Who is Toygan Avanogluoglu? wife, religion, series and more

1. What is the religion of Toygan Avanogluoglu?

Probably the Toygan Avanogluoglu Muslim religion.

2. Who is Toygan Avanogluoglu’s wife?

Toygan Avanogluoglu is married.

3. What is the age of Toygan Avanogluoglu?

Age Toygan Avanogluogluin 2020 :38.

4. What is the length of Toygan Avanogluoglu?

Length 189 cm.

5. What is the date of birth of Toygan Avanogluoglu?


Toygan Avanoglu, the Turkish actor, provided the function of Coptagil inside the Hanım okayöylü series, Najmuddin within the Meleklerin Aşokı series, his religion and is he a Muslim or Christian, his age, date of delivery and astrological sign, his spouse who’s she, his series and what are the most prominent characters he supplied, the start of his artistic profession, all you may find that and more in this article.

The actor Toygan Avanoglu

Date of birth: 1/1/1982.
Location of birth: Izmir, Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Religion Muslim.
Astrological signal: Capricorn.
The start of his appearing profession: It started out in 2009.
Years of activity: from 2009 till now.
His wife: Married.
Children: He has a son.
Career: Actor.
Age in 2020: 38 years.
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The Turkish actor Toygan Avanoglu became born on the primary of January and that during 1982 and he is now 38 years old and his astrological signal is Capricorn, he turned into born within the city of Izmir in Turkey, the religion of Tuyganoglu is Islam, he’s the son of an inventive own family, his father turned into a musician and his mom is instructor, he cherished acting from a young age and took acting training on the Mawjdat Jazan Institute of art.

He become a player within the Turkish volleyball crew in his childhood, he studied at Istanbul college and graduated from the bodily training branch, he decided to quit gambling volleyball and visit acting. He married his female friend and had a son from her.

The Turkish artist, Toygan Avanoglu, was well-known for his wit and his performance in quite a number of comedic roles, and he also participated in several movies, and labored as a volleyball participant within the Turkish countrywide team seeing that his adolescence.

Starts acting

The Turkish actor Toygan Avanoglu started out in 2009 when he participated within the Turkish comedy film Kanal-i-Zasyon. Then he participated in his first television paintings in 2012 in the series “Enemy Brothers” wherein he embodied the character Ilker, one of his most famous roles is his position within the collection “Hanım oköylü” in addition to the series “Meleklerin Aşokayı”, wherein he embodied the person of Najmuddin and his prominent inventive works persevered.

Hanım köylü series

The famous Hanım oköylü series is a Turkish romantic comedy drama collection that become produced in 2016, the series revolves across the girls of the village who fear for them to leave the village without deliberating that there is a threat that threatens them from people who come to the village from outside and who thieve the hearts of those The women are again from in which they came once more.

The humans of the village set a law that whoever wants to marry a female from the village have to be a farmer and be a part of the human beings of the village, a young guy comes from outdoor the village and receives attached to one of the ladies and this younger man has the same opinion to the regulation of the village to live there, however it is not smooth as he thinks, the collection tells the occasions in a comedian framework Romantic and a few funny conditions, the series was broadcast for the first time in April 2016, the collection directed by Turkish director Murat Dogan, co-starring Turkish actor Toygan Avanoglu who embodies the character of Coptagil, Turkish actor Youssef Cem, Turkish actress Gulsim Ali, Turkish actor Mehmed Ozgur and others.

Meleklerin Aşokı

Meleklerin Aşkı is a Turkish comedy-drama collection that changed into shown in July 2018, the series revolves around the mom who left her baby in front of a nursing home and that in 1995, one of the aged women in the house took the kid and all the family participants amassed round the kid and selected for him a name Yamur, Yamur turned into delivered up inside the house, and after 23 years Yamor had grown up and became a beautiful and wise younger guy who worked inside the house and cherished anybody round him.

On the other hand, a circle of relatives comes to the place and wants to shop for a massive villa however reveals its fee is high, so the villa proprietors attempted to exploit the mom who desired to shop for the villa so as to buy it at the situation that they persuade her daughter to return to Turkey, a stunning and stubborn woman known as Malak, and Yamor fell in love together with her due to the fact he first noticed her as soon as, at the same time as she become living together with her father in Germany, the mom observed Yamor’s love for her daughter and attempted to mix them so one can make an angel stay together with her and not return to her father in Germany.

She agreed with Yamor to attempt to make her fall in love with him, however a fireplace came about within the aged home and Yamor rescued an angel from the house. A real love story started out among them, however other matters show up that alternate the course of events.

The series stars the Turkish actress Julbir Ozdemir, who embodied the individual of Malak, the Turkish actor Toygan Avanoglu who embodies the man or woman of Najmuddin, the Turkish actor Berkay Hardal who embodies the person of Yamor, the Turkish actor Serkan Kuru, the Turkish actress Oya Pasar who embodied the role of a classy and others, the collection carried out success huge.

Kuzey Yıldızı

The famous Turkish series Kuzey Yıldızı, which started its presentation in September 2019, revolves round a funny romantic novel complete of adventures and love stories, the collection tells the story of a person named Kuzey whose spouse left him without money and went bankrupt and stored his residence, moved far from the town wherein he lives and lived with his daughters The 3 are “Joksha, Amina, Farida”, but he lost the entirety in his work and again from where he came. The female he left and lived some distance away remains there and she or he did not marry. Cosi tries to go back the lot because it was inside the beyond, so will he reach that ?.

Even though 20 years have surpassed since his departure from the town, will the girls adapt to a new life or no longer ?, and the occasions comply with in a comic-dramatic framework, the collection written and directed by Urosi Julier, the collection was co-starred by means of the Turkish actor Ismail Demirci, who embodies the character of Kosi, the Turkish actor Toygan Avanoglu who The man or woman of Safar embodies the Turkish actress Aslihan Junir Mert who embodied the character Yildiz, the Turkish actor Aslhan Kabanchein, the Turkish actress Zeynep Cancun, the Turkish actor Ozcan Karaman, the Turkish actor Gizem Gunes and others.

Toygan Avanoglu Series Movies and TV Shows

He participated for the primary time within the series entitled “Enemy Brothers”, which turned into shown in 2012, in which he embodied the character Ilker, and co-starring actor Tariq Babucho, actress Oba Aydogan.

Participated in the collection “Güzel köylü”, which become shown in 2015, and even though it was now not dubbed, it turned into a brilliant success and co-starring actress Gizam Karaga.
He participated inside the collection entitled “Hanım okayöylü”, which changed into shown in 2016, in which he embodied the man or woman of Coptagil and co-starred actress Aslihan Hatton, actor Youssef Cem.

Participated within the collection entitled “Meleklerin Aşokı”, which turned into proven in 2018, wherein he embodied the person of Necmettin and co-starred with the Turkish actress Gulbir Ozdemir.
Participated in the series entitled “Kuzey Yıldızı” which was shown in 2019, and co-starring actor Ismail Demirci, Turkish actress Aslihan Junir.


He first became concerned in cinema when he offered a movie known as “Kanal-i-Zasyon,” which turned into shown in 2009.
He participated in a movie called “Gecmis Olsun” which was shown in 2019 and is considered his ultimate work and co-starred the stunning Turkish actress Wave Bose.

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