The story of Bebaakee series (Madness) and showing dates

Details on the series Bebaakee

Written by: Acta Kapoor
The series is written by: Gaia Egypt – Anuga Gondalikar – Bradley Fernandez
The series is directed by: Muzammil Desai
Number of seasons: 1
Genre of the series: romantic – social – dramatic
The series is produced by: Balaji Telefilms

The names of the heroes of the series Bebaakee and their roles

Kushal Tandon \ as Seqian
Shivjyoti Rajput \ as Kinat
Karan Jotwani \ as a franchise
Sameer Malhotra as Adil Abdullah
Kruttika Desai \ as Rachida
Ananya Bellos / as Benazir
Pratik Sehajpal \ in the role of Rachel
Mohit Chauhan \ as Farhad Al-Qawazi
Suchitra Pillai \ as Dana
Ishaan Dhawan \ as Hamid
Juhaina Ahsan
Indrapreet Sahani
Pubali Sanyal / as Tahira
Aditi Vats \ as Harleen.

Details on the series Bebaakee
Details on the series Bebaakee

Show dates for the Bebaakee series and the broadcasting channel

Bebaakee premiered in India on August 25, 2020, on ZEE5, India.

Story of Bebaakee series

Bebaakee is an Indian series that tends to social and romantic drama. And its events revolve around the relationship of love and friendship. As well as hatred between people and families and the extent to which these intertwined relationships affect the lives of individuals. It is possible that some relationships cause pain and enmity from the closest people to you And the extent of the existence of true friendship in the lives of individuals.

The story of the series

tells about two close friends who are very close to each other. Sufyan and Joe Sahni, who are of the same class and social level. They are from the rich class. But they differ in their personality to each other. On the other hand there is their friend who is the girl Kainaat or Kainat. Who is an ambitious and beautiful girl. She loves life. But it is from a simple family. Young Sufyan is a young man who does not fully trust girls and does not trust and admits the existence of love.

In the life of the three friends. Another handsome young man from a rich family appears. Imtiaz. Who loves the girl Kayat and turns her life upside down after the emergence of franchise. And the series’ events follow after they entered into many conflicts and problems with the young franchise in an exciting thrilling framework.

Actor Kushal Tandon

Kushal Tandon is an Indian actor and model. Graduated from the University of Lucknow, and his artistic career started from 2005 until now. And his start was through his participation in the Grasim Mr. Competition. India. Which was established in India in 2005 and won the title of first runner-up in the competition And after entering the world of art and acting.

He participated in many artistic works of the series. Films and works presented on the electronic platforms and his works were distinguished and successful. Including the series Ik Hazaron Maine Meri Behna Hai – Back to Baliye 5 – Bihad – Hum – I am Because of Us – Unlock – Bebaakee series.

During his career. He won many important awards such as the Indian Telly Awards – and the Golden Lions Awards as the best actor for his roles.

Actress Shivjyoti Rajput is the heroine of the action

Chef Jyoti is a Turkish artist and model. She was born in New Delhi. India. She belongs to a Hindu family and has one sister named Anna Sharma. She received her education in Global Trade Management from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) and an MBA from Maharshi University. Dayanand in Rohtak. Haryana.


Actress Chef Jyoti began her career as a model and participated in many fashion shows and has appeared in more than 25 TV commercials for the biggest and most famous international brands. Including Maybelline NewYork. Head and Shoulders Shampoo. Rin. Uber. Set Wet Deodorant and Dollar Bigboss. Premium Innerwear.

The series “Bebaakee” is her first work and role in the world of art and acting. Where she got the lead role in the work and embodied the character of the girl Kayat.

Actress Shivjyoti Rajput

Actor Karan Jotwani in (Madness)

He is an Indian artist. Born in 1990 in Jalandhar. Punjab – India. His father is named Anil Kanal Gutwani and his mother is Hina Gutwani, and he has 2 siblings, and he is the youngest one among them Actor Karan obtained his university qualification from Mumbai University. College of Human Resources for Commerce and Economics.

His career began with several jobs. The first of which was a writing career, and he wrote in the Indian newspaper Mumbai Meru in 2011. Then he left it shortly after the same year in which Karan started working in the field of fashion and fashion shows.

Also appeared as a model in advertisements Important commercials such as Yeh Hai Aashiqui. Gumrah: End of Innocence – Heroes – The Fightback Files have also appeared on the cover of a number of Indian magazines. Including GQ India.


also worked in a media company as a strategic expert for social media FoxyMoron Media Solutions Pvt. Then left this job after a while. Then actor Karan joined an acting workshop with Anupam Khair to study and teach the art of acting.

Actor Karan began his artistic career in 2013 through the Indian series Bade Achhe Lagte Hain. After which the actor Karan launched into the world of acting and fame and participated in many distinguished Indian artistic works. Including the series of Indian Teen Confessions – and the series Gumrah: The End of Innocence. The drama series Mystery and suspense: Fightback Heroes – Files – and the series Laut Aao Trisha – Yes Hai My Baba – Al-Qaisi Yeh Yaryan – Suhani Si Ek Ladki – and Aap Ke Aa Jane Se – Juzzbaat – Kumkum Bhagya. Afdik Omari series. which achieved great success in India Display time.

Actress Kruttika Desai

She is a capable Indian artist. Born in 1968 in Mumbai – India, and she is a Muslim by religion and married to the Indian actor Imtiaz Khan who is also the son of the great Indian actor Jayant and she has only one daughter and actress Kruttika Desai is the daughter of the late Indian actor Shri Girish Desai.

She started her acting career in 1985. And among her most prominent artistic works is the movie Insaf – The Turn Left at the End of the World Series – Dastak Film – Yakh Bhai Dikh Series – Petal Bashisi – Zameen Asman – Kismet (TV series) – Body of Culture – Superhit Coming – Anu Ki Ho Gaye Wah Bhai Wah – Air hostess and recently participated in the series Bebaakee as Mrs. Rachida.

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