The story of the series Kingfisher yalı çapkını

A new return for Turkish actor Çağatay to star in the series “Kingfisher Bird” yalı çapkını. And famous actresses Neslihan Atagül and Özge Gürel are nominated for the lead. If approved, the work will be one of the wonderful and powerful representational epics.

In September 2021, Çağatayi officially agreed to star in the Kingfisher. Which will be produced by the well-known production company “OGM”.

What is the story of the series Kingfisher- yalı çapkını?

The story of the series, Kingfisher, yalı çapkını, revolves around a real character, taken from one of the novels of the psychotherapist, Gulciran, and among the writers of the work is Kemal Hamamcioglu. One of his traitorous works is working at the present time in the stage of preparing the script.

After completing the script, the hero of the series rejected this script and asked him to change it categorically. If it does not suit him in any way, he will refuse to work on this series.

The heroes of the series yalı çapkını – Kingfisher

The work was presented to three characters, the first of them is the Turkish actor Çağatay Ulusoy, the young actor Çağatay Ulusoy is of Turkish origin to a Bosnian mother and a Bulgarian father, his astrological sign is Libra, until now he completed his studies in high school, Çağatay studied fine arts at Istanbul University.

The work was also presented to the artist Neslihan, the heroine of the famous series “The Ambassador’s Daughter.” Our artist was a very troublesome girl, who loved to play and go out. Cycling, from a young age, is a cheerful girl who loves life. She knows how to have fun, loves and raises animals, especially dogs and cats. Affectionate a lot on pets, and loves to feed them. She loves to draw attention to her.

The work was presented to the actress Ozji Gurel, who is from the source of the Circassian and the Turkish.

Çağatayi Ulusoy is the star of the series

Actor Çağatay Ulusoy began his professional career as a model in 2010, won the best fashion designer in Turkey in the same year, and then began his artistic career in the field of cinema and television in 2011.

He participated in the first television work in the series Back Streets, and then participated in the famous drama series called Fariha, which achieved great success throughout its debut.

Which was the justification for the popularity of Turkish actor Çağatay Ulusoy among Turkish artists, and star “Hazel Kaya” known as Nihal participated with him in the title role. Young actor Çağatay Ulusoy participated in many skits throughout his artistic career, which won the admiration of the large number of spectators in Turkey and the Arab world, which was one of the factors in his wide fame among his Turkish fans.

The first competing role for Çağatay Ulusoy in a series called Feriha happened with the Issuing Foundation after he won the title of Best Model for the year 2010, then the body of Amir’s character in that series, which gained high visibility in Turkey and the Arab world.

Neslihan Atagül is a candidate for the tournament

She joined an advertising agency called (Erberk), she appeared for the first time in a role in the series First Love 2006 and The Fallen Leaves (2006 – 2010 AD), competing with Deniz Cakir, Eren Balkan, Khalil Argon, Jovin Hokna and Benno Yildrilar, and the series What is from you to me, despite her small roles in These procedures, however, showed her talent and won awards for her role as a promising young and emerging artist, and effort offers began to rain down on her.

In 2011, I participated in a larger role in the series I chose my heart, which talks about Omar Asaf and his family coming from Mugla to Istanbul for a better life for his children with the aim of education. Until I started taking over the role of the sports competition.

In 2013 AD, by the Fateh Harbiye series in the role of Nermin, and the sports competition (Qurainha Kadir Doğlu, Serkan Sinalp, Yunus Emre Yildirim, Dilara Otzonk, Seda Turkmen Water Asin, Furat Topkour and Gözed Akildis) participated in the series. The series revolves around Nermin, the girl who lives in the neighborhoods of the outskirts of Istanbul, And all of her thinking about going abroad from poverty and the miserable sad life she lives, and moving to a better social life, a young man in the prime of life from her poor area remains madly in love with her, but she meets a young rich young man who she was dreaming of, but she will meet a life full of immorality and lack of availability Ethics, that effort was the cause of her relationship with her husband, and their love story began to bear children.

Özge Gürel candidacy for the championship

The star Ozge Gurel is one of the young actresses who entered the world of acting by playing secondary roles until she reached the competition in the series “Season Cherry.” She was able to give the effort crew a non-negative energy that contributed to creating a friendly and comfortable atmosphere that encouraged the club to be creative and provide the best of what they have to serve the work until it reached the hearts of People and achieved a high degree of insight greatly loved the crowd Ozge in “Season Cherry” as “Futun” for the beauty of her spirit and appearance, her wide eyes overflowing with joy, innocence and enthusiasm, and her innocent personality pointed the eyes of millions of spectators.

A Turkish actress, born in Istanbul, but she moved to live in Silivri with her family until she canceled her high school, her father is of Sarkashi origin, and her mother is of Thessaloniki origin and was a Turkish immigrant, she has one sister as long as she shoots with her and shares photos with her fans on Instagram, Despite her love for acting, she chose to study international commerce at Beckent University, and to study acting near her commercial studies. After graduating, she attended many acting lessons and workshops, just as she takes lessons in dance and vocals and works on recitation.

Her artistic debut is acting

The effort began with real acting in 2016 and in the role of the sports competition, in the series Season Cherry, with Serkan Çayglu, Nilberi Sahinkaya, Dagan Koyers, Nihal Isikskan and Aras Aydin, she played the role of Oiko, a girl who dreams of becoming a well-known fashion designer, lives in a neighborhood with her mother and little brother. She gets to know Ayaz and tries to do anything to be with her, the story of “Season Cherry” by director Oz Gül, after the victory of that job, the producers started scrambling to top it.

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