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The Turkish series We Are Two, by the beautiful actress Leyla Feray, the Turkish actor Aras Aydın and the Turkish star Bestmisu Ozdemir. ikimizin sırrı adapted from the Korean series (Marriage Contract), and it was soon selected to be shown on ATV.

Filming of the series (Our Secret We Two), the Turkish version of the Korean series (Marriage Contract), is about to start, prepared by Üs Yapım for Atv channel. Starring Aras
Eden, Leyla Feray and Bistemisu Ozdemir, show in the second week of July.

The date of the presentation of ikimizin sırrı series

A new summer series under the name “We went the two of us” is a work adapted from a Korean series called “The Marriage Contract”, but they chose to change the name and some events to suit the Turkish drama. And those in charge of the work chose the name of our secret, the two of us.

The first teaser trailer for the series was released and the action heroine has one young daughter, who are enjoying the simple life between them. Suddenly a man appears before them who she does not know who he is, but she took her daughter and ran away, afraid of him. To the degree of terror and fear appears strongly from the advertisement.

Filming for the first episode of Our Secret Alone began on June 12, 2021. The teaser was published on June 11 of the same year. Our date with work will be in July 2021. That is, it is one of the strongly awaited summer series.

Who are the heroes of our secret, the two of us?

The cast of ikimizin sırrı are:

Leyla Fairy
Aras Aydın
Bestemsu Ozdemir

A script by Ozen Yola from his works: (Sultana Kosem). Directed by Jim Aquildach (My Name is King, don’t Leave My Hand). Filming began for the Korean adaptation of the marriage contract. The name of the series prepared by Üs Yapım for ATV is İkiimizSırri. Dolonay Swizart, Engin Alkan, Tolay Gunal, Deniz Hamzaoglu, Sehun Mencioglu, Ermak Ornik will star in the series in which Aras Aydin and Leyla Feray will play the main roles. Bestemsu Özdemir became the second lead actress in the series written by Özen Yula and directed by Cem Akyolda.

The story of the series “ikimizin sırrı”

Although the series announcement is a bit strange and has a mother and daughter running away from someone, the events and story of the series are completely different, as we know that it is the story of a woman whose husband died in an accident. That woman decided to live and raise her daughter alone.

This mother discovers that she has a malignant brain disease, and her dream has become to find someone she trusts to take care of her daughter after her death, and this makes her enter the journey of searching for a suitable husband. And then enter into a marriage contract for a specified period for the sake of her daughter.

Layla Firay is the heroine of this work

The starring role will be played by the mother who takes care of her daughter, the artist “Leyla Feray” to find out a little about who Leila Feray is. She rose to prominence in roles until she became the concubine of Sultan Murad the Elder in her latest work, Sultana Qasim Qasim 2 Seasons. She does not have many works left, as her works did not pass five works, but she was able to prove her worth with her beauty, performance and distinctive style of acting.

Leyla was born on May 8, 1993. She was born in Istanbul. She finished her primary and secondary studies in Istanbul, then canceled her undergraduate studies at Kok University, Department of Media, Visual Arts and Reputation.

She began her artistic career with the series I Love Her Many, Ben Onu ?ok Sevdim in 2013, and she participated in the competition of the series, and in 2014 she participated in the competition of the series Pa?a G?nlüm, then worked in two other roles, and her most recent work was the historical series. The huge Sultana is the 2nd season section, which is now shown on Dubai TV.

Male hero Aras Aydin

Aras Aydın is a young Turkish actor in the prime of life. He was born in the city of Eski, famous in Turkey, so on July 2, 1989, he is a handsome, lovable and intelligent actor with a tone of speech with distinct specifications and a charming and attractive personality of his own, which helped him greatly in his entry into the world of art , he is a moody one, he increased his education at the original Istanbul University in the theater department, he is a funny character, he is considered one of Turkey’s attractive artists, as for his personal age, he is not married yet.

Aras Aydın, the hero of the series Sanaa Innocent, a young Turkish actor, a young man in the prime of life, a boy in the city of Eskişehir, Turkey, born in the sign of Cancer, 184 cm tall, 74 kg in weight, a handsome, clever, funny and moody actor, with a strong temper, loves radiant colors such as white and silver as he loves to travel He loves to read novels, stories and literature, the things he loves most is comfort, silence, swimming, and supporting his parents. The things he hates are curious people and criticism. He does not like to talk about his personal life except with his family and close friends. With a charming and attractive personality of his own, he entered the world of art with ease, and his first appearance on television was in 2012 AD, then the television practices followed, in which he got the role of the sports competition quickly, about his presence in the personal world, he is in love.

Actress Bestemsu Ozdemir

Bestemsu Ozdemir is another heroine of this powerful series, but the truth about her role in the work is not yet known. Let’s get to know her a little. A Turkish actress, born on April 20, 1992, in Istanbul, she graduated from Saint Benoit French High School, she lived with her grandmother and grandfather in Ankara for three years as a result of the departure of her father and mother, and her life was two years, she studied the French language and mastered it as a result of her studies at Saint Benoit French School, throughout Her studies at school focused on fashion and fashion design, and she chose to study at the university. She studied jewelry preparation at Istanbul University, then studied the manufacture of oil paint with charcoal. Finally, she graduated from Istanbul University from the Fashion Planning Department, and then took drawing lessons.

Her favorite sport: She always runs in the open winds. She believes that what changes human energy is jogging in nature, not on sports machines, but she also goes to gyms when she does not find enough time to run in nature. She says that the secret of her agility is healthy food and the performance of exercises. Sports, especially jogging.

the heroes of our secret the two of us
the heroes of our secret the two of us
The story of the series ikimizin sirri 1
The story of the series ikimizin sirri 1
Actress Bestemsu Ozdemir
Actress Bestemsu Ozdemir
Layla Firay is the heroine of this work
Layla Firay is the heroine of this work