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Tulin Yazkan and information about her life story. Works of Tulin Yazkan and her upcoming projects. Her upbringing and family. Her marriage. Religion and age. Her studies of many secrets about her life that she knows for the first time. Her talent and works she loves to do. her favorite food and her ideal in acting. Private social networking sites and new and exclusive photos to her.

Tulin Yazkan info

Since her appearance in the series Sefirin Kizi and about her relationship with the great actress Engin Akyurek. she has suddenly become a trend. And many are asking who she is. Angeline’s new sweetheart. Who appeared in front of him in his last series Sefirin Kizi. Although her role is negative and not the starring role. But they fell in love with some of them while filming the episodes. Find out the biography and all the information you need about Tulin Yazkan.

Tulin Yazkan Her family her education, and her height

Tulin Yazkan was born in Istanbul on February 28. 1991
Actress Tulin Yazkan is a talented young Turkish actress. born in Istanbul. whose astrological sign is Gemini. with green eyes.

A graduate of Beykent University’s acting department. Tülin Yazkan. Who had her first acting experience with the Snake Öcü series. Published in Snake 2014. later shared in productions such as Summer Story. Bodrum Tale. Swallow Storm and Small Murders.
Tülin Yazkan. Who brings the character of Violet in the Sefirin Kizi series. Which is now published on Star TV. is 1.62 meters tall, and weighs 45 kg.

Social media sites

Her Instagram website: https://www.instagram.com.tülin yazkan
Her Twitter site: https://www.twitter.com.tülin yazkan
Her Facebook website: https://www.facebook.com/tülinyazkan

TV series presented by actress Tulane Yazkan
TV series presented by actress Tulin Yazkan

Tulin Yazkan and her husband

A newspaper confirmed that Engin Akyurek has a love affair with his colleague in the Sefirin Kizi series. Tulin Yazkan, and the duo was seen hand in hand in the division by fans. It became natural to find the audience interested in the stars of the series “Sefirin Kizi” because of the high viewing rates he was able to achieve during the seven episodes The first of it. as hardly a day passes without news of his stars about their work. Projects and places to spend their vacation.

But it seems that the news reported by the Turkish newspaper “Hurriyet” came different this time. as the newspaper pointed out that there was a love affair between the Turkish actress. Engin Akyurek. who plays “Sangar” in the series. and the Turkish actress Tulin Yazkan. who plays “Menekse Efeoglu.” “Sangar’s wife.” the newspaper quoted witnesses as confirming this relationship. which seems to have strengthened after their work in the series together. as witnesses said that they saw the duo walking hand in hand in Taksim.

TV series presented by actress Tulin Yazkan

2019 – Series Sefirin Kizi (Menekse Efeoglu)
2017-2018 – Small Murders Series (Merv Youth)
2017 – Swallow the Storm (İnci)
2016 – The Bodrum Fairy Tale series (Silk)
2015 – Summer Story (Oznor)
2014 – Boogeyman

Menekse Efeoglu in the series Sefirin Kizi
Menekse Efeoglu in the series Sefirin Kizi

Her acting career

In 2014, I started acting through the TV series “The Revenge of the Snake” starring Hand Saural. Seda Attis. Sida Kaspali. The series is considered one of the best Turkish acting works, and it was produced in 2014.

The film tells about the residents of a small Turkish village called Karatas. And the story depicts the life of Kara Bayram Hajja and his grandchildren Ahmed and Sharif who live in that village in a very humid and very simple place, and one day they receive news that the governor of the district will come to visit that village.

And preparations begin to welcome the ruler. and a problem occurs before the arrival of the ruler. and Iras comes to the governor of the district and asks him to achieve justice And punish the guilty. And the events continue in an interesting dramatic context.

In 2015

participated in the Turkish series Yaz’in Öyküsü’s Tale. A summer story series. Which is a dramatic art work that revolves around modernity around the children of the shelter and tells the story of four characters inside the shelter.

