training in Esra kızıldoğan and Craft performing Workshop. Halit Özgür Sarı added himself inside the series Diriliş Ertuğrul with the individual of Suleiman Bey and the Hakan shield collection. Halit Özgür Sarı is 1. Seventy-eight meters tall and sixty-seven kg.V

Kardeşlerim dizi
Kardeşlerim dizi
Heroes of the Kardeşlerim series story
Heroes of the Kardeşlerim series story
What is the story of Kardeşlerim
What is the story of Kardeşlerim
Story of Kardeşlerim series
Story of Kardeşlerim series