The story of Kulüp series and information about its heroes

Kulüp new Turkish series to be shown, we have collected for you a full report about the new series. What is the story of the Kulüp series, who are the heroes of the Kulüp series, information about them. What are the dates for the Kulüp series, and a group of exclusive pictures of the Kulüp series and its participating heroes.


Netflix is ​​preparing to release a new Turkish series called Kulüp or Nightclub The Kulüp series which is expected to start soon on Netflix. Netflix’s fans are very curious and starring Gökçe Bahadır and Barış Arduc. Famous faces on the screens. About 8-10 episodes will be broadcast.

In the series produced by O3 media; while the chief directors will be seated, Sirin Yus and Zeynep Junai Tan, the cast of the Kulüp series will also include major names such as Salih Bademci and Firat Tanış.

The series Club, which is expected to begin filming in late January, will star both Gökçe Bahadir and Barış Arduc, as Gökçe Bahadur achieved her first and most important success in the series Life Information.

The story of the KulüpKulüp series

The Kulüp series is a series of Turkish dramas that are dominated by action, mystery and excitement. The series consists of only 8 episodes. The series Kulüp tells about a girl named Matilda, a former prisoner who was working in one of the most important nightclubs in Istanbul for the year 1955.

Who will discover Matilda. Prison. She has a daughter named Rachel when she is released from prison, and she will try to protect her daughter from all evil and try to establish a good relationship with her daughter.

and Matilda tries to keep her daughter Rachel away from the nightclub and Matilda also tries to fight the ego of her boss Orhan nightclub manager, adding a different spirit to the atmosphere despite Although Kulüp mentioned in the chain might sound like a very interesting place for customers, it would be the opposite for Kulüp employees.

Date of the Kulüp series and its channel

Kulüp, or The Night Club, is scheduled to be shown very soon on Netflix.

Club series stars

Parish Arduch
Saleh Badamji
Gokshi Bhadir
Serenai Sarikaya
Firat Tanis
Metin Akdulger

The star, Gokce Bahadir, is the heroine of the club series

The beautiful actress Gokce Bahadir was born in Istanbul on November 9, 1981 after graduating from the Department of Radio and Television in Istanbul. She studied acting at the Moujdat Jazan Center for Arts in addition to 100 years of television and films. She had experience in presenting multiple shows. Gökçe Bahadir appeared in many films and series. And theaters on the other hand. She gave a radio show on Fenerbahçe FM. After graduating from school I was the presenter of VJ on Best TV. Then on Show TV.

She acted in episodes in successful series from that period such as Sweet Life, Cradle Lug and Sealed Roses. She played the character Törpü in the series Life Science and was widely known. Gökçe Bahadır presented the children’s program called JoJo. Which was later broadcast in Digiturk. She played the character Laila in the series Yaprak Dökümü.

She gained fame and won many awards with her performance in the series Lost City, which was broadcast on Channel D. I was married to Ali Senal, son of Kamal Senal for a while, and then the couple separated on February 23, 2012

Artist Barish Arduch, the hero of the club series

Barış Arduc, who will play the lead role in the series Kulüp, was born in Switzerland on October 9, 1987, and is a talented Turkish actor who grew up in Switzerland. He was with his family in his early years due to his father’s working conditions. He has two other brothers. In the middle. His family is from Albania. His father is from Vatsa mother Of Alqin, his older brother Onur, and his younger brother Mert.

He returned to Turkey permanently with his family when he was eight years old. And completed his studies in the schools of Sakarya and Golcuk and due to the earthquake that occurred in Izmit. He and his family moved to Bolu and during high school he came to Istanbul and completed his high school education. After his success in university exams.

Scholarship from Ereses Kayseri University for Sports. But he left the university due to its unsuitability. He returned to Istanbul in the first academic year. He chose to participate in sporting events better. Not only that, but he has been swimming since then as a child and loves diving, football, basketball, handball and other sports. Instructor, lifesaver and 8 year diving coach.

Barış Arduc

After working as a rescuer in the Underwater Sports League in Turkey and participating in many sports competitions. He decided to participate in the theater of actress Ella Algan. And to participate in performance education courses. He also received a wide range of theatrical performances. Training was conducted. He started at Sadri Alışık Theater and professional performances.

Listen to his first acting experience, he had small roles in TV series like Dinle Sevgili, Pis Yedili, and Küçük Hanımefendi. His original project was Omer İplikçi in the TV series Love for Rent. He has become a face for many brands.

He first starred in the TV series Little Lady 2011, the series Listen My Dear, the series Filthy Seven, then played in the TV series Don’t Be Sorry for Me, Today’s Saraylısı, and The Series For My Family (2015).

Likewise, he strengthened his reputation through the series called Rent Love, which gained him his current popularity and among his most important works is the Raccoon Series 2015 HB for Rent – Omar Qasr Al-Youm – Slim You do not feel sorry for me – the little lady

Saleh Badamji

Salih Badamji was born in Izmir on August 15, 1984, completed his high school education at Bornova Anatolian High School and completed his university education in the Istanbul University Conservatory Theater Department.

He appeared in several TV series and films. He was a leading actor in the TV series Love for Rent and Bride from Istanbul. Not only that, but he was also a character. Supporter of TV series Zeytin Tepesi, Ulan İstanbul and Öyle Bir Geçer Zamanki.

He is one of the successful names in several productions, appearing in the movie Barda and in the TV series Farewell Rumeli. Produced by Serdar Akar, he also portrayed Akin in the Olive Hill series published on Channel D.

Then he played the character Ceyhun in the series Ulan Istanbul that was published on Kanal D in 2014, starting in 2015. He played the character of Sinan Karakaya in the series Rent Love on Star TV.

Furat Tanesh

The Turkish artist “Furat Tanış” was born in Istanbul. He is a theater, television actor, writer and song distributor. He graduated from the theater department at Istanbul University. Furthermore, he graduated from the university. He worked in the city theater from 1998 to 2001. He started his career as a professional theater actor. Then he turned to The art of cinema and television in 2002, he played several important roles in dramas, films and television series.

The Kulup series
The Kulup series
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