The story of the Aşkın Tarifi series on Kanal d

The story of Aşkın Tarifi series is one of the new Turkish drama series expected to be shown very soon. Aşkın Tarifi a romantic story for the summer of 2021. We are used to Turkish dramas every summer to come out with a number of interesting Turkish series every year. Among the series. Aşkın Tarifi is among the series. The heroes of the series Aşkın Tarifi starring Kadir Doğulu and Sera Arturk.

While Deniz Kolush is the director of the A Series; kın Recipe. produced by NTC Media and produced by Mehmet Yigit Alpe. Persil Cekingyi is the creative producer of the project. The script for the series was written by Leila Utter and Doruk Eringul.

Will Kadir Doğulu’s Love Recipe succeed

With the series of failures going on behind Turkish actor Kadir Doğulu Hill. his series. Recipe of Love. succeeds. We remember the artist and the series Al Wasl. who failed in terms of viewership and repetition of the story. Despite the much work that Kadir did. he emerged from failure for failure and loss for another loss.

And his manager is trying to promote the series a lot to help the success of this work. “Prescription of Love”. We mention from the series presented by Kadir Al Wasal and He taught me how to love and small secrets. And other works that succeeded in a small way.

Furat who is a regular kebab chef. wants to teach Dr. The love that changed the course of his life for the worse is a lesson. The journey. which Furat began angrily. takes him to a French restaurant. Furat. who was great at French dishes. meets the cuisine he has always been passionate about. Moreover. he comes across a true love with the wonderful Naz Soyluer. the owner of the restaurant. By merging the Eastern and Western cuisines. the food magician Furat Chef realizes that love alone has no recipe.

The story of the series. recipe for love

The events of the Aşkın Tarifi series take place differently from Kadeer’s previous roles. where a young man named “Furat” from a remote area of ​​the middle classes appears in the promotional advertisement preparing to marry a girl after a love story. On the day of marriage. Kadeer. at the height of his joy. goes to take his girlfriend from a place of preparation. Brides. To find a letter from her telling him that she would leave him for the sake of her dream.

Suddenly that girl appears on a TV show and talks about leaving her boyfriend for her future. which made him angry even more. He left his hometown and moved to work in a restaurant as a great cook. There. he meets a girl who. together. enters into stubbornness to preserve their position in this place. so that they fall in love with each other. Will this young man’s problems end or will the story and events develop?

A tale and a love recipe

It is the story of a cook who loves to cook. who lived a very touching love story. as his girlfriend left him on the wedding day. To be all his concern is his future and success. To fall in love. will he forget the first love and his shock?

Recipe Love Episode 1 is on air! The Recipe of Love. Produced by NTC Media. Produced by Mehmed Yigit Alpe and starring Kadir Dogulo and Sera Arturk. It starts Monday. June 7 at 20:00 on the D-channel.

The two protagonists of the series Askin Tarif

Produced by NTC Media and Mehmet Yigit Alp. Director of Askin Tarif is Deniz Kolos and Creative Producer Birsel Cikinci. Written by Leila Utter and Dorok Eringöl.

Aşkın Tarifi New Romantic Story

Furat. the master of the kebab in his own right. wants to teach his famous life coach Dr. Ashk. who is manipulating his fate. Furat’s angry journey brings him to a French restaurant. Furat. who was a good chef in French cuisine in the past. reclaimed the kitchen he was passionate about; The owner of the restaurant meets true love thanks to the beautiful artist Naz Soyluer. Mixing Eastern and Western cuisines. Fırat Chef’s food processor will realize that there is no single Aşkın Tarifi in the recipe book that will surprise everyone.

Askin Recipe Episode 1 Trailer Is Airing! Produced by NTC Media and Mehmet Yigit Alp. starring Kadir Dogulu and Serra Ariturk. Askin Recipe is premiering on Monday. June 7 at 8 PM on Kanal D!

Heroes of Aşkın Tarifi Askin Cem Davran. Alper Saldiran. Yasemin Bastan. Ummu Putgul. Idil Sivritepe. Atakan Yilmaz. Elif Melda Yilmaz. Mehmet Seker. Deniz Gurkan. Gokhan Nigdeli. Slim Akgul. Onur Yakici. Batuhan Bay.

Kadir Doğulu is the hero of the 2021 Summer Series

After he worked with Hande Yener for some time and explained in the music video dedicated to her song under the title “Romeo”. the acting performances began to fall on him. his first appearance on television in 2010 in (Cakil Taslari). then a man to compete in the TV series Tiny Secrets Küçük Sirlar. Competition Cinem Kubal. Burak Ozgift and Merv Bologor. Murphy Bologor. Epic Karapinar. Birkan Sokollu. he began heaping above the procedures after he was awarding a group competition which became the main champion in action.

He played the role of Junai in the series The Seventh Dirty from 2011 AD until 2014 AD. competing with Esim Karavos – Eil Soo Saban – Yagmur Tanrisevsin – Ozge Ozberk. then participated in his biggest movie Basem Daddy in 2013 AD. directed by Talip Karam Muhammad Iglo. Turan Ozd.

In 2013. Kadir Doğulu participated in the Fateh Harbiyya series competition with his wife Neslihan. which was the reason for them to get to know a limited number of. and the beginning of their love story. in 2015 he participated in the short television series Sivdam Alabora. which revolves around the daughter of a hugely rich and respectable family. residing in Anatolia works far from her family. in order to seek to separate herself from her family. but she falls in love with one. over which her family does not agree. so her life turns between fleeing and overwhelming drama. the competition of that effort was shared by the well-known Turkish star. Chin Sanju.

Aşkın Tarifi a romantic story

In 2015. Sultana Kossim participated in the historical emotional series The Great Century. He participated in the role of Muhammad Khan. The effort revolves around the period of the Ottoman Empire during the reign of Sultana Kossim. which was controlling the rule of the country through its children and grandchildren.
2016. he played the role of Albert in the series Tell me about love. which is an emotional series that revolves around two stories. Expected and they might change each other’s lives. Kadir Doğulu’s rival. Seda Bakan. Mustafa Ostendog.

The story of the Askin Tarifi series on Kanal d
The story of the Askin Tarifi series on Kanal d
Askin Tarifi a romantic story
Askin Tarifi a romantic story
Official poster for the series 1
Official poster for the series 1
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