Who is Tuvana Turkay? religion, age, husband, series and more

Actress Tuvana Turkay, where we presented you in this article, a detailed report on the artist Tuvana Turkay. All the information about her, whether when she was born and how old she is now and which tower she belongs to, what is her religion and social condition. What is her most important artistic work, what is her academic qualification. How she grew up and her social media sites With a group of special photos of the star Tuvana Turkay.

Star Tuvana Turkay, religion, length, nationality, date of birth

Tovana Turkai is one of the most beautiful faces on the Turkish screen and recently appeared in the best TV series, and this is the condiment that thousands of people loved in the wonderful TV series “Black Love”.

Tuvana Turkay Tuvana Türkay was born in the city of Eskudar, Istanbul, Turkey, on the third day of October 1990, her current age is 30 years. She develops to Libra, her nationality is Turkish and her religion is Islam. Tuvana Turkay is 175 cm in height and weight is 55 kg, the color of her hair is brown and the color of her eyes is green.

She holds a BA in Media, Department of Radio, Television and Cinema from B Kent University in Turkey. She started her artistic and professional career in 2009 – now her hobbies are reading and swimming. As for her social life, she is not related.

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Tuvana Turkay family

Her father is a Bulgarian immigrant, and her mother is from Rize. She has an older sister. She left her parents when she was very young and stayed with her mother and sister “It was difficult to grow up without a father. And she said, Tofana said. Currently, do not trust my friends and lovers in my private life, the source of this is the complete lack of the father may be My dissatisfaction is one of the reasons why we disconnected as got older. Thought about what happened and became lonely. Need to trust someone now. Nothing is as it seems from afar. ”

Tuvana Turkay biography and more information

The movie and television star who rose to fame for the first time after her debut in 2009. on Ayrılık is widely known for her roles in the films Eksik Sayfalar and Bizans Oyunlari.

Turkish actress Tovana Turkai was born on October 3, 1990, and grew up in Istanbul. She loves art and acting to the point that she started her own activity at the age of nine. Her beautiful and charming facial features are among the main factors that help her to appear on the screen through many works and commercials.


At the age of seven, and because of her mother’s separation from her father, her mother registered her in an agency so that he had a golden bracelet.  from her young age she entered this sector with commercial ads. She began with an advertisement for sweets, followed by other ads. I was in front of the camera for the first time at the age of nine. I was an open child. I liked the screen. Always say do something to entertain the family If you love someone or something very much. They will not be indifferent to you after a while. This is my relationship with my work.

Standing Tovana in front of the camera is not a difficult task, because she was standing in front of the camera. Which is much heavier than her talent; Tovana finished high school. then went to the Academy of Radio, Television and Film, studied and graduated in this department.

Tofana’s research helped her talents to become more professional, until she entered her first job in 2009, and during her college studies, Tofana was able to play multiple roles on stage.

Many people became believers in this talent that deserves attention, and Tovana attracted a lot of attention by participating in many plays, until she had the opportunity to participate in the series “Black Love” to gain the desired reputation.

Her personal life

Tofana lives life to the fullest. Traveling and learning are her biggest passions. She is adventurous enough to travel three continents with one backpack and she is also modest.

You want to play a new instrument and learn German. Also, camping, skydiving and bungee jumping on Everest; Australia wants to see India, Antarctica and the Northern Lights.

She does not like conspiracies, and she is a clear character who sometimes finds solutions to some problems by staying away from her because she is afraid of insulting people. Beauty is always secondary to her. “An enormous beauty can be created from superficial ugliness.” Beauty, which is beautiful for everyone, has become something that can be achieved. The important thing is how beautiful you can make the interior.

Her artistic career and her most important work

She has appeared on screen since she was nine years old, when she started working as a model in various advertisements for famous Turkish brands, for example, she has participated in advertisements for TürkTelkom, Kent Sweets, Akbank, I Yalez, Coca-Cola and many other commercials. Performance.

Tovana learned many lessons in acting and drama

, the most important of which is that she takes lessons from Newton School of Arts. She participated in the comedy series “Audience Association” as an actress in 2007, and then participated in the popular action series “Raed” in 2008.

After that, she drew the attention of the producers to her, and they asked her to perform, so she received a performance training at Newdan College in 2007, she acted in the series “The Traffic” and in 2008 she appeared in the series “The Observation”.

She won her first championship in 2009 through the controversial Turkish TV series “Scream of Stone”, in which Tovana embodied the role of a Palestinian girl who falls in love with an Israeli youth. The series caused tension in Turkish-Israeli relations.

After that, Tofana participated in the series “Love in the Wind” alongside the star Burji Aklay, who achieved great success in the Arab world.

In 2014

I participated in the series “Love and Dark Money”, starring Turkish star Tuba Bokustion and Engin Akyurek, for the first time linked through this work to the love story of Turkish star Anjin Akyurek, known as “Karim” in the Arab world.

The series revolves around an interesting frame, where a wealthy girl named “Elif Denizar” works in the jewelry industry on her birthday. Her father was found killed in a car with a girl who had nothing to do with him. It turns out that this girl is the fiancée of “Engin Akurek” who embodies the role of Omar Detective officer Demir

Then it became clear that Elif’s father was involved in money laundering activities, and Elif’s journey to find the killer of her father from Omar, and the truth about the relationship between her father and the girl, specifically the fiancée of Detective Omar, and Tofana Torquay plays the role of “Bahar” for the role. Elif is her friend, but she is the girl she trusts. Elif covers the opposite. What she hates most is Elif, as she tries to take revenge on her without Elif’s knowledge and puts her in trouble.

Tuvana Turkay TV series and movies

Tuvana Turkay Movies

Eksik Sayfalar 2013
En Güzeli in 2015
Güvercin Uçuverdi in 2015
Bizans Oyunları 2015
Somuncu Baba Aşkın Sırrı in 2016
Sen Sağ Ben Selamet in 2016
Olanlar Oldu in 2017
Bir Nefes Yeter in 2017
Ağır Romantik in 2017

Tuvana Turkay TV series

Ayrılık 2009
Nakş-ı Dil Sultan in 2010
Yer Gök Aşk 2010-2012
Kara Para Aşk in 2014
Oyunbozan 2016
Deli Gönül in 2017
Kızlarım İçin 2017
Yasak Elma year 2019 – 2020

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