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The new Turkish series, Mezarlık, which is expected to be shown soon. Get to know with us the story of the series, who are the participating heroes, information about them, the dates of the Mezarlık series, the show channel, the number of its episodes, and many other information about the series and its heroes, and a group of pictures of the series and By invalidating its participants.

Heroes of the cemetery series

– Olgun Tokar
– Berge Akalaiz
Mezarlık series is produced and written by Abdullah Oz and written by Cemetery.
The dates of the Mezarlık series and the channel that shows it

The Mezarlık series will be shown soon on the global Netflix platform, and it consists of only 4 episodes.

The story of the cemetery series

The team and makers of the Mezarlık series are starting to make the final and final preparations for the Mezarlık series, which is a new Turkish drama series that is expected to be shown in the coming period after the completion of its filming. A realistic and apparent issue that has already occurred in Turkish society and has caused widespread controversy among individuals in Turkish society, especially in recent years, specifically from 2011 – until 2019, and it is the issue of violence against women in Turkish society, and in some cases, persecution and violence against women lead to Her murder,

there have been multiple and different murders against women between 2011 and 2019, which led to the killing of about 474 women within Turkish society and at various social and class levels in society. Work and among these reasons are deception, jealousy, betrayal and other reasons, identifying all the reasons for killing these women and what are the motives for killing, and discussing many other family and marital problems.

Information about the artist Olgun Toker, the hero of the cemetery series

Olgun Toker is a young Turkish artist whose name in Turkish is Olgun Toker. He was born in 1986 in the Mersin region – Turkey. His astrological sign is Pisces. He is 180 cm tall and weighs 77 kg. His father worked as a police chief and his mother was a housewife. During his secondary education, the artist Olgun worked Toker as a cartoonist for one of the Turkish regional newspapers.

After obtaining high school, Olgun Toker joined Majdat Geizen Institute, the acting department, and started his acting career in 2010. They are the way of the believers.

Then he participated in several other artistic works, but his real fame and his launch in the world of art and acting came when he participated in the championship of the series “Song of Life” and then got the roles of the absolute championship in artistic works and among the works in which the artist Olgun Toker participated in cinematic films such as the movie Dujon Dernick – The Last Station: Salvation – and Government Woman – The End Movie.

Among the most famous series that he presented, such as the series My Name is Juliet – The Question of Honor – The Sweet Little Liars series – Secrets of Life – and the Family Story series – Ali Reza series – My Name is Gültepe, Karadayı, A Matter of Honor and Hayat arkısı.

Information about the actress, Bergé Akalay, the heroine of the series The Cemetery

Birce Akalay is a Turkish rising artist. Her name is in Turkish: Birce Akalay. She was born in 1984 in Istanbul, Turkey. She is a Muslim by religion. Her astrological sign is Gemini. Her mother’s name is Jasmine. He works in the technical service and she has no siblings, as she is the only daughter in her family.

Actress Birgi Akalai got her secondary education from Pera High School of Fine Arts, then joined the Conservatoire of Theater Department at Halış University in 2003, then completed her education at Istanbul University, Department of Theater Criticism and Dramaturgy, but left her before completing her studies there and then joined Galic University.

actress Birce Akalay

In 2004, actress Birce Akalay participated in the beauty contest in Turkey, during which she won the third place, and then participated in the beauty contest in Arupavi and reached the semi-final stage and then worked as a model in the field of fashion shows for a while and then left her, and began her acting career a year ago. 2007 and her first artistic work in which she participated is the series (Senin Uğruna), and after a year she appeared as a guest of honor in the famous Turkish series Asi, in which she embodied the character of Zainab, and her real fame and launch came when she participated in the series “Love in the Wind” and the series “It doesn’t end like this.”

As for her first absolute starring in dramas, she starred in the series “Black and White Love” and then the series “Don’t Cry, Mom.” Then she rolled her dramatic tournaments, the last of which was the series The Last Summer in 2021, and in 2016 the actress Birce Akalay got I won Best Actress in the Romantic Comedy Competition at the 22nd Golden Object Awards.

Among the most famous works of art in which Birce Akalay participated, such as the series Winter’s Story – Love in the Wind – “The Little Aga – Married and Angry Women – Life is Beautiful Sometimes – Black and White Love – Don’t Cry, Mom – Babel Series – and the Last Summer Series.

And about the personal life and husband of the Turkish actress Birce Akalay, she married twice in her life, and her first marriage was in 2011 to the actor Murad Unalmish, but they separated from each other by divorce a year before the marriage despite the great love story that brought them together and in 2014 Her second marriage was to the Turkish artist Sarp Levendoğlu, and she divorced him in 2017.