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Vishal Vashishtha and Biography

Date of birth: 13 – February 1992
Age: 28 years
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Place of birth: Kolkata, India
Nationality: Indian
Academic Qualification: Bachelor of Commerce
Religion: Hinduism
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 74 kg
Favorite hobbies: swimming – cooking
Marital status: Married
Profession: Indian actor
The beginning of his acting career: From 2013 – until now.

His life story Vishal Vashishtha and his family

Actor Vishal Vashishtha was born in Kolkata. India and enrolled in Heritage School and completed his university education in Mumbai University Bhawanipur Education Society College. Obtained a Bachelor of Commerce. Entered acting exams in Kolkata and succeeded in it, and within a week he got his first role and was a starring role In its early years.

Vishal Vashishtha and his family
Vishal Vashishtha and his family

Sweetheart Actor Vishal Vashishtha’s Wife

Actor Vishal Vashishtha has been linked since childhood and is in the fourth or fifth grade of primary school with his girlfriend Dibakshi. With the passage of time this friendship has become a strong love story, and it is like the love of his life and he married her while they live a happy life with each other. And we wish the artist Vishal Vashishtha Qashishta more happiness and progress And success in artistic and family life.

Vishal Vashishthas Wife
Vishal Vashishthas Wife

Vishal Vashishtha’s series and movies

In 2013, the beginning of his acting career was the first appearance of the artist Vishal Vashishtha in the television drama. And through him. He starred in the series Crazy Stupid Ishq with the character of Ayaan. A romantic comedy series with young heroes and was about the character of Ayaan. That young man whose father dies after declaring his bankruptcy and is the eldest son of the family.

So it falls upon him to assume the responsibility of the whole family. But his life changes after he falls in love with the girl Anushka and becomes more lover of life and work and strives to achieve his dreams. The actor Vishal Vashishtha says about this role that he is Very happy with his participation in this work, and that his artistic career began with a youthful romantic drama with a group of young people appropriate for his age. And that he was keen not to participate in a large family drama. Especially at the beginning of his artistic career.

He achieved great success through this role. Which made him the top of the Indian press. And The Times of India commented about him. About his role. It said about him that he was able in his first appearance as a hero to work that he was like a small weapon that was able to compete with large and powerful weapons. And it is the dream of every actor that has become a reality in Its beginning.

And from 2014 to 2017

After the success achieved by the actor Vishal Vashishtha in his first role. He received a phone call from the production company Beyond Dreams to talk with him about a new role to present and his choice of two characters in the work. Ranvijay and Baldev.

So he went to do an exam for both characters. And then he learned from the newspapers that he had been chosen for the character of Al-Dief. With a procedure Sessions with the work team and they gave him a summary of the character. He knew that she was an evil figure, and he was very afraid of the performance of this character at this stage. And he was convinced of it.

It will be an opportunity for him to do something different as an actor and that there are some characters who like to pursue evil roles before embodying this character. And about the difficulties he faced in embodying this character. He says that the Punjabi dialect was difficult and was not available to him. So he worked on mastering it. Learning it and taking Lessons for her.

Also. Baldev’s character required him to have a loud voice because the hero was always in anger and this thing he never did because he did not like the loud voice, and he was not used to getting angry constantly. After his embodiment of this role he achieved great success, so Bollywood Life wrote about him that his father kissed him Ali the role of Baldev and the whole world accepted him for this role, and he became famous as Baldev Singh
And he has proven that he is a professional actor who can embody all roles with brilliant professionalism and great mastery.

Vishal Vashishtha and more works

In 2015, he presented the series Ek Veer Ki Ardaas or the Verra series. and this role required him to fight and confront outlaws. In one of the scenes during the clash between them. another actor twisted his left arm. But he continued shooting despite his injury and ended the scene in time Specified for him. In the same year he also participated in another work. the series Yeh Hai Aashiqui – Sun Yaar. He embodied a different character and is the role of a lawyer in his early years and has principles. But he falls in love with an accused girl.

Actor Vishal Vashishtha took about two and a half months off after completing his last work and traveled to Ladakh and to Kolkata. The production company contacted him and he was chosen to join the artist Gangaa for his portrayal of the character Ksagar in the romantic TV series Ganga

And talking about his role in this series. He says that he is happy to participate in this great work and that it is different from all what he presented before and about his participation in the work with the artist Gangaa. Who is a distinguished artist and that the crowd loved the artistic chemistry between them in the romantic work.

In 2017, the actor Vishal Vashishtha starred in the series Jaat Ki Jugni as Bittoo, and the character of Bittoo in the series tends to be very romantic. As he is a romantic young man who loves to watch romantic films and read romantic novels and love stories because he is obsessed with this quality.

In 2018

He participated in a role in the Jai Kanhaya Lal Ki series. Which was shown on Star Bharat, and in 2019 – and in 2020 the series Poison was presented – and the series Ishq Mein Marjawan 2.

Besides acting. The actor Vishal Vashishtha has his own YouTube channel through which he presents some of his own works So in 2019 he did more than one job when he dated a Bengali man – John Snow Ki Shady – The life of a parent – Is marriage necessary – Painting – The life of a single father – Star Plus Valentine – Video Filter Copy.
Artistic awards won by Vishal Vashishtha

In 2014. He won the Zee Gold Awards as the best actor in a comic role. Also, this year. He won another award. Which is the Indian Television Academy Awards for the series Ek Veer Ki Ardaas. And also the Indian Telly Awards as the best new face. In 2016, he won the ZEE Gold Awards. As the best actor.

Vishal Vashishtha and more works
Vishal Vashishtha and more works
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