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The new Turkish series Yargı, we have collected for you a full report on the new Turkish series, ruling and a lot of information about it, its story, its heroes participating in it, information about them, the dates of the presentation of the Yargı series and its channel, with an exclusive set of pictures of the Yargı series and pictures of its heroes participating in it.


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The heroes of the series Yargı
The story of the series Yargı
The dates of the series “Yargi” and the channel that shows it
Who is the Turkish artist Kan Organcioglu, the hero of the series?
Who is the Turkish actress Pinar Deniz, the heroine of the series?


The heroes of the series Yargı

– Kaan Urgancıoğlu
Pınar Deniz
Another group of artists in Turkey will participate in the series, but they have not been announced during the current period, and the rest of the team and other stars of the series are being nominated.

The story of the series Yargi


It was recently announced that the shooting date of the new Turkish drama series, Yargı, is approaching, and it is expected that filming will start during August 2021.

the Yargı series, written by the scriptwriter Sima Ergenekon. The series was originally called the competition, but the name Yargı was chosen to suit it more than the first title. The Yargı series belongs to the quality of Turkish drama series, which consists of more than one type of different types of drama such as suspense drama Thriller, romance, social drama, etc.

The series Yargi stars the famous Turkish artist Kan Organcioglu and the beautiful Turkish artist Pinar Deniz. This series is the second dramatic artistic cooperation between them, as they previously starred in a Turkish series entitled Love Aşk 101, which was shown on the global Netflix platform in 2020, and revolves around The story of the series Yargı about the legal profession and the judiciary and what is going on in this world of conflict and competition between lawyers and some of them, and what is going on in the court arena of disputes and various cases and many crimes and judgments issued to people including the oppressed, including the accused and the criminal and a number Of the various human, social and material issues in which the judiciary rules between disputing persons.

The series witnesses a struggle between the series’ heroes because they work in the legal profession, but the conflict will remain between them throughout the events of the series, or will it turn into a great love that unites them. This is what the exciting and interesting events of the series Yargı will reveal.


The story of the series Yargi
The story of the series Yargi

The dates of the series “Yargı” and the channel that shows it


The Turkish series, Yargı, will be shown after the completion of its filming and will be shown on the screen of the Turkish channel Kanal D.

Who is the Turkish artist Organcioglu was the hero of the series?


Can Organcioglu is a famous Turkish actor, born in 1981 in Izmir, Turkey. His father is of Turkish origin, and his mother is of Albanian and Syrian origin and is a Muslim. The Turkish artist Kan Organcioglu graduated from a private high school and then joined the Turkish College and The American College and then joined Marmara University, Department of Finance. At the same time, artist Can Organcioglu studied acting and cinema. Can Organcioglu graduated after 7 years of university studies.

He started his artistic career in 2002, and he was still studying at the university level, and his first role in dramas was a starring role in the Turkish series Ispanaktan Nağmeler, with the participation of the Turkish artist Dimit Akbag, who is a close friend of the artist’s family, Can Organcioglu, and in 2008 the artist Kahn traveled Organcioglu to the United States of America and studied acting there for 6 months and then returned again to his country Turkey to complete his artistic career in acting and participated in many distinguished and varied Turkish works of art between films, dramas and others, during which he achieved many artistic successes And wide fame in Turkey and abroad.

The heroes of the series Yargi
The heroes of the series Yargi

The artist, Kan Organcioglu, was on the list of distinguished and famous stars in Turkey, and he became one of the most important stars of Turkey at all, especially after his participation in the Turkish series Blind Love, which was dubbed into Arabic, and the series achieved great success when it was shown in the Arab world, and the artist presented The Turkish Kan Organcioglu has about 24 Turkish drama works and about 10 successful Turkish films. Among the most prominent and famous dramas in which he participated are, such as the Kamposistan series – Korfez Atishi – Senychok Ozlidem – Ah Police Ulsam – Azab Yolu – Lemon Agassi – Kanim Alim – Düriye’nin Güğümleri – Leyla Elie Majnoon – Düşman Kardeşler – Blind Love – Jack Ryan – Love 101 and it is his last drama that he presented in 2020 and other works.

Who is the Turkish actress Pinar Deniz, the heroine of the series?

Pinar Deniz is a Turkish actress, born in 1993 in Adana, Turkey. Her family belongs to Arab-Lebanese origin from Mardin. At the age of two years old, she and her family moved to Tarabya, Istanbul, and she has an older sister, a younger sister, and a younger brother. Her father worked in a kebab shop before living in Istanbul, and her grandmother passed away in 2020 after contracting the Corona virus.

Turkish actress Pinar Deniz graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Public Relations and Advertising, and appeared for the first time on Turkish screens in 2014 through her participation in a Turkish series entitled Ciel Pashtan. Then she continued her distinguished dramatic and cinematic works in addition to acting. The artist, Pinar Deniz, appeared in a Turkish video song. Titled “Yani” with the famous Turkish pop singer Murat Dalkılıç, and among the most famous and distinguished dramas of Turkish artist Pinar Deniz, such as the series “Bayyad Yalan” – Günebakan – Vatanim Sensin – Per Deli Rozgarer – Love 101 – Minagremi Ara – Kırmızı Oda.

As for the films in her artistic career, the artist Pinar Deniz has presented only 3 films so far, and these films are Kardashim Benim 2 – İnsanlar İkiye Ayrılır – and Aşkın Kıyameti.

As for the personal life and lover of the Turkish artist, Pinar Deniz, she was associated with a love story more than once, and the first love story she lived was an emotional relationship that brought her together with the Turkish artist Kan Turgut, and he co-starred with her in the famous Turkish series “Crazy Winds” and the love relationship between them remained For 3 years and then the separation occurred between them without giving any reasons for this separation.