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Actor Uğur Güneş

Actor Uğur Güneş, we have collected for you a full report on everything you want to know about the actor Uğur Güneş and a lot of information about him, his age, nationality, religion, academic qualifications, secrets about his personal life, is he married or not, and when did he start his artistic career and what are the works of art that He participated in it and presented it and what are the upcoming artworks that he will participate in during the coming period and many details with a group of new photos of the actor Uğur Güneş.

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Uğur Güneş, his religion, his age, his date of birth, his nationality.
Instagram and Twitter Uğur Güneş.
Uğur Güneş Biography and More Information.
The beginning of his artistic career in acting and his most important works.
Uğur Güneş in the series Ertugrul Resurrection.
The artworks presented by actor Uğur Güneş from series and films.
Awards Received By Uğur Güneş Actor.

Ugur Gunes religion
Ugur Gunes religion

Uğur Güneş, his religion, his age, his date of birth, his nationality

Born: November 10, 1987
Birthplace: Ankara, Turkey
Age: 33 years old
Nationality: Turkish
His religion: Muslim
Occupation: Actor
Marital status: unmarried
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 76 kg
His hair color: black
Eye color: Hazel
Beginning of his artistic career: 2011 until now

Instagram and Twitter Uğur Güneş


Actor Uğur Güneş Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ugurnesofficial/
Twitter Actor Uğur Güneş: Twitter: https://twitter.com/ugurnes

Uğur Güneş Biography and More Information


Turkish actor Uğur Güneş is born on January 13, 1987, he grew up in the town of Ankara in Turkey, he has a brother and sister Ugur Ganes spent his childhood in Ankara, Turkish actor Ugur Güneş studied the Faculty of Agriculture at Ankara University, apart from that his studies were far from far away About acting except that he participated in the university theater troupe, his love for acting since his childhood became one of the most important and admired actors in Turkey, a beautiful young man in the prime of life with a unique appearance and a charming and attractive personality of his own, with a solid and demure personality, the star Ugur Gunes began in acting in 2011.

The turning point in his life he had no idea of ​​being an actor his life changed when he saw an advertisement he was looking for an actor in a children’s theater and decided to apply. Actor Uğur Güneş said, “I applied and was accepted. I started as a hobbyist in a children’s theater. We had a junk car, and there is no place to visit in Turkey. For two and a half years, then she started acting in a TV series in Istanbul. He started his television adventure with the character “Eray”, which he played in the series “Start Again” in 2011.

Instagram and Twitter Ugur Gunes
Instagram and Twitter Ugur Gunes

Future Dream: He wants to give life to lasting and memorable roles by acting throughout his life and stated, “I would like to play a person with bipolar disorder. I would like to play a slightly schizophrenic character that embraces and includes four different characters at the same time. It would be great if I were sitting On the director’s chair.

The beginning in acting and most important works

He started acting nine years ago and during this period he played in six series and four films. After graduating from the Faculty of Language, History and Drama at Ankara University, he started performing at the Ankara Art Theater on the advice of a friend. He also took an acting course and made his first appearance in drama. Turkish through the drama series Yeniden Basla, which was shown on TRT channel in 2011.

Then it turned out through the Turkish drama series Benim İçin Üzülme Do not worry about me and for his success two seasons of the series were made, and then he presented the famous drama series and success in his TV dramas, which achieved great popularity for him in Turkey and the whole Arab world is his contribution to the Diriliş series Ertuğrul: The Resurrection of Ertuğrul, and he won many awards for his role in the series.

In 2013, he appeared for the first time on the cinema screen in the Turkish film work under the title (Are we okay?), and then participated in a Turkish cinematic work under the title Rasim (The Devil) and participated in many successful artworks.

In 2014,


he played the character of Cetin in the Turkish television series Urfalıyam Ezelden, as he worked in a small television series, which is the series 32 Saat, in 2016 he played the character of Fatih in the action series İsimsizler and appeared in the television series Bir Zamanlar Çukurova.

In 2018,


he received critical acclaim and played the role of Cemal Tunali, a national character in the film Cep Herkülü: Naim Süleymanoğlu, adapted from the life of Naim Suleymanoglu. In the same year, actor Uğur Güneş presented the Turkish romantic drama series Once Upon a Time in Çukurova, produced by TIMS&B Starring Hilal Altenbelik, actor Ugur Gunesh, actor Murat Analmish and the able actress Waheeda Bergin.

The series “Once Upon a Time in Çukurova, Bir Zamanlar Çukurova, in the seventies, revolves around a solid love novel that brings together Yilmaz and Zuleikha, who go through difficult situations and fall into a crisis. She is owned by a strong and influential woman, and her only son is Demir. However, with the passage of time, Demir falls in love with Zulekha, and with her ignoring him, his desire to get her increases. From here, the dramatic conflicts begin in the series “Once Upon a Time in Çukurova” between Yilmaz and Demir, the entry of Yilmaz into prison and Demir’s marriage. Bezlikha at this time to release Yilmaz from prison with the intention of revenge for his girlfriend and for her marriage to Demir.


Uğur Güneş in the series Ertugrul Resurrection


One of the most artistic acts to which the star Uğur Güneş contributed is the historical series Ertugrul Resurrection, which was produced in 2015, and the series revolves around the thirteenth century AD, written and produced by Mehmet Bozdag and directed by Tayid Güneş, its events take place in the thirteenth century AD, and presents the introductions and reasons for the establishment The Ottoman Republic from a biographical showing of the life of the invader Ertugrul bin Suleiman Shah, the leader of the Kayi tribe of the Muslim Oghuz Turks and the father of Osman the Great, founder of the Ottoman Republic.

And he played the role of Ertuğrul, the Turkish actor Engin Altan Dozyatan in 150 episodes, and five seasons after he watched it about 3 billion viewers on the planet, and it was broadcast on screens in 71 republics, dubbed into 25 different languages, the most important of which are Arabic, British and Urdu broadcasting the first episode of the series on the first Turkish channel TRT1, and the first episodes of the largest season of the series began to be shown on December 10, 2014, then the 2 season episodes were shown starting from September 30, 2015, and ended on June 8, 2016. The 3 season episodes were released, which began on October 26, 2016, and ended in June 2017.

The artworks presented by actor Uğur Güneş from series and films


TV series

Year 2011 – Yeniden Başla (Start Again) / Eray
Year 2014 – Urfalıyam Ezelden / Çetin
2015/2016- Resurrection: Ertuğrul / Tuğtekin
2016 – Sayed Al-Baher 32 hours / Al-Hussein
2017- Unknown Squad / Governor of Fateh District
Year 2018-2020 – Bitter Lands / Yilmaz Akkaya



Year 2013- Tamam mıyız? / serhat
Year 2013 – Rasem whales / Umrah
Year 2019 -Cep Herkülü: Naim Süleymanoğlu / Cemal Tunalı
Year 2020- Dumlupunar: Vatan Sağolsun

Awards Received By Uğur Güneş Actor


In 2016, he received the Best Actor Award from the Awards Ceremony of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Ankara.

In 2017, he won the best actor in the series Unnamed Band from the Turkey Summit Youth Academy Awards and the Special Jury Prize.

2019, he received the award for the best trilogy series for his role in Pir Zamanlar Çukurova and the Golden Goal Award of the Journalists Association in the magazine.

Ugur Gunes in the series Ertugrul
Ugur Gunes in the series Ertugrul
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