The story of Cam Tavanlar Dizi information about replays

The new Turkish series Cam Tavanlar. to all followers. we gathered a full report on this series. its story. its heroes. the participants. personal information about them. the dates of the series. Cam Tavanlar. and its channel. and other details of the series. with a set of photos of the series Cam Tavanlar and pictures of the heroes participating in the work.

The heroes of the series Cam Tavanlar

Bensu Soral Leyla
Kubilay Aka Cem
Hatice Aslan
Ahmet Melih Yılmaz
Beril Kayar
Ayten Soykök
Mehmet Bilge Aslan
Şifanur Gül
Alper Kut
Aziz Caner İnan
Gizem Erdem
İsmail Karagöz
Şehnaz Bölen Taftalı
Cevdet Arıcılar

About Cam Tavanlar

Serial name in Turkish: Cam Tavanlar
Series name in Arabic: cam tavanlar
This series is produced by: OJO Pictures
The series is directed by: Fahmy Ozturk
Written by: Merrick Junior
Genre: drama – romance
Number of seasons: 1
Episode duration: 150 minutes

The story of the series Cam Tavanlar

Cam tavanlar series is one of the new Turkish dramas that are filmed in the current period and most Turkish works are distinguished by interesting and exciting stories that contain beautiful romantic stories that the audience loves and follows them with passion and love. Cam Tavanlar belongs to the type of romantic drama series and contains Several important and interesting issues and topics such as competition. conflict and love.

The story of the cam tavanlar series revolves around a young woman named Laila (Bensu Soral) and a young man named Jim (Kubilai Aka). As for Lily. She is an ambitious. Energetic woman who excels in her work and has reached the highest important positions in her work and relied on her personal effort without help. One because she has spent her whole life working and trading.

On the other hand. there is the young Jim who is competing with her by work and becomes with time one of the biggest competitors for her in the field in which they work. And you see that he gets everything easily and all closed doors open for him because he is a man, and she is a woman.

So this makes the conflict and competition between them increase In order to obtain business. And with time the conflict and competition between them turns into love. Will love or interest win in the end. and he wants each of them to prove that he is better than the other person. This is what the story and events of the cam tavanlar series will reveal to us.

Show dates for the series Cam Tavanlar and its channel

Cam tavanlar will be shown as a summer series for 2021 and will be shown on the 9th of next June on the Turkish Show TV channel.

Actress Bensu Soral is the heroine of the series

Bensu Soral is a Turkish actress. born in 1991 in Inegol. Bursa. Turkey. and her sister is also a Turkish actress. Hand Soral. and she has a twin brother named Badrihan. Fine Arts Department of Diagrams.

In 2012. Bensu Soral appeared for the first time in dramatic works on Turkish screens in a series entitled Separation of Roads and was one of the secondary roles with work. and then she participated in the series Conscience and the series Neck Bends and her first absolute championship in the drama series was through the series Beautiful Little Lies in 2015.

After that. she starred in the following works. such as a series entitled Inside and finally the series cam tavanlar. As for the cinematic films. the artist Bensu Soral. during her artistic career from her inception until now. Presented only two films. namely a film entitled Organized Works: Wrap the Carp and a movie entitled Mest-i Ask the year 2020. As for the personal life of the Turkish artist Bensu Soral. She married the president of Hakan in 2018 and the marriage continues between them until now.

Artist Kubilay Aka the hero of the series

Kubilay Aka is a Turkish actor and singer. born in 1995 in Istanbul – Turkey. The artist Kubilay Aka graduated from the University of Eskişehir Anatolia Department of Airport Administration and after his graduation from the university he studied acting. Kubilay Aka started his artistic career with acting since 2016 with the series You are my country and then participated After him in the famous Turkish series The Pit. And he also participated in this work by singing the Tatars of the series The Pit. Then the series Cam Tavanlar. In the lead role in front of the Turkish actress Bensu Soral.

The artist Kubilay Aka presented in 2017 a Turkish film entitled Arif P 216. And in 2018 he presented a film Is This Love? And through the electronic platforms. the artist Kubilay Aka presented the series Love 101 and Love 102. and from the songs presented by Gamzendeki (Music Series Hole) “in 2018 and the song” These Streets Become Brothers for Pain (Music of the Daisy Hole) “in 2021.

In the series Cam Tavanlar

he performs the character of the young Jim who competes with Lily in all of its commercial activities to become one of its biggest competitors. and a great struggle occurs between them within the events of the series about who wins this competition and is better than the other to prove his position and name in the field of commerce.
The able artist Hatice Aslan

Artist Hatice Aslan was born in 1962 in Sivas – Turkey. She obtained her high school education in Sivas. after which she joined the Ankara State Conservatory of Theater Department and graduated in 1984. In her first artistic career. she performed a play entitled “Beautification of the Steppe” which was written and directed by Kinan Isik and She performed at the Izmir State Theater. where she worked from 1986-1992.

In 1992. she returned to work at the Ankara State Theater again and presented many distinguished and successful theatrical works. such as the play “Hüznün Coşkusu Altındağ” and “Aziz Namah 95” and this play remained for 5 years and was at the top of the box office. She achieved great success at the time of her showing and then she performed the play. Afife Jale.

In 2000. she was appointed to the Istanbul State Theater and participated in more than 16 short plays. including “Shoot / Pillage / Again”. “Immortaller” and “We Are All The Same Story”. She also participated in many successful dramas and films. including Son Fathers Duyar. Kinali Kar. Wedding Singer and Tulip Era series.

During her long career. Turkish actress Hatice Aslan won a large number of important artistic awards. including the River Run Award and Best Actress Award at the Monkeys Festival. and the second Yeşilçam Awards. SİYAD Awards and the Golden Boll Film Festival Award as Best Actress.

The story of Cam Tavanlar
The story of Cam Tavanlar
Cam Tavanlar Dizi information
Cam Tavanlar Dizi information
Cam Tavanlar Dizi
Cam Tavanlar Dizi
The heroes of the series Cam Tavanlar 1
The heroes of the series Cam Tavanlar
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