The story of the series Ölüm Zamanı and heroes

Ölüm Zamanı  One of the most talked about platforms since we entered 2021 has been the digital platform Exxen. Which has been talked about with its projects and lynch campaigns. It Is now preparing a new series under the title Ölüm Zamanı. Drawing attention with its many famous names.

Produced by Sürç Film and directed by Yunus Ozan Korkut. The main roles are: Ahmed Mumtaz Taylan. Mert Yazicioglu. Nelsu Parveen Aktash. Mert Ramadan Demir. Issa Yasar and Idris Nibi Tashkan. The series “Time of Death” revolves around the unusual events that occurred after a murder in the camp.

The story of the series Ölüm Zamanı

The main theme of the series. Written by Zolkov Yossil. Deals with the unusual events after a murder in a camp The four friends set out to camp together along the way.

Realizing that someone with a caravan is following them and becomes uncomfortable. But they don’t mind until someone wakes up in the morning with blood on his head.

The common point where Zulkov meets Yeosel and director Yunus Ozan Korkut is that they include drama in their production. In this context. We can say that we are facing a very realistic production.

Re-screen of Ölüm Zamanı and its channel

The new Turkish series Ölüm Zamanı will be shown in mid-March on the electronic platform Exxen, and it consists of only eight episodes.

Ece Yasar Aegean is referred to as Nazli
Berfin Nilsu Aktaş as Dilara
Mert Ramazan Demir as Ayhan
Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan. Ahmed Mumtaz Taylan
Idris Nebi Taskan as Tariq
Yazigioglu played the role (Junaid).

Re screen of Olum Zamani and its channel
Re screen of Olum Zamani and its channel

Parvin Nelso Aktache heroine of the Time of Death series

One of the rising stars in acting and the Turkish actress and the young advertising girl who begins her first steps in acting. since her childhood is a girl who has great artistic energy.

Since her first moments in front of the screens and expected her wonderful future. Beautiful She has wonderful and attractive blue eyes. Parvin Nelso Aktas was born in 1998 in Ankara always performed and sang in front of her family.

Her family supported her a lot. Which made her choose to study acting when she finished high school. To graduate from the Talent House Academy of Arts with the acting department.

After completing her education. She began participating in the Parsley Agency series. The Fame Management Agency. Working with agencies such as the first time that the actress participated in the Northern series for the first time in the making of the TV series. The beautiful starred in a previous fictional film.

Additionally, In 2018; Pervin Nelsu Aktas. Who attracted attention as the winner of the Future Star competition. Where Nurgul Yesilkai. Hamdi Alcan and Furat Barlak sat on the jury sat in her acting career. Also took part in advertisements for brands such as Pantene. Cornetto and Turkcell.

The viewer got to know her through a competition program entitled (Future Star) in 2018. And she also participated in commercials for brands such as Pantene. Cornetto and Torkel. And before entering the field of acting she attended classes to learn acting more. Before going in any real experience. to start her first roles in the drama TV 2019 (Kuzey Yıldızı).

Idris Nabi Tashkin the hero of the “Time of Death” series

İdris Nebi Taşkan is a young Turkish actor. Born in Istanbul on August 18. 1997. Turkey. With his sign. The color of blue eyes is studying in proxy training and he is a basketball player since he was in middle school. Idris was attached to acting from a young age until he received training and acting lessons.

Idris Nabi Tashkan Idris was born in 1993 in Istanbul. Turkey. Idris is one of the celebrities who have become famous for being an actor as of 2018. Taskan is 24 years old. Idris Taskan is a member of the list of famous actors.

He loved acting from a young age and studied the exercises and lessons that qualify him to act excellently. He is an ambitious young man and has many talents and considers his family and friends the most supportive of him in his scientific life in middle school. Furthermore, he used to play basketball.

The series Ölüm Zamanı

Through his small role in the series “Zaghah Al Qurna” in 2014. He drew attention The top producers even got the title role in the series “fazilet hanım ve kızları” in 2018 and was known through him as “Yaseen” and then a successful artwork followed.

Idris Nibi Tashkan began his artistic career in 2014 by presenting a small role in the series “Zaghah Al-Qurna” with a group of major Turkish stars. which made him attract the attention of major producers. and the series and movie shows began to decline for him.

Then he was offered an embodiment of a starring role in the series “Fadela and her daughters” In 2018. A series that met with great success and achieved a high viewership. Idris. The title of Beyasin among the masses. Followed his artistic works. Including the series “Dark Istanbul” and “Good Friends” and other successful works.

Olum Zamani
Olum Zamani

Ölüm Zamanı

The series entitled “Good Friends”. Which was produced in 2016. Is one of the most exciting and interesting series. The series revolves around a group of young friends facing some events.

Problems emotional adventures and comedic situations. The series tells about the character of “Amina”. Whose wedding date is approaching. Time discovers that she suffers from cancer and from here. Events change and Amina begins to think about severing her relationship with everyone and the series.

He presented the series entitled “Poyraz Karail”

That was shown in 2015. And the series revolves around the divorced man Ahmed Poyraz Krail who works as a policeman. Who was dismissed from his job due to a wrongly fabricated bribery case. And he is sentenced to one year in prison.

During imprisonment, he lost his only son Sinan. Who His mother’s father’s grandfather took him. And when he gets out of prison he tries to get his son back. but he cannot. He starts working as a taxi driver.

Then receives an offer from the former police chief to work as a spy for a mafia boss in exchange for returning his son to him. So he accepts and begins the mission. and follows the events until he meets Aisha. Who She lives alone. Far from her family and falls in love with her.

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