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Vani Rani series

Series name: Vani Rani / or Fanny and Rani
Genre of the series: Indian
The series is written by: Conversations – Pa Raghavan
Number of seasons: 1 – Episodes 1743 episodes
The series directed by: Since the series is one of long episodes, a large group of directors in India participated, including ON Rathnam – VC Ravi – Ramachanterran – R. Aravindraj – CJ Baskar.

The heroes of the series Vani Rani and their roles

The series includes a very large group of people because it is one of the longest-running drama series in India and among these heroes
Raadhika Sarathkumar as Fanny. Rani’s twin sister and Boominathan’s wife
Raadhika Sarathkumar as Rani and Swaminathan’s wife
Ravikumar as Manikkam. the uncle of Twins Fanny and Rani
Venu Arvind as Fanny’s husband. Bowminathan
Babloo Prithiveeraj as Rani’s husband Swaminathan.
Aaron Kumar Rajan as Surya. son of Vanni and Boominathan.
Vicky Krish as son of Fanny and Bomanathan.
Manas Chavalli as Saravanan. son of Rani and Swaminathan
Nilima Rani as Rani’s daughter
Niranjani Ashok as Sylvie Rajesh

The dates of the series “Vani Rani” and the channels showing the series

The series was first shown in India in 2017 in the Bengali language on the Bengali channel. Zee. in the name of Fani and Rani. and then it was broadcasted internationally in a number of other countries: Sri Lanka. Southeast Asia. the Middle East. the United States of America. Canada. Europe. Oceania. South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa on Al Shams TV. and it was also shown on YouTube by Radaan Media.

The story and events of the series Vani Rani \ Fannie and Rani

Vani Rani is a social drama series that affects the spirit and details of the family. The intertwining relationships within it. The conflicts that exist within members of the same family. And how these differences and conflicts may affect the entity and unity of the family.

The story of Vani Rani revolves around the twin sisters Fanny and Rani. When their father and mother die when they are young and their uncle takes charge of them and raises them, and they live with him at home, and he spends on them.

The years go by and grow. Vanni and Rani want to complete her studies and become A famous lawyer. and when her sister Rani learns her dream. She sacrifices for her sister. and helps her to reach and achieve her dream. Rani did not complete her education like her sister. so that her uncle agreed to complete her sister’s education to allow her to become a lawyer.

Indeed. Fanny becomes a lawyer and marries a businessman who works in granite named Bomanatan. as for her twin sister Rani. she marries the brother of her sister’s husband. then I and the two sisters. Rani and I are also married to two brothers. Rani’s husband named Swaminatan and he works as a famous restaurant owner, and they live All of them are in one house.

The new episodes

Fanny gives birth to two sons. Surya Narayanan. Who is an unemployed and reckless lawyer who does not feel responsible. And the second son is Gautam, a college student, and Vanny and her husband are a successful couple in their work and family life. And they live a stable life with each other and have a strong love relationship.

On the other hand. Her sister Rani. who has 3 sons. Sarafanan – Sylvie – and Thanmuzi. is Rani and her husband. They were not successful and that is because of her husband Suminathan’s work. Most of them end in failure, and they have a lot of disagreements and quarrels between them. This difference makes them a kind of jealousy, and He always showed them a sense of vanity. Especially for his wife’s sister. Rani. as he was better than her husband.

Years pass by their cousin Maneikam. whose name is Manohar. falls in love with Jyothi. Who is the sister of the Vanni and Rani couple. And he runs away with her and marries her far from her family. From here. Disputes and conflicts begin to enter the family home because the two sisters are angry with their uncle because of his son’s actions and he spoke Disagreements between them and their wives due to the escape of their sister with their cousin. And these differences are exacerbated to the point that the two sisters do not even talk to each other.

Also, their mother-in-law. Which is her name. Angayarkanni. who is involved in conflicts and disagreements with the two sisters for the sake of her daughter. Who escaped and married their cousin and wanted to take revenge on them. In addition to that she was jealous of her husband, and I’s relationship and wanted to keep them away from each other and plotting against them.

All these disagreements led in the end to the division of the family and the separation of Vani and her husband from each other. and a long period passed. but with the passage of time. Bomenathan’s husband discovered that he was wrong with his wife and children and decided to return to her again. But this time they will live in A separate house on their own. far from quarrels and conflicts. Despite this problems still haunt them.


Because his son Gautam was married to Saravanan. Rani’s daughter. he decided to separate from her and leave her. And then he married Pooja. also, their daughter Sylvie lives many problems and disputes with her husband’s father. her son marries Syria to a girl named Dimple or Dumbbell and she is a girl with a stubborn and strong personality And she has a love of control. and after marriage she lives with her mother-in-law. because I am at home and she has great feelings of hatred on the part of her mother-in-law. so I try to be the owner of the opinion or the word and do everything against her mother-in-law to harass and provoke her and she is trying to control her son to be obedient to her and Under her control and be by her side.

As for me. she is trying to keep them away from each other by all means and methods. and they are divorced several times. Which made the existence of intense enmity between Fanny and Akelandiswari. who is the mother of Dumbbell and the mother-in-law of her son due to the bad relationship Vanni and her daughter Dumbbell.

And the events of the series end with the return of the strong and emotional relationship between the two sisters. Fanny and Rani. and each one of them apologizes to the other for her mistakes and forgives each one of her faults. and the family returns to live again with each other in peace after the passage of many disputes and problems.