Teşkilat – The Organization series, casting and dates

tv collection Teşkilat-The employer data and the overall tale The Turkish television show is new. the info of the tale of the television display. the crew of the Teşkilat tv display.  the channel that agreed to be proven exclusively and whilst will the show date.
Teşkilat is one of the especially expected television display. as it’s miles starring drama big name caglar ertugrul
. and you may be inside the girl lead position. Ezgy Ayuboglu and a huge group of artwork stars.

Teşkilat series and information Around it

Teşkilat. a new Turkish tv display. Izki Ayuboglu has agreed with production organization Tims & B to superstar in the Teşkilat television display to be proven on Trt1. Directed through: Yagiz Alp Akaiden. it’s far pronounced that the organization is keeping meetings with caglar ertugrul for the guys’s championship.

Time & B production employer starts making ready a new paintings known as “Teşkilat – Teşkilat”. a navy television display approximately Turkish countrywide Intelligence. a few social conditions overlap. TRT1 has been decided on because the displaying channel for this work. The director of this work is the director of the tv show Al-Ahd and Ramo in its first element. His name is “Yagiz Alp Akaiden”.

Teşkilat television display tale

Teşkilat tv display revolves across the Turkish national Intelligence service and has quite a few tasks that it undertakes. besides many other super stories. The tv display will be directed via Yagiz Alp Akaiden. along with: The Covenant television show. the primary season of Ramo. and the film The terrible Boy.

in the Teşkilat tv show. if you want to be inside the shape of a troop chain. A story can be informed of a special unit operating under the supervision of the country wide Intelligence provider. The squaddies of this Teşkilat secretive carried out very a success special operations in the usa and abroad. nobody is aware of her. and even when they were martyred. no person knows why they have been martyred. however domestic is thankful to those mystery heroes.

The enterprise. with a view to be directed by Yağız Alp Akaydın. may be supplied to the target market with the aid of Tims & B. The government channel TRT 1 is anticipated to show it on screen on Sunday evenings instead of the low-rated tv show Repentance.

In the television show

a tv display of operations accomplished by means of Skali and his group of the Turkish Counter-Terrorism administration. between 1980 and 2000. are filmed behind the curtain. AND movie and tv tv show producers. who completed any such assignment at the same time as preventing the pandemic; Youssef Kurtulo.

Ahmed Yazici and Ismail Durmush Kanjir made statements and said that they filmed and posted the tv display below hard circumstances. additionally they expressed their satisfaction in reaching a big fan base in a brief time. The tv show’ episodes preserve without being slowed down via these tremendous traits. similarly.

inside the following episodes of the “Teşkilat” television tv show. the research needed to comprise 9aaf3f374c58e8c9dcdd1ebf10256fa5 faces started out. Ismail Dormush Kenger. one of the manufacturers. confirmed that the interest within the television display within the quick term will contribute definitely to the merchandising of Kayseri and its areas. Yusuf Kurtoglu. director and scriptwriter of the tv display and one in every of its manufacturers. stated that steps have been taken to fulfill the target audience with greater well-known actors and a extra professional team.

The casting

Caglar Artgrel
Izgy Ayuboglu

showing times and channel

This tv show is one of the works predicted to be proven inside the subsequent season of 2021. The Teşkilat tv display is proven on TRT 1. And now there are interviews with the artist Çalar to megastar on this position. this would no longer be taken into consideration his first military role. He even presented the function of the officer inside the movie “The Mountain” formerly.

Tims & B Productions is the organisation that produces the television display. Tims & B Productıons has produced many television television show thus far. She is likewise very formidable together with her new tv show The Order. There is not a lot explanation for The corporation television display to be broadcast on TRT 1 screens.

Izgy Ayuboglu actress

Ezji is a digested artist who is fast common with the aid of the viewer. mild acting. natural acting. not fawning. it virtually stole the hearts of the visitors. Yazigi will co-megastar inside the action for the first time with the television show The Order.

Ezji Iboglu. who seemed in many tv tv display which includes Payitaht Abdülhamid and Bir Aile Hikayesi. had her largest start with the television show Zalim Istanbul and adı Mutluluk. Ezgi Eyüboğlu. opened her eyes to life in Istanbul on June 15. 1988. completed her educational schooling on the school of Economics at Istanbul college after which studied acting at Bahcesehir college. Ezji Eyuboglu weighs fifty two kg and is 1.sixty five m in height. Ezji Ayuboglu is in love with Seda Sayan’s son. Ogulkan Engin.

Chaglar Artgrel of the television show

Caglar is one of the stars of our tv display who is being contacted for the enterprise championship. he is one of the most well-wellfamous Turkish stars of our time. He presented many of her works. which include television and cinematic. And he were given a super deal of fame that makes him a expensive actor.

it’s miles one of the quintessential names for each the army television show and the romantic comedy television display. fantastic hit within the romantic comedy Avili Ashk. After the fulfillment he done inside the tv show Fadela and her daughters. The seasoned actor who will take a gun for the Re-Order tv show is at the start from Izmir.

The handsome Actor Çağlar Ertuğrul became born on November five. 1987 in Karsiyaka. and he become 33 years vintage while he performed in the television show Teskilat. Chaglar Artgrel. who studied mechanical engineering at Koç university. gave the academy 35.5 for appearing whilst he acquired a totally fine reaction on YouTube with his properly appears and potential to make human beings chuckle. After a a success training. he joined the film Mountain solid. He controlled to grow to be well-wellfamous in his first individual. Caglar Ertuğrul. then persevered his achievement in tv tv show like tell Me story. Medcezir. Sorry for Me. Fazilet Hanım. and okızları. He additionally confirmed this achievement in films and additionally had achievement from live With Me and Your family wonder movies.

the tale of the Teşkilat television display

preliminary agreements had been with the artist Chatai Ulusoy to reap the title of this role. but no settlement turned into reached. The attempts started out with the actor. the hero of the Fadela Hanim tv show “Chaglar. The tv display will cowl the problem of countrywide intelligence. it will be about the commercial lifestyles and personal lifestyles of a special team running for the national Intelligence organisation. when the info of the television show of enterprise are defined. we will add our subject matter.”

This tv display is firstly from a YouTube video. The film. shot by AND on YouTube underneath the name Teşkilat. changed into tremendously seemed. The audience’s hobby inside the clever television display was also seen after the young guy who did no longer wear a mask was punished. but he said “He sent me Teşkilat’s wide variety to get a whole lot of attention and became on the time table. Tems B determined to set up production for Teşkilat television tv show. in step with our estimates. Cihan Aksu. who asked his son-in-law No. Teşkilat. is likewise anticipated to be inside the television display Order.

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