Who is Tülin Özen? Husband, religion, age and more

The Turkish stars. We have collected for you a report on one of the stars of Turkey. Who is the distinguished artist Tülin Özen. And everything she wants to know about her nationality. Religion. Age life family upbringing. And much other information. When did her artistic career begin and her most important artistic works. With the participation of the star Tülin Özen and a group of new photos of the Turkish artist Tülin Özen.

Tülin Özen age nationality zodiac sign and more

Full name: Tulane Ozen
Date of birth: 24 – December 1979
Age 2020: 41 years old
Place of birth: Iskenderun – Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Eye color: green
Hair color: Black
Religion: Muslim
Marital Status: Unmarried
Profession: Turkish actress

Life story of Tulin Ozen

The Turkish artist. Tulin Ozen. Born in Iskenderun in Turkey in 1979. Her father and mother were working together as engineers. And she has only one sister. She obtained a high school education from Bornova Anatolian High School after which she joined Istanbul Technical University for Electrical Engineering because she was superior in physics and chemistry.

During her studies in electrical engineering. She enrolled in Yeditepe University. Entered the exams at the Institute of Music without her family’s knowledge. Left her third grade studies in engineering. And when she passed the exams of the Institute of Music. Then informed her family and then returned to her studies in chemical engineering again with a scholarship.

Tulin Ozen’s career in acting

The distinguished Turkish artist. Tülin Özen. is considered one of the distinguished stars of Turkey in their work and distinguished roles. Her artistic career began in 2003. And she participated in many cinematic and dramatic films in addition to her great presence on stage because she is one of the artists who are a lover of theater.

Finding herself and showing her talent as a professional actress while standing on the stage. She embodied many distinguished personalities and works. So she participated in many types of tragic. Romantic social. And historical drama and also comedy. Which she discovered with time in acting that she has the ability and talent in comedy was not She knows she has it.

2010 works

The actress Tülin Özen appeared in 2010 in the movie Ball as Zahra Honey. Also known as Honey. And was directed by Semih Kaplanoğlu. The film achieved great success in Turkey and other countries. And the film won the Golden Bear Award and was nominated to win an Oscar as the best film. A foreigner is ranked 83. But he did not reach the final list.

And one of the most famous works of the artist Tülin Özen is her role in the Sultana Kossim series. The series was shown in 2016 and achieved great success when it was shown in Turkey and the Arab world when it was shown.

Cinematic films by Tulin Ozen

2003 movie game Angel
The 2005 movie The Fall of the Angel
2007 tomorrow is gone – an egg
2008 movie Milk – Extremely Lonely – Conscience
2009 movie 11 10
2010 movie honey
2013 movie Blue Wave – Carnival
2014 movie smile – very soon
2015 film Siege
2017 is a bad kid movie
2018 movie The Child Who Hides Hair
2019 short film application
2020 comedies S2

The Tulane Ozen series

2004 The Last Parents Listening series – The Mirrors
2005 series White Poppy
2006 series Dreamy
2008 series Children of Paradise
2010 series Grand Bazaar
2011 miniseries on the way to üsküdar – our aunt
2012 series False Dunia
2013 series Never Matter
2016 series Sultana Kossim
2017 series Love and Pride
2018 ufak tefek cinayetler
2020 series The Red Room

Tulin Ozen plays

In 2004, I presented the play House will be painted
2005 play. The hapless Pericles
2007 playtime is good for you guys
2009 play the third universe
2010 play beautiful things on our side
2015 The Bird’s Tongue Play
2017 play God of Violence
2018 play Ivanov
2020 Westend play – West End

Awards won

In 2004 She won an award from the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival as best actress for her role in the movie The Fall of the Angel

2005 she won an award from Nuremberg. Turkey / Germany Film Festival – and an award from the Ankara Film Festival as the best actress for her role in the movie The Fall of the Angel as well.

2008, she was awarded Sadri Alışık Awards as Best Supporting Actress

In 2009. During this year. She won two awards. namely, the Adana Altin Koza Film Festival and the Siyad Awards for Best Supporting Actress.

In 2016. During which she was awarded the Istanbul University Glesim Media Awards as the best theater actress and also 6. Fotid newspaper awards

Artist Tülin Özen Kirmizi Oda

The new Turkish series. The Red Room. Starring Tülin Özen – Bnur Kaya – Merıç Aral – Burak Sevenc – Halit Ozgur Sari – Baran Arslan – Kanberk Gultekin is currently showing on the screens of Turkish channels. In addition to the presence of a number of artists who appear as guests of honor in the series.

Actress Tülin Özen Kirmizi Oda embodies the role of a psychiatrist to treat psychiatric patients who frequent the psychiatric clinic.
And what these psychiatric patients experience from psychological problems and disorders that psychiatrists work to solve and treat and the secrets. Sorrows and joys they carry and the effect of all these factors on them and the series deals with real and realistic stories and the viewer finds himself among the stories that are dealt And he listed it in the series.

Artist Tulin Ozen Kirmizi Oda
Artist Tulin Ozen Kirmizi Oda

Tulane Ouzan and ufak tefek cinayetler

It is a Turkish series based on the American series “Big Little Lies”. Which is a social drama series based on the female lead.

The series revolves around small. Mysterious crimes about the lives of 4 girls. “Oya Marfie Blaine Arezzo” and they have a strong friendship with each other since their high school studies.
But due to the circumstances of life they are separated from each other and each one of them lives her own life. and among them is the girl Oba who travels abroad to study medicine and after completing her medical studies. she returns to the city of Sarmashik in which she lived before her travel and there is her old friend there and Oba tries to search On her friend and reunited again.

And on the other side. the investigator appears. his name is Kamal. and her friend Daria works as an assistant to the investigator Kamal in uncovering the mystery and details of a murder that occurred in the past in the city of Sarmashik
And it was then that the four friends were suspected of the murder. but at that time they were able to prove that they had nothing to do with the crime of murder and evade their legal accountability.
And the events of the series follow. and the four friends meet again and try to get rid of the traces of the crime that happened in the past

And this series achieved great success in Turkey and received a high viewership. won the admiration of the audience and critics. and achieved great audiences at the time of its release.

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