The story of the Turkish series Akif, actors

Get to know with us the story of the new Turkish series Akif Akif and exclusive information about the series, its story, the heroes participating in it, their roles in the series, personal information about them, the dates of the Akif series, the channel showing it, the number of episodes of the series and many other details with a set of pictures of the series Akif and pictures of the heroes participating in it.

Akif heroes and their roles

– Fikret Koçkan / as Muhammed Akif Ersoy
– Ozge Burak / as Mrs. Ismet
– Gökçe Akildis – in a beautiful role
– Artan Saban

The dates of the presentation of the Akif series and the channel that shows it

The Akif series will be shown next September and will be shown on the Turkish channel TRT 0. It consists of 13 episodes and the duration of the episode is 40 minutes.

Akif series story

One of the new Turkish series that is being filmed at the present time, and one of the series that is eagerly awaited by viewers, because it is one of the interesting drama series, which deals with a true story of one of the famous and well-known personalities in Turkey, and the story of the Akif series deals with the life story of Muhammad Akif Ersoy, who is the author of The national anthem of Turkey, and the series tells about his personal and family life since his birth until the stage before he wrote the national anthem of the country, and what Muhammad Akif Ersoy went through in his life and all the difficulties and crises he went through in his life and the love of his life who lived his dream and the series revolves In an exciting and interesting drama framework, Akif series directed by Salah El Din Sanjakli.


The story of the Turkish series Akif
The story of the Turkish series Akif

Who is the actor Fikret Koshkan Akif hero

Fikret Kuşkan is a Turkish actor whose name in Turkish is Fikret Kuşkan. He was born in Istanbul in Turkey in 1965. His father was from Albania and his mother was an immigrant from Bulgaria. His father was paralyzed when he was 4 years old and he had 4 brothers. His father died when he A student at school, the actor Fikret Koskan had to drop out to work in any profession so that he could support his family. He worked for a year in the plumbing field, and after 3 years he wanted to complete his education, so he joined Hasköy High School and then at the university level he joined Goethe University in Berlin after several attempts He had to join Sinan University because he wanted to be a theater actor, but he did not pass the acting exams.

Starting actor Fikret Koshkan

His artistic career since 1989 and he appeared for the first time in artwork through the series “Teenagers” and then participated in the series “The Secret” and “The Two-Giant Giant” series, after which his many artistic works continued, and the actor Fikret Koshkan received many artistic awards. He won the Best Actor Award at the 25th Istanbul Film Festival, and won the Best Actor Award for Orange Orange 28. He also won the Best Actor Award at the Ankara Film Festival in 2002 and the Best Actor Award at the 25th Istanbul Film Festival.

And about his personal life, he married in 2005 and gave birth to his son, Gün Cozgon, and in 2014 he separated from his wife by divorce and then remarried from the music school Arsvi Ozkara in Marseille so far.

Who is the Turkish actress Ozge Burak?

Özge Borak, her name in Turkish, is Özge Borak. She was born in 1982 in Istanbul – Turkey. She was raised and lived in the midst of a well-known artistic family in Turkey. Her father is Selcuk Burak, one of the most famous choreographers at the Istanbul Institute of Opera and Ballet, and her mother and sister are among the most famous ballet dancers in Turkey. Her upbringing in an artistic house had a great impact on her upbringing and her love of art.

Turkish actress Ozge Burak graduated from Devlet Conservatory University in Istanbul, theatrical department, and then joined the famous Teatrolari School of Acting. But the work that achieved great success for her in her artistic career in Turkey and abroad is his participation in the famous Turkish series “Sunna Al-Loss” and her embodiment of the character (Rafif).

Who is actress Gökçe Ekildiz?

Gökçe Ekildiz is a Turkish actress, born in 1992 in Silop, Turkey. She is the third daughter of her family. She studied theater. She entered the artistic field and acting as a young child when she was 10 years old. She entered acting by sheer coincidence when her father won a car award and her family appeared on The television screen when they received the award during the competition, and actress Gökçe Akildis drew many to her natural beauty.

Actress Gökçe Akildis participated in many distinguished works of art, including Our School series, The Path of Evil series, Behind the Bars series, Ghazi series, Zeinab series, Flowers in the Bike, Desert series, and Sad Flowers series, which is one of her most important artworks in her artistic career. .

Who is the actor Ertan Saban?

Ertan Saban is a well-known Turkish actor, born in 1977 in Skopje, Macedonia. His brother is Turkish actor Erman Saban, a famous theater actor.
He studied and graduated from the Macedonian State Conservatoire of Theater Department. At the beginning of his career, he acted on stage with the actor’s sister, Erman Saban.

He participated in many theatrical performances such as The Sultan’s Office, The Chamber of the Deaf, The Prosecutor’s Wife, Rumeli’s Farewell, Sakarya Virat, Shadoulis, Children of the Other Quarters, Be Happy, No Mistakes, Lemonade, Courtyard and Cicero and other plays.

As for his appearance in dramatic works of art, he appeared for the first time in 2003 through his participation in the series Sultan Maqam, and then his dramatic works followed, and his participation also in animated series, and from the most famous and most prominent of his dramatic works, such as the series Büyük Sürgün Kafkasya and the series Görüş Günü Kadınları and Balkan Is Not Dead, Bir Kadın Tanıdım, Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu, Mehmed: Bir Cihan Padişahı, Gel Dese Aşk and Çiçero.

In 2008, actor Ertan Saban won the Best Actor Award from the 4th Kaunos Golden Lion Film Festival, and for the personal life of Turkish artist Ertan Saban, he has been married to Turkish actress Ebru Ozkan since 2016 and had his only daughter Persik.

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