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The new Turkish series to be shown. We have collected for you a full report about the new series Hükümsüz. What is the story of the Hükümsüz series and who are the heroes of the Hükümsüz series and information about them. What are the dates for the Hükümsüz series and a set of exclusive pictures of the Hükümsüz series and its participants.

The story of the Hükümsüz series

The Turkish series Hükümsüz takes place within the framework of romantic drama. Action and fiction. And the series starring Burchin Terzioglu. Handa Dogan Demir and Ismail Hajioglu. Directed by Omar Faruk Sork and produced by Mustafa Oslo Production Company. Digital Arts Production House.

The events of the Hükümsüz series are active in the context of romantic social drama. As well as action drama and exciting fiction. Violence against women is a topic that is dealt with to a large extent in the series. The slogan of the series is “Every preventable death is murder.” The events tell about a girl who claims Asma is beautiful.

Ambitious and strong woman. She is the second director of a law firm her father owns; Feliz is well-trained. Stubborn and kind attorney. Crimes will cause the criminal behavior of these two different women to get entangled. But how?

Replay of the Hükümsüz series and its channel

The new series Hükümsüz is broadcasting on Void Exxen. The first episode of the series will be shown on television at 8 pm.

Stars of the Hükümsüz series

Alican Yücesoy
Burçin Terzioglu
Ismail Hacioglu. Ismail Hajioglu
Hande Dogandemir
Sebnim Dogruyer
Ruhsar Öcal
Muhammad Ulay
Derya Pinar AK
Paris Akin.

Pinar Pepin
Assaf Dogan
Handan Ikishi
Siza Istanbul
Neslihan Riemann
Tayfoun Sengouz
Kobylai Jamlidag
Cefitab Ozalton
Kanner Arikan
Hand Arslan
Edel Mira Attis
Gamer Afshi
Delara Icanat.

Fural Ceylon
Selim was a Dugnessy
Ramadan Kiklik
Zaki Barlak
Ayhan Beckelgen
Saridemir paperless
Paris was a bet
Muhammad Yavuz
Ayhan Yilmaz
Abdullah Jafci
Najmuddin Gobanoglu
Erdinç Aytaç Özgür
Şebnem Doğruer
Pınar Bibin.

Burchin Terzioglu Star of the Hükümsüz series

The Turkish artist Burchin was born in Istanbul. I was a spoiled and stubborn child. But her face is beautiful. Bold and talented. Which gives her a great opportunity to appear as a child represented in advertisements. Films and TV series. Her family’s work in this field helped her. As she appeared for the first time on TV when she was five years old.

Where she showed her creativity in role-playing and the ability to bear her tears on her own. So she chose to be crowned after that. She studied acting at the Majdat Jezzine Art Center and did not really start until she finished her studies.

She started real work as an adult actress in the series Sirilsiklam in 1998. Has continued to play minor roles since then. Including Ozlem in Tastan kalp and Umit in Olaya. Pinar in Kinali Car. and Milliker Adassi Siren during this period have also enjoyed a good reputation. In TV shows and movies. Audiences are artists who have grown up on screen before so that they know it.

In 2010.

she participated in the popular Turkish TV series Aizel and played the highly acclaimed role of Azad Kreiski. starring artists Kinan Emerzalioglu and Gansu Dere.

The most important work of the artist Burchin Terzioglu Alia – A Winter Story – Heart of Stone. If You Desire Women – Island of Angels – Where Are You. Love – Outside the Circle. The Storm – Ezel – Mercy – Poyraz Karayel.
The artist Ismail Hajioglu. The hero of the Hükümsüz series

Ismail Hajioglu is a well-known actor

Ismail was born on November 30. 1985. in Istanbul. Turkey Ismail is one of the celebrities who became famous for being an actor as of 2018. Ismail Hajioglu is 32 years old. Ismail Hajioglu is a member of the list of famous actors. He has a sister older than her name Cardilene. Began earning money through dubbing when he was 12 years old. Studied drama at the Majdat Jezen Art Center. Participated in two theater performances. And performed in a private theater that he had trained by Aydogan Tamer and Erdal Duman for one season. Then at the Istanbul Youth Theater ( founded by Doman).

While studying at Jezzine Amwaj Center. He also started performing commercials in the series “Birİstanbul Masalı”. He played the role of Ozan. This is the naughty son of the house manager Zeliha Berksoy. In 2003. He and these actors Ahu Turkpence. Mehmet Aslantug. Ozan Guven and Seidin Turkpence. Asen Guven Zap. Vahd Golden. Altan Erkekli and Yasemin Conka starred in the TV series “Bir İstanbul Masalı”.

In 2007, he collaborated with ener Kenin. Kenan Emerzaloglu. Asli Tandogan. Rasim Oztekin and Tarik Onlulu in the advertising film Kabadayıolan directed by Omar Fargi and screenwriter Yavuz Turgul. Playing the role of Fatih Sultan Muhammad in a series entitled (Osman Tokadi). Which was shown on Channel TRT in April 2013 and in this work represented his wife Veldan Atasivir Albert Cole.

Alikan Yujesoy

Actor Alekan Yucesoy was born on October 22. 1982. he was born in Istanbul. Turkey. And completed his primary and secondary education in Bursa. then joined Halic University to teach acting in the theater department. Actress Melissa Susan married in 2013. And they separated in 2014. and later the actor Alekan Yusesoy said that In a relationship with actress Meles Birkan.

After completing his studies at Halic University. Yujesoy started working at Bakirkoy Municipal Theater since 2003. And in 2015 he became the new General Artistic Director of Bakirkoy Municipal Theater. Won many awards. Alekan Yucesoy participated in many wonderful works of art. Including his dramatic works Gurbet yolculari. Produced in 2007. And the Zoraki koca series that was produced from 2007 to 2008.

He participated in the series Bana Artık Hicran De

that was produced in 2014 and appeared in the role of “Murat Sezgin” and participated in the series Serçe Sarayı which was produced in 2015 and appeared in the series Kördügüm. Which was produced in 2016 and participated in the series Adi: Zahra.

Which was produced in 2018. he appeared as Serkan Kurdoğlu and appeared in the series Can Kırıkları that was produced in 2018 and appeared as Cihan Karadağ and participated in the 2020 series Bir Başkadır. and the Jet Sosyete series that was produced in 2020 and appeared as Ahmed; Konuk oyuncu. he participated in the series Menajerimi Ara which was produced in 2020 and appeared as konuk oyuncu.