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complete record on its heroes and the dates of its displaying, what are the information of the tale of the TV series Jabal Al Qalb, the heroes of the Gonul Mountain TV series, and the channel that agreed to display it completely and whilst will the display date.
it’s far one of the highly predicted series, starring Burke Attan, and you’ll be starring inside the woman lead, Gulsim Ali.

Gönül Dağı Mountain TV series

Negotiations with Burk Atan, Gulsim Ali, Urdal Gendoruk, Shebnam Deligil, Ali Dushankalkar and Mart Turak
to join the casting of the TV series “The Mountain of the coronary heart”.

TRT channel to expose the collection along each of Realm system, barbaros, mawlana, flat trash In instruction for introducing aspiring tv collection like Tövbeler Olsun to the public, TRT obtained a project from köprü film.

What is the tale of the Gonul Mountain Gönül Dağı series?

The events of the Gonul Mountain series, which reflects the tale of our human beings on TRT information, take the region from the long distances that they eat their lives to the stations wherein they take a smash. its miles shown on TRT news every Sunday at 21.20.
The call of the series, to be filmed via Ferhat Eshiziz, is the top of Gonul Mountain … The series that Yahya Samanci will direct could be filmed outdoor Istanbul.

The film “Gönül Dağı”, wherein she turned into the director of the solid Yelda Gürkan, became written on the basis of the memories of the Steppes of Mustafa iftji.

Who’re the heroes of the Gonul Mountain series – Gönül Dağı ?

Burke Atan
Gulsim Ali
Wardal Gendoruk
Shebnam Deligil
Ali Dushankalkar
Mart Turac

What’s the channel for the TV series Gönül Dağı ?

The activities of the Gonul Mountain series, which reflects the story of our people on TRT news, take the region from the long distances that they devour their lives to the stations in which they take a smash. it’s miles proven on TRT information each Sunday at 21.20.

What’s the date it was shown at the display screen?

Subsequent season for 2020 is said to be winter

Who might be the heroine of the Gonul Mountain collection?

The heroine of our series is the artist Julesem Ali.
The young Turkish artist, Gulsim Ali, was born within the city of Bulgaria in the Balkan Peninsula, her astrological signal is Libra, her beauty attracted anyone’s interest, or even participated inside the miss Bulgaria contest and won the opposition.

She commenced her profession in 2012, appeared on screen in the collection closing summer in 2012 in Balkans, even though she has top-notch performing abilties, she has little paintings because she likes to pick out the roles carefully.

The artist Golsim speaks some Bulgarian, Turkish, English and japanese languages, which makes her speak with people without difficulty, and he or she additionally loves well-known Hollywood stars consisting of Jennifer Lawrence.

Training inside the life of Turkish artist Gulsim Ali

The artist, Julesim Ali, loved appearing for the reason that she became a toddler, so she excelled in it. She studied instructional performing to emerge as gifted in acting. She hopes to turn out to be a well-known actress at some point. therefore, she does no longer rely simplest on her talents, however she seemed forward to studying art to best her skills. She received her first opportunity within the collection ultimate summer, which pushed her forward within the world of Turkish drama.

Who might be the hero ?

He could be the hero of our series, Burk Atan,
A Turkish actor and model, born in Birk Atan on September 26, 1991.
He participated inside the fine Turkish version opposition in 2011 and won the name of “The Promised future”. the following 12 months, he participated within the identical opposition and gained first vicinity.
In 2015, Burke participated in the younger and dramatic collection ladies of the solar, which she posted within the international and the Arab international.

He ultimately starred in a sequence with a low-braking collection.
He has modeled for him, and it got here out in 2013 and this series helped him grow to be well-known.
Berk Atan is presently in his save at the school of high-quality Arts of the Turkish Beykant university, And Pakistan inside the collection Borgo Uzbekistan.

Burke Atan won “The Promised future”, and the following yr he participated in the identical competition and Birkatan Perks gained the primary. In 2015, Burke Atan participated within the series The young Serial and the arena famous series (Savaş Martilo).Burke Atan starred within the collection (carrying Oh My coronary heart) in 2017 as one of the fundamental protagonists of the collection. The collection became ranked as one of the satisfactory collection of 2017, Perak Atan.

Renewed data approximately the story of the Gonul Mountain collection

Erdal Gendoruk,

The Turkish big name “Erdal Genduruk” changed into born at the tenth day of may in 1965, Ardal from a huge inventive own family, his uncle, the wonderful Turkish megastar Janer Genduruk, although artwork and appearing are inside the Ardal own family from a young age, however Erdal did not start his profession as an actor,

in the beginning, Ardal labored inside the cinema and theater to sell tickets to clients, and this become the principle motive at the back of Ardal discovering his love for artwork and performing, till Ardal, or as it’s miles known within the Arab world as “Mustafa Pasha,” executed his first play while he became handiest sixteen years old, after He attempted to expose his skills to directors who frequented the stage he was running on earlier than fame.

Ali Dushankalkar also participates. Artist Ali Dushankalkar was born in Nicosia in 1961 and is a well-known Turkish Cypriot actor in Turkey.
Ali graduated from the faculty of fine Arts, branch of Theater, Mimar Sinan college in 1983, and then he joined the kingdom Theater of Istanbul. Dushankalkar has acted in greater than forty plays, and has also seemed in lots of well-known films and television series, and became awarded nice Actor at the sixteenth Ankara movie festival.

TV series and movies with the participation of Turkish actor Ali Düşenkalkar

joy of beautiful existence 2016
Mrs. Della 2012
Password Moscow 2012
I can’t sleep so long as the moon is round 2011
Atat 2011
Password Somalia 2011
luxurious lodge 2011
female of the Farm 2010
The Ottoman Republic 2009
The 2008 vehicle Revolution
Bride 2007
apartment lifestyles 2007
five instances 2006
Awards received by way of Turkish actor Ali Düşenkalkar
He received the nice Actor Award at the 16th Ankara movie festival