The Story of Series Masumiyet – Innocence

The Turkish series Masumiyet. The Turkish innocence series. Takes place within the framework of romantic social drama and work written by a script and dialogue by Sirma Yanik.

Who directed Omur Atay and produced by Gold Film. Faruk Turgut produced the work and began filming in Istanbul. Three times. The first was the last night. Then it was changed to the age of 19. Then it was changed to innocence.

Masumiyet, The series of innocence. Dominated by an interesting and exciting Turkish drama. And the events of the series revolve around the life of Bahar (Denis Shakir). Of the same age.

The Series Masumiyet

She falls in love with her father’s 35-year-old manager who is about to marry Bahar who is trying to save her daughter from this wrong relationship. she cannot stop what will happen no matter what she does Bahar and her family’s life is forever changed on Ella’s 19th birthday.

A replay of the series Al-Bara’a and its counterpart channel

The patent is showing on FOX TV and the series is expected to appear in February.

Actors of the series Innocence Masumiyet

Deniz Çakır
Mehmet Aslantuğ
Borgo Derya
Selin Sezgin
Hülya Avşar
Serkay Tütüncü
İlayda Alişan
Deniz Işın
Selen Uçer
Tolga Güleç
Neslihan Arslan
Asena Tuğal
Ertuğrul Postoğlu
Rüçhan Çalışkur
Alayça Öztürk Gidişli
Kimya Gökçe Aytaç
Gizem Ergün
Ozan Kaya Oktu

Deniz Shakir is the heroine of Masumiyet

Deniz Shaker. Born on December 31. 1982. is a Turkish actress. She studied drama at the Hagit Taba University Conservatory. She studied acting in the well-known TV series “Fallen Leaves” in the Arab world. Furthermore, she performed the character of Veton and appeared on one of the channels as a broadcaster.

Born in Ankara. Turkey. She moved to Istanbul to join the world of cinema and television. She studied acting at Hakatepe State University. Then moved to Istanbul to start her acting career. In 2004. She starred in the television movie “Sogutlu Hacer Ana” and also worked as a voice actor in an animated film.

Her artistic career began in 2004. She appeared alongside Bera Goffin. Hülya Afshar and Cihan Nal. Who participated in the series Bad Kadın İsterseve. The main role of the television series. but it is not known in the Arab world. And Deniz Shakir witnessed her first TV series “Elif”.

In 2006

Denise Shaker played Franda in the series Falling Leaves. co-written by Hillel Irgun and Fahlia Lev Fahriya Evgeny. Pevin Yildrimlar. Tolga Karel and Gulky Bahadur. Kanir Kurtaran and Hillel Irgun.

In January 2013, she joined the series “The Magnificent Century” or the so-called “The Sultan’s Harem” series. And was presented in Miraar. Directed by Taylan Brothers. Timor Safsi and Yilmaz Shaheen. and starring a group of artists such as Halit Ergenek. Maryam Ozarli. Vahid Gordum. Nabhat Chih.

In 2014, she starred in the series “Yasak”. directed by Kudri Sabang. One of the most important series so far. The bandits series that will not rule the world. A group of prominent artists participated in the competition. including Oktay Kaynarka. Ozan Akaba. Tarik Unluoglu. Sanim Celik and Yunus Emre Yildirimer The series “Billy” achieved high ratings on Turkish ATV channels. smashing all ratings numbers.

Mehmet Aslantuğ the hero of the series Al-Bara’a

He is a Turkish actor. Has appeared in 25 films and TV series since 1981. He starred in Akrebin Yolculuğu. Which was broadcast in the “A Concern” section of the Cannes Film Festival in 1997.

Born in Samsun in 1961. Joined the secondary school in “Samsun” and began performing during The academic year. And he began performing and participating in shows in 1985. About his personal life. he married Arzum Onan.

A role model in all films starring Mehmet Aslanetug. And starred in Tale of Istanbul. Hanem Farm. My Dear Father. Goodbye. I Love It Very Much. Cordogum. Derenish Karatay. Cardis Choclari.

The Story of Series Masumiyet
The Story of Series Masumiyet

Actor Serkay Tütüncü

Sarkai is a Turkish actor. Born in Izmir in 1991. He is a young actor. he graduated from Eiji University. His sign is Aquarius. His height is 178 cm and weight is 76 kg in 2018. He was a soccer player who appeared on the survivor in the Survival program in 2016. He was This is his first TV appearance on TV8.

Likewise, he gained fame through the show. As he is an ambitious young man with great talents. He was always the responsible person group. Until he entered the final with his team with great results in the game. After the match he began to appear in advertisements.

An ambitious and strong young man with strong talent. he was able to enter the field of the show after gaining a good reputation in the Survivor Project. He first met everyone with Yildirim. Gizam Karaja and Malika Abec in the series “Human Sins” in 2018.

Sirkai loves sports and continues In playing sports he also loves adventure. So he joined the survival contest plan. he has a bright future in art and performance. and his influence and strong talent have been noticed.

Actress Denise Ishin

Denise Ishin is one of the people who have been able to prove themselves in art. She is only 27 years old. And by virtue of her beauty. The “Izmir Girl” was granted legendary rights.

She graduated from the chemical engineering department at the university and then obtained a master’s degree in this field. She said she was So shy in high school. Furthermore, she even laughed when she saw people in the theater when she entered the theater club.

Her first job was through the TV series “You are Everywhere” and when she talked about this role. She said: Because this is my first job in the TV series. This place will always be very independent. This is the happiest part of it. We can understand and talk to each other without Talk to my friends.

She is a comedian who loves to play a comedic role. The comedian is more inclined to men. But she sees that there are smart women who write. Play laugh and play well. Many smart and funny women sit in her house.

Deniz Shakir is the heroine of Masumiyet
Deniz Shakir is the heroine of Masumiyet
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