Two girls and two boys who lived inside the shelter and tired of this treatment they receive inside the shelter and began to dream about the time of departure From the shelter, and together they wished to live with families. Starring Tulin Yazkan Elite Cam. Cobra Suzgon.

In 2017,

She appeared in the series Kirlangic Firtinasi. The series talks about “Olft” (Amal Choljchen). who became pregnant outside marriage. and is forced to give her son to her older brother “Qadrat” (Fikret Kochkan) during the birth period. Meanwhile. Maryam gives birth to Qadrat’s wife as well. He puts “Qadrit” Ibn “Olfat” next to his son. and says that the two children have given birth to twins and the years pass by. These two sons are “Shaheen” (Akin Mart Daimaz) and “Yusef” (Gon Akinji).

neither “Olfat” nor “Maryam” ( Ibero Ayachach knows the facts. and “estimated” does not know which of his son is. the mother “Fikret” (Aichanel Chamlioglu) knows what happened with all the facts. for how long she will be able to succeed in keeping the secret that she hidden for years inside her.

In 2017 participated at the same time a series called “Bodrum Masali”

Bodrum Masalı. The story of the Bodrum Masali series. a comedy-drama. Avery rich family that goes bankrupt due to fictitious companies and evades accumulated taxes and loses all its properties. Ships and pubs. And the family returns to Bodrum and their lives start from scratch. But how will they adapt With the situation. Especially the family members. The brothers Atash and Sue. you see a relationship between a group of close friends.

the story of an employee and a beautiful young girl. as all friends plan to marry them together. Through various adventures during the summer vacation. where friendship surpasses money and wealth through a rich and ambitious man and his wife Through a secret life with a second woman. all on vacation in Bodrum with rich friends.

Her series

We saw her in a good role in the series ufak tefek cinayetler. The drama embodied in the series is always an inspiration that the writer derives from an incident he heard about or a story he read about it so that the writer travels in the sea of ​​his imagination and his knowledge to return with a new written novel represented by the two actors. and the writer chooses them carefully to ensure the success of his work. To the end. this is his work and his religion that he devoted his life to. and among the works presented by one of the writers and on which he worked on the story of the ufak tefek cinayetler series “ufak tefek cinayetler”. Which will be discussed in this article. His story is interesting and interesting.

Any drama must be tainted by a lot of events ranging from romance to poetic logic and action. and one of the most important examples of this wonderful and constructive mixture is an interesting and expressive Turkish series. and the sayings ranged in it that this story is inspired by an American series called BIG LiTTLELiES with a change in Events.

This story depends a lot on the female element. and its protagonists are women and thus it has taken a dramatic turn. the story starts from the lives of four girls who met each other in high school and a very strong friendship arose between them. And the matter was not only limited to friendship. But went much further. But Upon passing high school. Each of them went to study somewhere with a specific specialty. and they were Oia. Merge. Blaine. and Arezzo.

Menekse Efeoglu in the series Sefirin Kizi

She played the role of Menekse Efeoglu. wife of Sinjar. Eve. In the series Sefirin Kizi. which quickly received a large audience. Her role was distinct from the above. while she presented a negative role as the role of a girl from a simple family who married Sinjar. Who became rich after working for years. Which made her not want to lose Her husband. Although she knows his love and affection for another unit.

The events of the Sefirin Kizi series revolve around Engin Akyurek. Asimple young man who lives in Mugla and works as an electrical engineer. Who loves fun and friends. But the life of this young man is completely upended when he falls in love with Sefirin Kizi. and matters get more complicated when his brother suddenly disappears and it is revealed that his last appearance was inside the embassy in Turkish. The producers of the series set a huge budget to attract the attention of followers in various countries and be a starting point for several parts.

Menekse Efeoglu in the series Sefirin Kizi
Menekse Efeoglu in the series Sefirin Kizi
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