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The heroes of this is Iste Bu Benim Masalim

Aleyna Tilki Aleyna
Cemal Can Canseven
Merve Sevin
Hassan Deniziran
Juxun Buyuk amber
Sude Odonzo (hake)
Bingo Gorse (gay)
Gulce Kanturk (Surrey)
Can White (Kabar)
Farouk Aran (Callender)
Zainab Kancondi (Asuman)
Kamel Gouler (Unsal)
Nevra Cerezli (Alina’s grandmother)
Azra Exo
Erin Emergol (Burke)
Emre Honer (Hakan Egy)
Egygonulal (Aegean)
Merv Kozil (Physical Education Teacher).

Show dates for this series is my story and the channel

The first episodes of the Turkish series start on January 1. 2021. and a new episode is presented every Friday on the Exxen platform.

The story of the Turkish series This is my story

The series This My Story is called Bu Benim Masalım in Turkish and it is written by Angel Seven and Deniz Gürlek. And directed by Kivanc Barono and its type is a youth musician.

Its beginning is so that most of its audience is young. And the story of the series revolves around a young man at the age of 17 years of age. Who is a young man with ambition. Great energy and artistic talent inside him.

All his dream in life is to become a famous artist and singer. But he is afraid and afraid to stand On the stage and facing the audience. And through our follow-up to the events of the series. We learn about the penalties and difficulties that this young man faced on his way to reach singing and fame.

Alina Talky is the heroine of Iste Bu Benim Masalim

She is a Turkish actress and singer and her fame is Alina Fox. She was born in 2000 in the city of Konya in Turkey. From a mother from Trabzon and a father from Konya.

In 2016 the singer Yen Talky participated in a singing competition and got the first places in the competition. And appeared in the same year A song by the Turkish composer and distributor.

Imra Karaduman, and the song was entitled Missed Çınlama. This song was published on Singles YouTube and achieved great success and a high viewership as it got more than 480 million views within one year and the song won the title of the Turkish song Most viewed and the name of the artist. Elina Telky. It Was placed on the MusicTopTR list, and she won the second place in the most successful songs in Turkey.

The story of the Turkish series This is my story
The story of the Turkish series This is my story

In 2017,

the artist Elina Talky. Released her first single song. Entitled You Were Bari. And this song ranked first in the ranking of Turkish songs. And the artist Alina Talky also appeared in a number of commercials.

Including the Shai Fuse advertisement and the Cornito advertisement. And in 2019. The artist and singer Elina Taki contracted with Warner Music Group. Which is considered one of the largest music companies in the world. Agreed with them to launch a full album of songs in English and 4 individual songs.

Through her joining this company. Elina Taki is the only Turkish singer who has dealt with this international company. One of the most famous songs that she presented to us.

Such as the song “If You Were Barry” – the song “How are you in love” – the song “Comfort” – and this song is my fairy tale and others. From the songs in addition to the many songs and different reviews that I participated in the series This is My Story.

As for acting the actress Alina Telky participated as an actress in a Turkish series entitled Al Qudurat Is Turkey in (2014) and the series This is My Story. Which is considered the second of her Turkish drama works in which she participates in acting and singing.

Turkish actress Alina Talky has won a number of awards Artist and on her career in singing. Such as in 2016. She won Radio Aydin Awards for Music and won the Golden Butterfly Awards as the best woman in pop and best singer.

Kamel Guler is the champion of Iste Bu Benim Masalim

He is a Turkish artist. born in 1972 in Turkey. He started his artistic career in acting in 1981. Kamel Güler is one of the founders of the Royal Theater in Istanbul when it was established. He was part of the acting team in the theater until he arrived with time to the position of CEO of the Royal Theate.

He is the one who gives the necessary permits to directors. Authors and artists to display their works on the royal theater. Then after a while he left this position in the theater and went to live in Istanbul because of his preoccupation with his artistic work.

The Turkish artist Kamel Guler participated in many distinguished Turkish films and dramas. Including the series Will Marry Me – the Flower Taxi series – the Where Are You Moonlighting series – Let it be Love and other successful works.

As for the personal life of the Turkish artist Kamel Guler. he was married more than once in his life. The first marriage was with the Turkish journalist Sivim Gozai.

After a short period, they separated by divorce. And then he married the Turkish artist Yesim Popper and the marriage between them lasted for only one year and after that They separated. As for his third marriage. it was to the Turkish volleyball player Neslihan Demir. and the marriage continues between them until now.

Zainab Kancondi is the heroine of Iste Bu Benim Masalim

Zainab Kankondi is a Turkish actress. Born in 1980 in Turkey. entered the world of art and acting in 2005 and participated in many Turkish artworks and varied between cinematic films and drama series.

Her first appearance on the screen was through the Turkish series entitled The Fifth Dimension. And then her work continued after That. But the dramatic work that was the reason for its fame and its launch in Turkey and the entire Arab world is the famous Turkish series Cherry Season.

And also participated in dubbing some artistic works such as the series Matter of Honor. The series Waiting for the Sun and the series The Lost City

As for the personal life of the Turkish artist. Zainab Kankundi. she married the Turkish artist Christian Kankund in 2004 and gave birth to her only son. Emma. ​​And divorced from him in 2015.

The heroes of this is Iste Bu Benim Masalim
The heroes of this is Iste Bu Benim Masalim