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Vivian Dsena and information about him

Artist Vivian Dsena’s Date of Birth: He was born on the 28th of June 1988.
Vivian Dsena’s Birthplace: Ojane  India.
Artist Vivian Dsena Nationality: Indian.
Vivian Dsena’s Religion: Christianity.
Age of artist Vivian Dsena: thirty-two years.
Artist Vivian Dsena height: 180 cm.
Artist Vivian Dsena Academic Qualification: He holds a university degree in engineering sciences.
Marital Status: Married.
His wife’s name: Vahbiz Dorabji.
astrological sign: Cancer.
His artistic debut: 2008.
Parent’s name: Duncan Dsena, Shyamlata Dsena.

Vivian Dsena Childhood Religion Age Family

Vivian Dsena is an Indian actor and model, the artist Vivian Dsena was born on the twenty-eighth day of July, in 1988, he was born in the city of Ogain, India, he graduated from the College of Engineering Sciences and upon his graduation he did not want to work in his field, which is engineering sciences, but he went to work in the field The artistic and his attractive appearance helped him, as he is one of the owners of white skin, black hair and gray eyes,

which made him a famous artist in a short time, before the appearance of the artist Vivian Dsena in the field of acting, he had participated in the Miss India competition presented by the well-known Gladrags magazine. That competition was in 2007 and Vivian Dsena presented and participated in it and was among the top ten contestants in it, there were many statements in 2013 about the marriage of artist Vivian Dsena to the young artist Vahbiz Durabji, the two artists spent nearly four years, but they were unsuccessful in the sequel. Their married life and they announced their separation in 2017.

Religion Christianity
Religion Christianity

Vivian Dsena’s Education and Things He Loves

Although the artist Vivian Dsena excelled in education and obtained an engineering degree. He stated in some of the interviews that were conducted with him about his hobbies and dreams that among his dreams was to become a famous artist all over the world. And one of the most hobbies that the artist stated Vivian Dsena is horse riding and playing football. One of the best hobbies he loves is dancing. He participated in several dance competitions. among which was the Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa competition Participated in the eighth season of it.

and among the sayings he stated that he does not have many followers on websites Social communication and that this thing does not make a difference to him and that he has more than a million followers and fans all over the world and that this thing makes him happy more. He also said that the artist does not have to be present on social media for long periods. Nor should it be from Among his interests is attracting many followers on social networking sites. and he stated that he does not like to share all of what he goes through in his day to the public and that he loves reality more than the virtual world, and therefore he avoids communication sites.

Who is Vivian Dsena’s Wife?

The artist. Vivian Dsena. married the artist. Fahbez Dorabji. and there was a great love story between the artists before their marriage. but many followers wished them a happy married life. and in 2013 the two artists declared their marriage. and they spent nearly three years in a happy married life. but in August 2017.

some information leaked about the occurrence of a lot of problems and differences between the artist Vivian and his wife. Vivian tried to find solutions and settle matters between him and his wife. but it was clear that these problems are very complicated. the couple separated for several months before announcing their separation. there are many Among the situations that confirmed to the public the separation of the artist Vivian from his wife.

among those situations. the artist did not appear at the wedding of his brother-in-law. and much news confirmed that the family of the artist Vahbiz Dorabji did not invite Desina to the wedding in the first place. The news of his separation from his wife. but when the separation was officially completed. they announced that. and Vivian left his followers and his wife in shock and confusion about the reasons for their separation. and the two artists confirmed that there were no other parties and that each of them had their own world.

Who is Vivian Dsenas Wife
Who is Vivian Dsenas Wife

Vivian Dsena travel to Arab countries

The artist. Vivian Dsena. decided to go to the Arab Republic of Egypt. after a great search on the Internet. he took his sister and chose to go to Egypt due to the large number of ancient civilizations in it. Dsena stated that he loves ancient civilizations like his sister. and that he was suffering from some physical problems and was sick in some way.

When he arrived in Egypt. he stayed on that day in his room in the hotel in which he stayed and that hotel was in the governorate of Alexandria. the artist Vivian spent only five days. wandered around Alexandria and stated that he loved that city very much. but he likened it to the city of Mumbai. which is located in India. and the reason for that resemblance is that it is overcrowded. and the artist said that he visited the pyramids and the Egyptian Museum.

which includes numerous mummies. and said that it was the first time that he saw a mummy. He did not like beans, and he also stated that the Egyptians do not sleep in Alexandria because of the presence of people in the city streets day and night. He said that the Egyptians are among the kindest people he dealt with as he ate Indian food while sucking He did not expect to be so good. he bought many gifts for his family and friends. among those gifts were five pyramids. and he said that he would visit Cairo again.

Vivian Dsena series

The artist. Vivian Dsena. performed the role of “Vicky” and that work in 2008 and was his first work in the field of acting when he was 17 years old. He received many roles after that and got the title role in the series The Promise. Whose story revolves around three girls whose father dies and moves To live in Mumbai and meet their loved ones. The events take place in a wonderful way that attracts many viewers. and the artist Vivian has participated in many works. and the most famous of these works is the series Muntaha Al-Ishq.

Vivian Dsena series
The actor Vivian Dsena series

The work of the Vivian Dsena series films

2017-2020 Shakti: Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki (TV Series)
2012 Madhubala – Ek Isq Ek Junoon (TV Series)
2010-2011 Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani (TV Series)
2010 Agnipareeksha Jeevan Ki: Gangaa (TV Series)
2015 Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa (TV Series)
2012 Golden Petal Awards (TV Series)
2008 Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi (TV Series)

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