What is story of series evlilik hakkında herşey

The new Turkish series, evlilik hakkında herşey, we have collected for you in this report a lot of information about the evlilik hakkında herşey series. Pictures of the series evlilik hakkında herşey and the heroes participating in it.

The story of the series evlilik hakkında herşey

The team and makers of the evlilik hakkında herşey series started at the beginning of filming the first scenes of the series and the work was directed by Yusef Berhassan and written and written by Toprak Karaoglu and Mrs. Çeleşeira and produced by MF Production, and the name of the series before was the scandal, but it was completed Change it afterwards

The series evlilik hakkında herşey is a series adapted from the British series titled The Split, and the story of the series revolves around three sisters who work in the same profession, which is the profession of lawyer, and all of them specialize in divorce cases within a well-known law firm run by their mother.

One day, a problem occurs between one of the sisters and her mother, and this girl leaves her mother’s law office and goes to work for a law firm competing with her mother’s office. And as the problems between them exacerbate, another problem appears, which is the return of their father to them again after an absence for 30 years, and they did not know before that their father is alive, and many secrets begin to emerge, and they discover interesting facts about the reasons for the absence of their father from them throughout these years.

The story of the series evlilik hakkinda hersey
The story of the series evlilik hakkinda hersey

On the other hand, the series presents many different problems and issues of divorce and its causes. The series presents a number of societal and family problems that lead to divorce between spouses and sheds light on these social issues. The series evlilik hakkında herşey is somewhat similar to stories Other Turkish works such as the series The Red Room and the series “Contact my business manager”, in terms of the work dealing with more than one issue and topic, and also in the appearance of a large number of artists as guests of honor in episodes of the series and presenting their problems and issues, in addition to the series dealing with the private lives of the main heroes.


The dates of the series “Evlilik Hakkında Herşey” and its channel

The Turkish series evlilik hakkında herşey will be shown during the next winter season of 2021-2022, and the series will be shown on the Turkish Fox TV channel, Fox TV.


Heroes of the series evlilik hakkında herşey


– Gökçe Bahadır
– Yiğit Kirazcı
– Sumru Yavrucuk
– Gökçe Eyüboğlu
– Tulin Ece
Sarp Akkaya
– Fırat Altunmeşe Craft
– Erdal Kochokomorko
– Birtan Aslani
– Ali Ebin

Information about the heroine of the series Gökçe Bahadir


Gökçe Bahadir is a Turkish actress whose Turkish name is Gökçe Bahadir. She was born in 1981 in Istanbul, Turkey. Gökçe Bahadir graduated from the Istanbul Academy, Radio and Television Department, and then joined the Mogdjid Jazan Art Center to teach and study acting. She started her career before acting as a presenter and first for programs. Her programs were a radio program on the Turkish Fenerbahce FM channel, and after her graduation from the Mojid Jazan Center for Acting, she broadcast a program entitled “VJ’lik” on “Best TV” and then broadcast a program on “Show TV”.

She started her career as an actress and appeared for the first time on the screen in 2001 with a small role in the series The Legacy, Life is Good. In a series entitled Life Sciences, which made her a large fan base in Turkey and abroad, and after her success in this series, the artist, Gökçe Bahadir, returned once again to presenting programs and presented a television program for children entitled Jojo, which was shown on the screen of the “Digi Turk” channel.

Heroes of the series evlilik hakkinda hersey
Heroes of the series evlilik hakkinda hersey

The artist Gökçe Bahadir has achieved great successes in artistic works and one of the most famous and prominent dramas in which she participated, such as the series The Fallen Leaves, the Lost City series, the series Remember, my heart, and the Turkish Legend series, which is her last Turkish drama, which she presented in 2017, then she was absent from the series and She returns with the main lead of the series evlilik hakkında herşey.

During her career, Gökçe Bahadir has won many artistic awards, including the Best Supporting Actress Award from Bilkent University – and one of the seventeenth Film and Theater Awards for Sedry Alicek – and the 44th Siad Award for Best Supporting Actress Performance – and one of the many awards. Political magazine and an award from Antalya TV Awards and other artistic awards.


Information about the artist, Yigit Karazagi, the hero of the series


Yigit Karazci is a Turkish actor whose full name is Mustafa Yigit Karazci, born in 1983 in Istanbul, Turkey, and his religion is Islam.
His father worked in the field of outdoor advertising, while his mother was an accounting manager, he obtained the secondary stage from government secondary schools in Istanbul. As for the university stage, the artist Yigit Karazji joined Bilgi University, Faculty of Communications, Advertising Department.

He started his career during his university studies and entered the field of fashion shows and worked as a model and model and also as a model in many commercial advertisements for the most famous brands. His numerous participation in various works of art between drama series, cinematic films and dubbing works as well, but his fame and real breakthrough came through his participation in the Turkish series Seviyor Seviyor, or does he not like the character of Tuna Erturk.


Yigit Kirazci
Yigit Kirazci

In 2020, the Turkish artist Yigit Karazji presented more than one dramatic work, such as the series Galicia Under Occupation, the Maids series, and the Loft Love series.
In 2021, he presented a series that was shown on the global network Netflix titled 50 m 2 and presents the main starring role of the series evlilik hakkında herşey.

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