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Jim Belfi, a distinguished Turkish actor with a thirst for power and an overwhelming presence. A person born in Izmir. which he was brought up with. His religion is Muslim. His artistic life began with singing and music. Let’s get to know in detail about everything about Cem Belevi, his life, artistic career and personal qualities.

Who is Jim Belvey?

Our star is a very special artist, as he has many artistic abilities and talents. Here are the 7 most important information about Cem Belevi:

His date of birth is June 4, 1987
His age in 2022 is 35 years
Birthplace Izmir
His religion is Muslim
Cem Belevi is 181 cm tall
Cem Belevi weight 71 kg
His astrological sign is Gemini

Jim Belvey’s religion

Cem Belevi grew up in the city of Izmir, where he was born in 1987. Izmir has greatly influenced his personality and life. It was an inspiration to him and his artistic sense grew significantly. This is what made him a popular all-round artist, musician, and actor.

His astrological sign is Gemini. His religion and religious belief is Islam. As for his physical characteristics, his height ranges between 179 cm and 181 cm. And its weight is about 71 kg. The color of his eyes is black. His astrological sign is Gemini.

He was born in Izmir to a painter’s mother and a musician father. “I can tell that I grew up in the smell of my mother’s oil paintings and the sounds of my father’s guitar and piano. At the age of seven I could play anything I heard, I took piano lessons and improved myself. Then I started playing guitar and composing.”

His undergraduate education is by studying language at Cambridge for a period of 6 months in England, then studying investment at London David Game College for a period of one year and by Global Actions for a period of 3 years at Brunel University. At the same time, at the London School of Contemporary Music (LCCM); He studied blues and jazz and sings. He also had the possibility to sing his songs in the abundant number of various associations and events.

Jim Belfi’s traits

I became interested in music at an early age. At the age of seven, he took piano lessons with the support of his family and took his first steps in music, and at the age of thirteen, he met the guitar, which he called above “the machine in which I express myself in a superior style.” Throughout his school years, he gave a lot of musical ceremonies and won huge acclaim in the various bands in which he sang.

Engaged in writing his first books in these years. Throughout his high school years, the fact that his songs, whose songs and music were popular, by all of his friends led to the rise of his desire for vocals and composing. At the age of 18, eager to expand his view and learn about diverse cultures, he made the decision to acquire his university education in England and directed 5 years there.

his wife

Who is Jim Belfi’s girlfriend? Famous pop singer Jim Bellevy and his girlfriend Zahra Yilmaz had a romance during a Venice vacation. The couple Cem Belfi-Zahra Yilmaz, who had been preparing for marriage, left their relationship after he proposed to Zahra Yilmaz, with whom she had been dating since 2016.

his artistic debut

Cem Belevi started his artistic career following his university graduation. He started his career working in an internationally popular institution in the city of London, and after a short time he left all things and returned to Turkey under pressure from his environment so as not to delay his passion for skilled music making and rapture.

He started working on the album in 2011. In 2015, he gained a huge following with the song “Kim Ne Derse Desin”, which he made with Aisha. He then explained in front of his fans with his recent songs “Aşk” in 2015 and “Sevemez Kimse Seni” in 2016. In 2017, he succeeded in bringing caution with his song “Aç Kollarını”.

He started working on the album in 2011. The vocabulary and music of all the songs on his biggest album “Bilmezsin” belong to him. “I worked during his college years, I was paying all my school expenses myself. When I was a student in the City of London, I used to play guitar in pubs and on the underground. I’ve been a barista in cafes, and I’ve also worked as a chauffeur. Each of them gave me many. I wanted to be here a lot and it wasn’t easy, and now I know the price of it very well.

He says I have been singing songs since my childhood, I have always been singing songs, I grew up in a family that loves music, I started writing songs when I was 15-16 years old, I tasted scenes with the school orchestra in high school and you can’t get away. I realized that it could not exist as a hobby, but I wanted to do it professionally, so I went back to Turkey and made an album. Then came one after another, solos, plays, cinematic works, and musical festivities.”

His work as an actor

Engaged to appear on screen to date his biggest album. “My way was really singing. Musicalization opened the door to acting. As soon as TV series shows started appearing, I decided to study acting. Whenever you start appearing on screen, your circle expands and you meet new people. I met Toljan Seichmann. He helped me in that community, introduced me to the producers and teachers of Altan Gordom. I received an acting practice for 1.5 years from an Altan teacher at Academy 35.5.

Cem Belevi began acting in 2015 as the character “Deniz Aras”, which he portrayed in the TV series “Ashq Anada”. It is a Turkish series directed by Yusuf Ömer Sinav, Rasit Çelikezer, Mustafa Sevki Dogan and Osman Sinav.

In 2016, he co-starred in the series “The Experienced One.” The series began with the name Rengarenk, followed by six episodes, and continues with a new crew and a new name. Rink, heartbroken and tired for months, will go on with his life without anything else, but his new enthusiasm will upend all plans.

Cem Belevi also co-starred with Jannat’s Tears

Abandoned as a child, Jannat has struggled so bravely all life, desperately in need of the motherly love that she missed. Raised by her grandmother, Sene has little in her life except for her best friend. However, an accident separates them and she disappears from her life. Years later, despite her poor background, Cennet worked hard to become the top student in her architecture class. After they graduate, Melissa’s mother offers her the job of her dreams at her successful company. There she meets Selim, and as they are drawn to each other, he begins to remember Sennett – as the childhood friend he had long forgotten.

Melissa’s mother did not welcome their relationship, which is planning her daughter’s marriage to Selim. When she discovers a birthmark on Cennet’s neck, similar to that of the child she abandoned more than 20 years ago, she begins to believe that Cennet’s appearance is no accident—not reacting to the mother’s affection, but rather a plan to get rid of her life.

Cem Belevi Instagram photos

Our star is one of the famous stars and also on social media. Where he has reached the number of followers on Instagram to 934 followers.

Who is Jim Belvey
Who is Jim Belvey