The story of Destan series actors and the show

The new Turkish series Destan For all lovers and followers of the Turkish drama, we have collected for you in this report everything you want to know about the series, what is its story, who are its participating heroes, personal information about them, the dates of the show of the Destan series and other details related to the series with a set of pictures of the series Destan and his heroes participating in it.

Heroes of the epic series

– Ebru Şahin
Edip Tepeli
Kerem Arslanoğlu – Kerem Arslanoğlu
– Filiz Ahmed
– Salim Bayraktar
– It was kaker
– Burak Tuzkobaran
– Bossa Meral
The dates of the presentation of the Turkish series “The Epic”

The Destan series will be shown next October 2021 on Turkish screens.

The story of the series Destan

The Destan series is one of the new Turkish dramas, whose makers started at the beginning of filming at the beginning of August of 2021, and the series is written and written by Aisha Ferda Erilmaz and a friend of Nehir Erdem, directed by Amir Khalil and produced by Muhammad Bozdag, and the Destan series is different from The quality of Turkish dramas that have been shown recently in terms of story, events, locations of filming, characters in the series and others, and many are eagerly awaiting it.

The story of Destan takes place in Central Asia in the ninth century before the Turks converted to Islam. The work tells the story of an orphan girl who lives in a mountain camp, her name is Akiz, a young warrior girl who lives with her tribe. Akiz falls in love with a young man named Batuga, who is the son of Khan. A prestigious position in the tribe, and the two live a beautiful love story between them, but will his father accept that his son marry an orphan and poor girl, and he is one of the wealthy people, this is what the exciting and interesting work events reveal.

And the heroes of the Destan series trained for a long time on the skill of horse riding, the use of swords and the art of fighting in order to fulfill their roles in the series to the fullest.

Who is the actress, Abru Shaheen, the heroine of the epic series?

Ebru Şahin is a Turkish actress and model, born in 1994 in Istanbul, Turkey. Ebru Şahin graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Sports Science.
After graduating from university, Ebro Sahin took acting lessons and made her debut on the screen in 2016 with a movie titled Kan Parası.
And in 2018, the actress, Abro Sahin presented the series İstanbullu Gelin Istanbul Gilin and the series Yasak Elma Yasak Alma, during which she won the main lead role, and in 2019 she presented the Herkai series as the absolute starring role, during which Ebro Sahin won the Golden Butterfly Award as the best actress of the year.


Who is the actress Abru Shaheen
Who is the actress Abru Shaheen

Who is the actor Edip Tibeli, the hero of the epic series?

Edip Tebeli is a young Turkish actor, born in 1989, and his current age is 32 years old. He is 180 cm tall, weighs 70 kg, and his astrological sign is Aries.
Actor Edip Tebeli graduated from Istanbul University Conservatory of Theater Department and took acting lessons at City Theaters Center and started his artistic career since 2014 through his participation in a series entitled Kurt Seyit ve Şura and then participated in the series Who Takes You and then rolled his various dramatic works after that such as The Yıldızlar Shahıdem series, My Life and Others series, Those Who Live, and in 2020, the Daughter of the Ambassador series, was presented.

Who is Karim Arslanoglu?

Karim Arslanoglu is a Turkish actor, born in 1989 in Istanbul, Turkey, graduated from Kadir Has University, Department of Acting and Theater. The Teacher Kemal series, Beyond the Clouds series, Dedicated Souls series, The Last Message series, Al-Rasas series, and the Sultan neighborhood series. He also participated in a short Turkish film entitled Love, Death, Tomatoes and Pollock.

The Destan series is the first drama in which the actor Karim Arslanoglu gets one of the main and heroic roles in the series.

Who is the Turkish actress Filiz Ahmed?

Filiz Ahmed is a young Turkish actress, born in 1981 in the city of Skopje in the Republic of Macedonia. She holds Macedonian and Turkish citizenship, but she is of Turkish origin. Turkish.

As for her mother, she works as a tutor in the theater and she was influenced by her love of acting on the stage, and she always went with them when she was young to watch theatrical performances and behind the scenes of theatrical performances, so her passion for theatre increased. The city of Skopje, from which she graduated in 2003, actress Velez Ahmed is fluent in more than one language, including Turkish, Macedonian, Albanian, Swedish, English, Serbian and finally Bulgarian.

Actress Filiz Ahmed started her artistic career with acting since she was 16 years old by standing on the stage and participating in many different theatrical performances, and her interest in acting on the stage was one of her biggest hobbies. She has worked in drama series or movies and has won many artistic awards for her theatrical work for her excellence.

In 2007, actress Filiz Ahmed appeared for the first time on the screen through a drama series entitled Farewell Rumelia and then the series Balkan Düğünü, but her fame and artistic breakthrough came through her participation in the famous Turkish series Harem Al Sultan, during which she embodied the character “Feryal Khanum”, which made her widely famous. Not only in Turkey, but in the whole Arab world, when the series was dubbed into Arabic after the series Harem Al Sultan, I participated in the series Ruhumun Aynası, the Hayat Harkısı series, and finally the Hekimoğlu series in 2020. The actress also presented many Turkish films, some of which achieved great success. At the box office in cinemas.

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