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Actor Uğur Kurul We have collected for you a full report on everything you want to know about the actor Uğur Kurul and a lot of information about him, his age, nationality, religion, academic qualifications, secrets about his personal life, is he married or not, and when did he start his artistic career and what are the works of art that He participated in it and presented it and what are the upcoming artworks that he will participate in during the coming period and many details with a group of new pictures of the artist uğur kurul.

uğur kurul, his religion, his age, his date of birth, his astrological sign

His religion: Muslim
Born: May 23, 1991
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Age: 30 years old
Nationality: Turkish
Profession: Turkish actor
Astrological sign: Gemini
His hair color: brown
His eyes color: brown
Qualification: Studied foreign trade from Glissem University

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, actor uğur kurul

His Twitter account: T https://twitter.com/ugurkurul
His Facebook account: https://www.facebook/ ugurkurul


ugur kurul girlfriend
ugur kurul girlfriend

uğur kurul biography and much information about him

Young Turkish Actor Uğur Kurul is a famous film and television actor born on May 23, 1991. He grew up in Istanbul, Turkey. Uğur is well known in both feature films and Turkish series. He is best known for having recurring roles such as his role in Yener Hekimoglu and The series Gullerin Savasi and the series 2018 Savasci.

At the Industrial Technical High School, Uğur Kurul learned the Department of Computer Programming, and after graduating from high school, he added his education to the university and joined the Ministry of Foreign Trade in university modification, and he left that university with honors. And he got a high value from the university

While at university, he started his career as a supporting supporter in commercials during that time, playing a sequel role in the series Ezel and working with artist Beren Saat and managing to gain attention immediately afterwards, appearing as a guest actor in two episodes of the series Naked Truth in 2012 And despite his young age, he was able to prove himself and contributed to many actions.



ugur kurul biography

His acting career

Turkish actor uğur kurul started his acting career in 2007, where he contributed to unique works despite his young age. The path of the roles it provides.

In 2012, he first appeared on the Turkish screen through a short series, Ostura Kemal, playing the character of Ahmed, and then gained a lot of attention in the same year when he got his first starring role in the role of women in the TV series Ciplak Gercek.

Then he played the character of Taner Hekimoğlu in the TV series The War of the Roses, which started in 2014, and got his big break. In 2016, he opened a place called Müptela in Asmalımescit with his friends. In the same year, the actor appeared in the music video for singer Beduk. “Koy”.

TV series uğur kurul has contributed to

The Turkish star Uğur Kurul has launched a number of TV skits, in which he participated in many different roles that attracted the viewer. It lasted until this moment.

In 2012, he played a distinguished and different role, Ahmed in the Turkish series Razor Kemal Ustura Kemal, starring many Turkish stars, including Nas Al-Mas, Oktay Kaynarca, Nas Al-Mas, Emre Kenny, Ugur Korol, Ipek Karabinar, Fatih Donmez, Amin and Ugur Demirbehlivan and Gökhan Bekletenler and Hazal Velez Kochukos.


TV series ugur kurul

In the same year, the Turkish series, Ciplak Gercek, presented the naked truth and played the role of women, and this work starring Yatkin Deminglar, Daria Albora and Mustafa Ogurlu. Problems multiply over the years and the father and mother are forced to take a decree to dissolve the marital relationship and after that decree Hazal ran away from home after her life became 18 years, but the mother and father only know this after three days of her absence, and the parents are terrified to find their daughter.

In 2014,


he played the role of Taner Hekimoglu in the TV series The War of the Roses, Gullerin Savasi, which is a Turkish series that began to be shown on Kanal D, starring Damla Sönmez, Canan Ergüder, Barış Kılıç, and Serjan Bedor. The War of the Roses series carries interesting events, the novel begins With the death of a person from the rich bourgeois class in Turkey, and he is the father of the heroine “Tulip Sebahee.” Tulip was living in another country and there was no solid connection between her and her family, but she returned to Turkey to carry out her duty to console her father and saw that it was necessary for her to stay in the care of her sick brother “Jihad”, and took responsibility for what her father left.

In 2016,


he played Jim in the TV series Gulumse Yeter, starring many stars, including Serenay Aktas, Barish Aytak and Asli Altaylar. A loser, so he declares his bankruptcy and loses all his revolution and what he has on Yasmine’s wedding day. His grandson, who as long as they are quarreling, and this is the difference between them, as Yasmine in the midst of a family enjoys a slight fame and hears and watches the social life of that class, which speaks about all topics and loudly and does not listen to one of them to the other, and the events revolve in a comic nature.

In 2018, the actor Ugur starred in the historical drama series Warrior and played the role of Oguz and the work starring Ebru Sahin, Berk Oktay, Murat Sirizli, Sarp Levindoğlu, Ersin Olcak.

Actor uğur kurul’s work summary

2019 Külahta erimis dolunay (TV Series) 2018 Savasci (Warrior) (TV Series) 2016 Gülümse Yeter (TV Series) 2014-2016 Gullerin Savasi (TV Series) 2012 Ciplak Gercek (TV Mini Series) 2012 Ustura Kemal (TV Mini Series) 2011 Sihirli Annem (TV Series).