Ulas Tuna Astepe, his religion, his works, and more

Get to know the star Ulas Tuna Astepe. What is his date of birth, age, and when did his artistic career begin. For all fans of the star, this is a complete article about everything you would like to know about his religion, nationality, his astrological sign and his communication sites, his works and the secrets of his personal life and artistic career. His upcoming projects, his academic qualifications, special details of his life, and a set of personal photos of him

Ulas Tuna Astepe his origin, his religion, his nationality, his age

His Turkish name is Olash Tuna Astepe. He was born on September 5, 1988. He is 32 years old. He is the birthplace of Izmit – Turkey. He is 180 cm tall and weighs 80 kg. His sign is Virgo. As for his religion, he is Muslim and his nationality is Turkish, his hair is brown and his eyes are light brown. He graduated from the Department of Artistic Representation from Mimar Sinan University. He started his artistic career in 2008 in the Ottoman Republic series. As for his personal life, he had an extramarital relationship with the actress Uiku Karayal. But they separated. For a long time and is currently living alone.

Social networking sites of the artist Olash Tun Istep

His Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/Ulas Tuna Astepe

His Facebook account: https://www.facebook.comUlas Tuna Astepe

His Twitter account: https: \\ twitter \ Ulas Tuna Astepe

Biography of Ulas Tuna Astepe

This well-known and talented Turkish artist was born in Izmit in 1988. He lived and grew up in İzmit, Turkey, until he finished his primary education, then moved to Istanbul with his family and finished high school reading. Then he joined Mimar Sinan University and studied acting at the Academy of Arts.

His artistic career in the world of acting

His artistic creativity began in the world of acting with a small role in the 2008 series, which is the Ottoman Republic. Although this is a small role, which is the embodiment of a fashion assistant, it turns out that he has a huge and unique talent waiting to appear in a work befitting him.

His real artistic work in the Karadayi series was the second time he won an absolute championship against the artist Kenan Imerzalioglu. Although this was an important role that made him a fast star, this series is dramatic in which many characteristics of political corruption and the complicity of some influential people with many From arms dealers.

The series revolves around the young man (Maher), who works in the Canarji shoe factory, who aims to exempt the father from the death penalty when the father is in the wrong place and at the wrong time when he is innocent, while Maher forges his identity to become a trained lawyer disguised as Salih Ibek after Entering the court.

In order to clarify the truth about his father’s innocence and change the opinion of Judge Farida Shadoglu, who accepted the case, he fell in love with her and exchanged the same feelings.

Before knowing the case, Farida, the real trained attorney. Conflict began between the two parties, trying to uncover the facts and problems that were missing in the case. In court, it seems that a very important person (Turgut Akin) is a moral and intelligent person in front of people. But his character is the opposite of that as I focused A series of events beginning with Turkey’s rise from the suppression of war, especially in 1970, when the series portrayed the reality of Turkish citizens of that era.

He also worked in cinemas and showed him a movie called The Gulf in 2016 AD. He also acted in many plays, including theatrically as Glass Papers.

Dream series

The series “Dream” was also presented in 2017 AD, although this is the second character in the series. And although these episodes have ended soon. However, it is still a very important character. The audience admires the evil character who embodied it.

The story of the series Al-Dream tells the story of a simple girl in a poor family. She faces some financial problems and plays the Turkish actress Hazal as Alef, while the heroine of the series is Ai. Elif’s dream is to become an international fashion designer, this series of activities accelerated the confrontation with Elif, the heroic character played by the Turkish actor Bulut Giray, who appeared as Jihon, the heir to Textel’s richest royal family.

Then, when a beautiful love story between Elif and Bulut began, something suddenly happened, and made them an emotional bond closer. But they faced many difficulties, in these difficult problems. My father Elif’s wife tries to marry her to a man much older than her. The episode of the series shows that her stepmother’s desire is to get the most money from this man. And the last few of the series reveal whether Elif will marry her lover or the man who wants her stepmother.

The fans love him. They are always looking for him, his past and all the information about him. As for the ultimate heroism, it was obtained by playing the character Taher in the series Tell Them Black Sea.

The series was shown on Turkish TV channels in 2018, and the series received high ratings in Turkey and the Arab countries, where the artist played the character Tahir, who was born in Trabzon, and found that (Nafs) was forced to live with her husband, who is being tortured and beaten.

The series has greatly attracted viewers since its first episode. It became the first series in the series to be released in the same year and became the highest-rated series. It even surpassed Artegral’s Resurrection series ahead of all series in previous years.

Taher in the series Explain, O Black Sea

In a newspaper interview, Olash Tuna said about his character, Tahir, in the series Black Sea. ”He said that Taher Fateh’s character and personality is very similar. To save the hero whom she and her children do not know.

The story of the series Explain Ya Black Sea The story of this series begins when the father sold his 16-year-old daughter Nafas to a wealthy man who married her, imprisoned and tortured her for more than eight years, and she measured the color of torture. It is really things that call her every moment to escape from this closed prison, however.

Each time she was found, her attempt to return to the cell failed, and she was tortured. She was born from the “Fedat Sayyar” mob. The boy is called “Yegit.” Even if he called one day, the husband gave his friends at work. All of them came from a village. He was released from the Black Sea.

Therefore, one of the people including “Taher” noticed some bruises on her hand. And when he noticed Vedat Taher, he stood on top of his wife and broke her finger. Then she ran to Taher’s car trunk. In this prison, Taher tried to protect him from harm so that she and her children would not return to him in a frenzy, he tried many times.

Ulas Tuna Astepe TV series, movies, and plays

Tell them, O Black Sea 2018 AD
Ottoman Republic 2008 AD
Alqaddai series
Dream 2017 AD
Abad Abi 2013
Glass papers play in 2012
Science play
The short film Aquarium
The Victims Short Film
the University
Gulf Film 2016.

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