The story of hanedan series, cast and dates

hanedan, a new Turkish series that has been agreed upon by Al-Qamar for Turkish Art Production. The company has decided to offer this hanedan work to the well-known Turkish actress “Demet Özdemir” and it is not yet known whether our star, the hero of the Early Bird series, agreed to this work. As she is on her summer vacation and has many scenarios presented to her, and when she returns, she will read all those works and choose what suits her.

Will the actress “Demet Özdemir” be the heroine of the new Turkish series Hanedan? And what is the story of this work in detail. Who are the stars who participate in the championship of this work? All this in the following article in detail, so follow us.

Information about hanedan series

hanedan is a new Turkish work chosen by the artistic production company “Al Qamar” as its next work. Which she said that he worked like a bomb. It is taken from an American series shown on the Netflix platform of the same name for the Star channel.

The production establishment of the moon is preparing with the Star channel for a series like the explosive device, that season is adapted from the American series “hanedan” known in the eighties, and it is the series that shattered the percentage of insight in Netflix in the quality of melodrama (soap opera) until now Dallas. And it will be quoted and converted to suit the Turkish effort.

Finally, the script code for the Hanedan series has been completed, and the series will be shown in the new season in October or November. Which is written by Karam Derin from the 03Medya Foundation, and the star candidate for the starring role is the actress berensaat. In news, she also says that she agreed to the offer and was waiting for it to end!

hanedan cast

Demet Özdemir has been cast as the main female lead and heroine, and when she returns from her vacation, she will be performing among the many offers she has received. Let’s get to know a little bit about the big star Demet Özdemir.

Demet Özdemir (Turkish: Demet Özdemir) is a Turkish television and film actress. She started her career by participating in the Banjo dance club, after which she contributed to a video clip with artist Mustafa Sandal. The series I Will Give You Secret in 2013 was her first work.

She was born on the twenty-sixth of February 1992, in a city in the governorate of Joja Eli. She is the youngest daughter of a family that has three daughters. Her parents divorced and she moved with her mother and older sister to live in Istanbul. For two years, Özdemir joined the dance troupe of the famous Turkish singer Bingo, and then troupes of cheerleading dancers. Ozdemir appeared on screens for the first time as a model in one of Mustafa Sandal’s singing videos. As an actress, Ozdemir started making her way in 2013.

She appeared for the first time as “Eileen” in the famous Turkish drama “I will give you a secret”, starring Isra Ronabar, artist Murad Khan, and singer Ekin Koch. Ozdemir was more famous in Turkey and the Arab world when she embodied the “Alia” character in the famous Turkish drama “Leith and Nora”, starring Kivanc Tatlitug and Farah Zeinab Abdullah. In the cinema, Damt appeared in 2015 with her biggest movie “Keep Your Promise”. The real shift in Demet Ozdemir’s artistic life is her role as the main heroine in the Turkish drama “The Smell of Strawberry” alongside Yusuf Cem and Akin Mert Dimaz.

hanedan cast
hanedan cast

hanedan series story

The original story centers on Fallon Carrington, who returns home to her family to be chosen as the new CEO of her father’s business. But upon arrival, she was surprised that her father’s modern fiancée is Crystal Flores. She is a young Latina woman who is in charge of the communications in the business. Fallon accuses her of caring about the family fortune and will do her best to discover its secrets. This will lead to anxiety between the two young women who will turn each other’s lives into hell.

Dynasty begins with heiress Fallon Carrington unhappy to find her billionaire father Blake betrothed to Crystal. He is a rival employee of the family business. When Fallon’s machinations to separate the couple backfire and cost her a promotion. She allied with Blake’s enemy and former employee, Jeff Colby, and set out on her own. In the meantime.

The arrival of Sam’s opportunistic nephew Crystal – who is romantically involved with Fallon’s wayward brother Stephen – threatens to expose Crystal’s shadowy past. The Carrington family forms a united front in the wake of the suspicious death of Crystal’s former lover, but things at the mansion don’t stay in tune for long. Later, more Carrington returned to Atlanta with agendas of their own, including Blake’s ex-wife Alexis and Stephen and mother of Fallon; Adam, Blake and the long-lost son of Alexis; and Dominic, Blake’s half-sister and mother to Jeff and Monica.

new about hanedan

The starring role of hanedan was shown in the American series “dynasty” by actress “Demet Özdemir”. The series, which will tell the story of a rivalry with him between two families of the velvet class, issued by the Moon Company. It will be shown soon on Turkish Startv channel.

It is written by Karam Derin, published by O3 Medya, and will be shown in the new season in October or November. And the actress nominated for the role of the main heroine is Beren Saat, and in news she said that she accepted the offer and was waiting for it to be written, and the news is evidence of her statement as soon as she reported to one of the followers, “I won’t, Wait that” meaning I did not succeed and wait for that, and immediately we are waiting for her signature And public notice is official and sure news.

Hanedan series, American version

Dynasty is an American primetime television series based on the 1980s series of the same name. Developed by Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage, and Sally Patrick.

Season one starring Elizabeth Gillies as Fallon Carrington, featuring Grant as her father Blake Carrington, Natalie Kelly as Blake’s new wife Crystal, and James McKay as his son Stephen, with Robert Christopher Riley as driver Michael Cohan, Sam Adjuk as tech billionaire Jeff Colby, and Raphael D. La Fuente as Sam “Sammy Joe” Jones. and nephew of Crystal and Stephen’s love interest, and Alan Dale as Joseph Anders, Carrington Majordomo. The series later featured Alexis Carrington (Nicolet Sheridan/Eileen Hendricks), Blake’s ex-wife and Stephen and Fallon’s estranged mother.

Daughter of Anders Kirby (Madison Brown); Blake’s third wife, Crystal Jennings (Ana Brenda Contreras / Daniela Alonso); Blake and Alexis’ long-lost son, Adam Carrington (Sam Underwood); Blake’s half-sister and Dominic Devereux; mother of Jeff and Monica (Michael Michael); Fallon’s husband Liam Ridley (Adam Hooper).

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