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The new Turkish drama series, Bir Night Sudden, which is expected to be shown soon on the screens. Get to know with us the story of the series Between Overnight and Who are the participating heroes and a lot of information about them and the dates of the show of the series Bir Night Sudden and the show channel and other details about the series and a group of Pictures of the series Bir Night Sudden and the heroes participating in it.

The story of the series between night and overnight

The work team and makers of the Bir Night Sudden series started at the beginning of filming the first scenes of the series, and it is a series that belongs to the type of social dramas whose events revolve within an interesting dramatic framework. There is a lot of information indicating that the story of the Bir Night Sudden series is very similar to the story of the series Lebanese prestige.

And the story of the Bir Night Sudden series revolves around a family coming from Anatolia and living in Istanbul. Interesting dramatic framework, Bir Night Sudden series, written by Gokhan Horzum, scriptwriting, Jokor series, directed by Jagri Bayrak and produced by “Gokhan Horzum” company.

The show dates for Bir Night Sudden and the show channel

The series “Bir Night Sudden” will be shown after the completion of filming, and the work will be shown on the Turkish channel Show TV at the beginning of 2022.

The heroes of the series Between Night and Overnight

– Tolga Saritas
Hafsanur Sancaktutan
Eecan Kesal

Havsanur Sanjaktutan is the heroine of the series

Havsanur Sancaktutan is a Turkish actress who was born in 2000 and is a Muslim by religion. .

Actress Havstanor Sanjaktutan first appeared in artwork in 2018, when she was 18 years old, when she participated in a series entitled Jewellery. The other, and soon the Turkish actress, Havistanur Sancaktutan, won her first absolute starring in dramas in 2019 through her participation in a series entitled Aşk Ağlatır, and in 2021 she won the absolute starring role in the series Ibn Yaz, and her artistic talent was praised by many from the audience and critics. And she achieved great fame and success despite her close artistic start, and she won many artistic awards, such as the Best Actress Award from the Rotary Club – Kuraldışı ve Kural, the 14th PAM Award – as the best actress – Kuraldışı ve Kural and an award from the Terakki Otobüs Foundation as the best actress.

Tolga Saritas is the hero of the series

Tolga Saritas is a well-known and famous Turkish actor. He was born in 1991 in Istanbul, Turkey. He is the eldest of his siblings. He has a younger brother and sister. He grew up in a poor family. The artist, Tolga Saritas, worked since his childhood beside his studies at school so that he could support his family and help his mother. And his younger sisters in the tunnels, Tolga Saritas worked in more than one profession and at the same time he was continuing his studies at the school and after obtaining high school from Khalil Akant High School, Tolga Saritas joined Istanbul University, theatrical acting department.

During his university studies, the artist Tolga Sarıtaş participated in acting in a number of theatrical performances on the university stage and made many friends at the university. A musician and actor, and during this period, the artist Tolga Sarıtaş worked as a model in the field of commercial advertisements for the most famous Turkish brands.

In 2014, Tolga Sarıtaş presented his first movie, The Dark Earth, and in the same year he participated in the famous Turkish series Harem Al Sultan, which achieved wide fame in Turkey and the entire Arab world. And outside it, such as the series “Banat Al Shams”, “Farhat and Sherine” series, “Al-Waad” series, and “Ali Reda” series.

And in 2017, the artist Tolga Saritas presented his first absolute starring in cinematic works when he participated in the movie Bad Boy. The film achieved mass success and high revenues at the box office, and received positive praise from critics for his performance in the film.

Actor Erkan Kisal

Actor Erkan Kesal is a Turkish actor, director, screenwriter and doctor, born in 1959 in Avanos, Nevsehir, Turkey. Turkish actor Erkan Kesal studied and graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Ege University. In 2002, the actor Arkan Kisal began his acting career when he participated in his first movie, which is the movie Q – Al Aqsa, and after that he presented several distinguished works of art.

As for his writing as an author, the first artwork written by the great actor Arkan Kesal is a movie entitled Once Upon a Time in Anatolia with Ebru and Nuri Bilge Ceylan in 2011. This film won the Best Screenplay Award at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards, in addition to His artistic writings are for many works, but he has also authored and published a number of books, including Peri Gazozu, Bozkırda Bir Midnight, Cin Aynası, Evvel Zaman, İletişim Yayınları and other books. And drama, the actor Arkan Kisal has also won many distinguished artistic awards for acting, writing and directing.

Havsanur Sanjaktutan is the heroine of the series
Havsanur Sanjaktutan is the heroine of the series
The story of the series between night and overnight
The story of the series between night and overnight