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Information about Hot Head Sıcak Kafa’nın

Country of the series: Turkey
Serial name in Turkish: Hot Head
The name of the series in Arabic: Al-Ras Al-Hot
The series is produced by: Tims & B Productions
Written by: Af; in Kum

The heroes of Hot Head Sıcak Kafa’nın

– Hazal Suba / Hazal Subashi

The dates of the series Hot Head Sıcak Kafa’nın and the channel showing the series

The series Hot Head Sıcak Kafa’nın will be shown soon after the completion of its filming on the Netflix international platform.

The story of the series Hot Head Sıcak Kafa’nın

The series Hot Head Sıcak Kafa’nın is one of the new Turkish series that is being filmed in the current period.

The work team and the makers of the Hot Head Sıcak Kafa’nın series started filming the first scenes of the series in late January 2021 in Turkey. Amidst strict precautions.

The Turkish series Hot Head Sıcak Kafa’nın is based on a story by Afshin Kum with the same title Hot Head Sıcak Kafa’nın.

And it was converted into a short drama and this novel won the award for best novel at the GIO Awards ceremony. The series Hot Head Sıcak Kafa’nın refers to the kind of interesting and dramatic Turkish dramas that are interspersed with a light comedic aspect within the action events.

The story of the Hot Head Sıcak Kafa’nın series revolves around a new epidemic sweeping the whole world. Such as the Corona virus. Which is an epidemic of madness that spreads and spreads among people.

The disease is transmitted from mind to mind through language and speech. And thus human and social relations between people are affected. The only person who is not affected by this epidemic is a man named Murad Siyavush.

He used to work as a linguist on this epidemic. And he knew one day that there was a famous epidemic control organization looking for him. So Murad had to flee from his home to a remote place at his mother’s house and hide there And he lives in many humanitarian and comedic situations as well.

Information about the heroine of the series Hazal Subashi

The Turkish actress. Hazal Subaşı. Was nominated for the series Hot Head Sıcak Kafa’nın as an absolute heroine. Hazal Subaşı is a Turkish actress and model.

Born in 1996 in Izmir. Turkey. 2015 Actress Hazal Supashi won third place in the Miss Turkey contest and her candidacy for acting came through her participation in the beauty pageant.

Hazal Subachi worked to take acting lessons and made her debut in Turkish dramas through her nomination for the Adını Sen Koy series and co-starring Erkan Meriç.

But the fame and success of the Turkish artist. Hazal Subashi and her acting success came through her participation in the Turkish series Halka. And then her dramatic artistic work followed after that.

Such as her participation in the series One Hope Is Enough. Ring Bahar Berkes. Pit River. And finally a series entitled The Line That Separates Us.

The Turkish actress. Hazal Subashi. Has won a number of artistic awards. Including in 2018 she won the Cyprus Havadis Media Awards as the best actress.