The story of series Ölüm Bize Yakışır

The new Turkish series, Ölüm Bize Yakışır

The new Turkish series, Ölüm Bize Yakışır, we have collected for you a full report about it and everything you want to know about the series, its story, who are its participating heroes, personal information about them, the dates of the series’s presentation, the show channel and many other details with a group of pictures of the series Ölüm Bize Yakışır and pictures of its heroes its participants.


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Ölüm Bize Yakışır Series Storyline
Heroes of the series Ölüm Bize Yakışır
The dates of the series Ölüm Bize Yakışır and the channel that shows it
Information about the heroes of the series Ölüm Bize Yakışır

Ölüm Bize Yakışır Series Storyline

The Turkish series Ölüm Bize Yakışır is one of the new Turkish series that is being filmed in the current period. The series is produced by Pastel Film and directed by Devrim Yalçın. The series is separate connected episodes and many distinguished stars and artists of Turkey participate, and the work is discussed as a group Of the important topics and issues, in addition to the presence of a number of love and romance stories that overcome most of the stories of the distinguished Turkish series, and the events of the series revolve in each story in an interesting and exciting dramatic framework.

The story of series Olum Bize Yakisir
The story of series Olum Bize Yakisir

Heroes of the series Ölüm Bize Yakışır


– İlayda Alişan
Hazal Subaşı / Hazal Subasi
– Ezgi Eyüpoğlu
Ceren Moray – Ceren Moray


The dates of the series Ölüm Bize Yakışır and the channel that shows it


The series Ölüm Bize Yakışır . will be shown
On Turkish screens during the summer season of 2021, the series will be shown on the Turkish Star TV channel

Information about the heroes of the series Ölüm Bize Yakışır


Turkish actress Elida Alishan

Elida Alishan is a Turkish actress, born in 1996 in Istanbul, Turkey. Actress Elida Alishan got her secondary school education from Bahçet Kemal Çağlar School. She started her interest in acting from high school and entered the artistic and acting field since 2011 until now, and the Turkish actress Elida Alishan Ali appeared The screen for the first time through the Turkish series Bir Çocuk Sevdim, and for a while in its artistic beginnings, it presented similar roles and characters, such as its roles in dramas such as the series Dream, Tell Me About Love, Heartbreaker, My Name is Gültepe and Serçe Sarayı.

In 2017, she presented a different and distinct artistic role, and the reason for her artistic launch was the Çukur series, and she was co-starring with Aras Bulut Enimli and Dylan, and in 2019 she participated in a series that was shown on Netflix, which is the series Hakan: The Guardian. And one of the dramatic works of actress Elida Alishan, in which she participated in the series

– liked a child
Heart thief
– My name is Gultepe
– Tell me to love
The hole series
Hakan: The Guardian
– a hero
– The Innocence series


Information about the heroes of the series Olum Bize Yakisir
Information about the heroes of the series Olum Bize Yakisir

Turkish actress Hazal Subasi


Hazal Subashi is a Turkish actress and model, born in 1995 in Izmir, Turkey. She graduated from Izmir University of Economics, Department of Public Relations and Advertising
In 2015, actress Hazal Subasi participated in the Miss Turkey competition and won the third place in the competition. After the competition ended, Hazal Subasi took acting lessons and appeared on the Turkish screen for the first time in 2018 during her participation in the series “Call What You Want” and it was shown to me TRT screen 1.

In the same year, she presented another drama series of her absolute starring, which is a series entitled “One Hope is Enough.” After that, she continued her dramatic works, in which she played the role of the absolute star, and in 2021 she participated in the series “The Line That Separates Us,” “The Hot Head” series, and “Ölüm Bize Yakışır” series.

And in 2018, the Turkish actress Hazal Subashi received an artistic award from the Cyprus Havadis Media Awards as the best actress of that year.
One of the most important dramas in which actress Hazal Subasi participated is the series

One hope is enough
Episode series
The hole series
The line that separates us
Hot head series

Turkish actress Ezci Ayuboglu


Izci Eyupuğlu is a Turkish actress whose full name is Saadet Ezci Eyüboğlu. She was born in 1988 in Ankara, Turkey, from a middle class family. Her father was a banker, and her mother worked as a chemistry teacher. She belongs to an Albanian immigrant family, and her paternal grandparents are Bedri Rahmi Eyuplu. Sabahatin Iuplu.

Turkish actress Ezci Ayuboglu graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Economics, and then obtained a Master’s degree from Bahcesehir University in Advanced Acting.
Turkish actress Ezji Ayuboglu started her artistic career since 2007 and appeared for the first time in a series entitled Lak, then presented the series Streets of Return, the series My Heart chooses for you, and the series Harem Al Sultan.

Then, her distinguished and successful artistic works continued. As for her work in cinema, she presented during her artistic career from the beginning until now in two films, the movie Holy Carboy: Dracula and the movie Friend of the Road 2

And one of the most famous and prominent dramas in which actress Ezci Eyupoglu participated, such as the series


Sultan’s harem
The fish are tired of the water
Revenge series
First, Istanbul
The name is happiness series
Payitaht series: Abdul Hamid
– family story
Agency series

Turkish actress Ceren Moray


Her name in Turkish is Ceren Moray, and she is a Turkish actress. She was born in 1985 in Diyarbakir, Turkey. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Haliç University. At the university level, she participated in a number of theatrical performances on the university stage, although acting was not in her thoughts or dreams. But when she stood on the stage and participated in acting on it, she loved acting greatly and became attached to it, so she began to focus on the art of acting and studying the art of theater.

Before entering the artistic field of acting, actress Ceren Moray appeared in a number of commercial advertisements for the most famous commercial companies, and her first dramatic work, in which she participated, was the Safsaf series, and she was in the final year of her university studies, but she got her great fame and the real breakthrough in the world of art and acting came. During her participation in the series That is my life Ana in 2017.

As for cinematic films, she participated during her career in the film Little September in 2014, the film Innocent Love in 2016, the film A Small September Affair and Yok, then her many artistic works continued.

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