Who is Ugur Aslan? religion age series wife more

Date of start: February 1972.

vicinity of start: Hatay, Turkey.

Nationality: Turkish.

religion Muslim.

career: Turkish tv actor, singer and poet.

height: one hundred seventy cm.

Weight: sixty seven kg.

Astrological sign: Aquarius.

Marital popularity: Unknown.

the beginning of his performing profession: He started out in 2005.

Years of interest: from 2005 till now.

Age in 2020: forty eight years vintage.

His life story Ugur Aslan

The younger Turkish actor Ugur Aslan became born in February 1972 and is forty eight years antique, his astrological sign is Aquarius, he was born in Hatay in Turkey, and he completed his college research in Ankara inside the college of Language, history and Geography inside the performing department and graduated from the arts Theater. inside the discipline of acting, song and making a song, he offered a musical application, as well as supplied numerous special creative works.

the start of his appearing profession

The famous Turkish actor Ugur Aslan started his artistic career in 2005 whilst he participated for the first time on Turkish television to give the drama of the famous collection “Gümüs”, and then he participated in numerous collection, and possibly his maximum prominent function is the embodiment of the character Zehir in the famous Turkish series “Kara Sevda”, And that during 2015, and then rolled his paintings after that.

Ugur Aslan and Burak Özçivit

some Turkish web sites clarified a few news about the duo, the Turkish actor Burak Özçivit and the Turkish actress Fahriya Evjan, who showed that there may be a disaster among them inside the love courting, due to feelings of jealousy felt via Burak Özçivit from the actor Ugur Aslan, who participated within the Turkish actress Fahriya Evgan inside the collection Kara Sevda, Fahriya appeared more than as soon as with Ugur in one place, which aroused Burak Özçivit’s jealousy, but Fahriya stated that she became bored with Burak Özçivit’s behavior and exaggerated jealousy.

Ugur Aslan inside the series Kara Sevda

The famous Turkish series Kara Sevda, wherein the well-known Turkish actor Ugur Aslan joined the body of workers and in which the person of Zehir, become joined, the series Kara Sevda is a poetic Turkish drama series that turned into first proven in October 2015 and persisted till June 2016, then the second one part of it was produced. Which turned into proven in September 2016 and the collection resulted in June 2017, the series revolves round Kamal, a terrible young guy who falls in love with the rich female Nihan, and she or he additionally loves him, but on the opposite side there is a prince, a rich young man who desires to marry Nihan.

Amir thinks approximately A ploy that makes Nihan conform to marry him, that is implicating Nihan’s brother in a homicide, and Amir threatens Nihan that he’s going to inform the police about her brother if she refuses to marry him. certainly, Nihan refuses to marry her lover Kamal and marries Amir with the intention to defend her brother, Kamal knows approximately Nihan’s marriage without understanding The real reason, he travels some distance away, and there Kamal becomes rich and will become rich, and here he makes a decision to return to take revenge on his cherished Nihan and the prince of her husband, but he discovers the reality from Nihan, so they determine to run away and marry in another location a long way from Amir and the activities observe.

Collection Kara Sevda The forged

The series became proven in two parts and it became written via Ozlem Yilmaz, Borgo Gorkon and directed by way of the well-known Turkish director Hilal Saral, the collection become filmed in Istanbul, and the series was co-starred by means of Turkish actor Burak Ozjevit, who embodies the man or woman of Kemal Suidri, Turkish actress Neslihan Anagül who embodies the person of Nihan Sezin Habiba Kemal, Turkish actor Kan Urganioglu who embodies the individual of the rich younger prince,

Turkish actor Ugur Aslan who embodies the person of Zehir, Turkish actor Orhan Gunnar who embodies the individual of Hossein Suidri, Turkish actor Nishi Baykent who embodies the individual of Feldan Sezen brother of Nihan, Turkish actress Zaino Arakar, who embodies the character of Fahima Suidari, the Turkish actor Rozjan Aksoy who embodies the person of Tariq Sweidri,

the Turkish actor Barış Albaykut who embodies the man or woman of Ozan Seizen and others. The series has achieved brilliant fulfillment and very high viewing rates, specifically whilst it become shown in several international locations along with Europe, Africa, the usa, Russia, Australia, in addition to The Arab world, it’s been dubbed into the Syrian dialect.

The series Gümüs

The famous Turkish series Gümüs, which became shown in 2005, is one of the maximum well-known Turkish series that executed wonderful achievement from the beginning of its presentation till its final episodes. it’s far a social romantic drama series that was dubbed and completed excellent success. It ended its presentation within the Arab global in 2008, and it’s far written by using Songul Odan Sima Ergenekon and directed by using director Mustafa Kemal Ozun, the series revolves across the love tale between the heroine Gümüs and the hero Muhannad, and the collection co-stars the Turkish actor Kivanc Tatlitug who embodies the person of Muhannad Habib Gümüs and the grandson of Fikri Bey,

the Turkish actress Songul Odan who embodies the man or woman Gümüs Habiba Muhannad She is also the writer of the series, the Turkish actor Akram Bora who embodies the individual of Fikri Bey, the proprietor of the business enterprise and the grandfather of the family, the Turkish actor Omri Karayel who embodies the person of Abdin, the owner of the Gümüs fabric style enterprise and turned into a fan of Gümüs, the Turkish actress Gümüs Bayırk who offered the role of Sherifa Khanum Umm Muhannad, the Turkish actor Ugur Aslan, who embodies the person of Marwan, the husband of Ruqaiya, a pal of Gümüs, in addition to the tune of the Gümüs series, called Dayan and others, the collection presented by using an elite of Turkey’s top artists and artists.

Series of Ugur Aslan

He participated for the primary time in “Gümüs”, one of the maximum famous Turkish series, which turned into proven in 2005, and participated in it by providing the character of Marwan, who works as a journalist.
He participated within the series “Derdest” which turned into proven in 2008.
Then he participated inside the collection “Al-Qabdai”, which became proven in 2012 and continued till 2015.

He participated in the series entitled “The missing” which changed into proven in 2013. He additionally participated in the series “The Ball” which became shown in 2014. Participated inside the series entitled “Karadayi” which turned into proven in 2015 and continued until 2016.

He participated in the series “Kara Sevda”, which become shown in 2015 and persevered till 2017, and through which he embodied the person Zehir. Then he participated within the collection “Çukur”, joined the series staff in 2017, wherein he portrayed the person of the journalist Amir.

Series of Ugur Aslan
Series of Ugur Aslan
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